Why Do Girls Drink Cranberry Juice?

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What does cranberry juice do for the female body? What does cranberry juice do for you sexually? These are just some of the important questions that women have when they’re trying to improve their sexual appeal naturally. And fortunately, we have the answers you are looking for.

Cranberry Juice Benefits to Female 

Cranberry is hailed as one of the wonderful juices of this century because it is full of nutrients, and it can provide relief to women who are suffering from the symptoms of UTI. Drinking one to two cups of cranberry juice a day should be sufficient so you can get an adequate amount of nutrients and phytochemicals from this superfood. Let’s take a look at the other benefits to women when they drink it.

  • Cranberry juice, like pineapple juice and other fruit juices, can help improve a woman’s ‘taste’ by changing the chemistry of her natural ‘juices’ or vaginal secretions.
    A person’s diet, in general, has a significant impact on the smell and taste of natural secretions, so women have taken to drinking cranberry juice to make sure that they smell and taste fresh and sweet “down there.”
    While there aren’t any definitive studies about this, that’s because there is not much interest in something that is directly observable, especially when two people are getting intimate.
  • Cranberry is an excellent source of micronutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K1, and vitamin B6. Drinking cranberry juice and keeping your diet wholesome with fruits and vegetables will ensure that you will get your RDA for all the micronutrients.
    A healthier body will perform better sexually, so you may want to think about this the next time you pick your weekly food items and beverages. Stick to natural and healthy, and you will reap the benefits.
  • As we have touched upon briefly earlier, cranberries are champions when it comes to helping people fight off urinary tract infections. Women are more likely to develop UTI because they have a shorter urethra, so you must drink a lot of cranberry juice if you are sexually active, as this will serve as a natural barrier against UTI. This folk remedy has a considerable following and is approved by medical practitioners because it simply works.
  • Cranberries are rich in phytochemicals that reduce inflammation in the body. As such, cranberries are excellent in protecting the cardiovascular system from degenerative damage due to hypertension and from the development of plaques that may cause deadly blockages throughout the cardiovascular system of the body.
  • Cranberries are effective in fighting the bacteria pylori, which has been associated with the development of ulcers in the stomach. So you are not just getting protection for your urinary system, you are also getting protection for your GI tract.

Cranberry Juice Side Effects

If you drink too much cranberry juice, you may experience the following cranberry juice side effects:

  • General upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • A sudden surge in blood glucose levels

Keeping Yourself Safe from UTI

We know UTI is something that you wouldn’t want to catch, so we’ve prepared some easy guidelines and tips to keep everyone on their toes:

  • Drink lots of cranberry juice! This will help keep your urethra clear, and if you have regular intercourse, you must keep your urinary system clear and UTI-free. Cranberry juice can quickly help you with that.
  • If you are having trouble urinating, if you feel any pain while doing number one, you must visit your GP immediately. Untreated UTI is problematic and can affect other organs, like the kidneys. Sepsis is also a probability, and it can be challenging to survive sepsis once it is set into motion. So it’s best just to get treated for UTI. There is no such thing as waiting out something as serious as UTI.
  • If you see blood in your urine, you may be experiencing hematuria, which is just a symptom. Get yourself checked so your physician can identify what the actual problem is.
  • The use of spermicidal products can increase the incidence of UTI in some women. The reason for this is that the chemicals in spermicidal products can reduce the natural bacterial barrier of the vagina, which is comprised of bodily secretions and the natural vaginal population of bacteria that keep the bad stuff out.
  • If you feel that you have UTI, it would be best to refrain from sexual activity because it is inconclusive if you can pass a urinary tract infection to a partner.
  • Consider peeing before and after sexual intercourse to clear your urethra of anything that could cause UTI.
  • As a general rule, if you want to take care of your urethra and kidneys, you have to flush your system frequently with water if you spend most of your days not drinking anything, especially while at work, you may be increasing your risk of developing UTI.
  • Probiotic food items and beverages are suitable for your vagina. Take them, in addition to drinking cranberry juice. Probiotic bacteria in your diet can help replenish the good bacteria in your vagina, which in turn will improve your resistance to common conditions like UTI.
  • Staying hygienic is tough if you are wiping yourself wrong. The proper way of doing it is wiping from the front toward the back. Never rub in reverse, because any bacteria from your anus may be inadvertently transferred to your vaginal area, and this, in turn, may cause an infection. Too many women miss this aspect while wiping themselves down.
  • Sex toys must be appropriately sanitized after every use. Don’t just chuck them into your dresser without cleaning them properly.
  • Switching from anal sex to vaginal sex without a good wipe down or a switch of condoms is terrible news. Bacteria from the anus can be transferred directly to the vaginal area and cause an infection.

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