What Is the Best Air Fryer for the Money?

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Since the second quarter of 2020, around two million air fryers were sold in the United States alone. Thus, the promise of “oil-less frying” circulates around the households who want a healthier frying turn. Additionally, a prediction from the NPD Group stated that the purchase of air fryers would continuously grow until the end of 2021.

While these countertop appliances are known to imitate the wonders of deep-fried cooking, they are actually similar to convection cooking. In fact, an air fryer works the same way as a convection oven does: a mini fan circulates hot air to cook food swiftly from the outside in the basket.

You may consider using an air fryer as an “oven-baked drenched with oil” moment. This cooking method envelops your frozen food with hot air, drying up the food in the process. In addition, the minimal oil added to the meal prevents the food from sticking while producing a thin fried oil layer and texture into the food’s exterior.

But those who still consider air fryers the best deep-fried alternative still depend on the device’s compactivity, versatility, and other functions. Instead of firing an oven or preparing a hot oil tub for your frozen meals, the air fryer provides a sleek and cleaner way of cooking food. Simply place the food, spray some oil, and let the air fryer do the cooking.

You can prepare delectable finger food in an air fryer instead. Add chicken wings, burger nuggets, cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers, and even pizza bits to this list. Create a whole world of frying with this reliable gear.

Another thing that you need to know is the air fryer’s size. Just like rice cookers, air fryers can have sizes ranging from 2 to 5.8 quarters. Aside from the air fryer’s size, you may also consider these factors before you purchase your own air fryer:

  • Timer modes. Air fryers are made with two methods: digital timer and manual timer. Technically, digital timers make cooking easier since they can be automatically shut off your appliance. However, a manual timer will give you an accurate time setting, which can significantly affect your overall cooking.
  • Wattage capacity. Before purchasing any kitchen appliance, you must first check its wattage capacity. Most home and kitchen settings can accommodate around 800 to 1500 watts. Of course, lower wattage capacity means longer cooking time for you. Still, it is a safer turn since it doesn’t use excessive amounts of electricity.
  • Cooking presets. Aside from additional features, cooking presets are another option offered by several air fryer models. This means that you can quickly set your meals using the pre-made cooking setting through your cooking device.
  • Additional features. Do you want different cooking methods for your air fryer? Multicooker and rotisserie type of air fryers will give you a broader dimension of cooking. Aside from air frying, these models can facilitate other cooking methods such as dehydration and preparing a rotisserie.

Want a better way to round up your air fryer pick? Consider these air fryers from leading brands like Elite Gourmet, GoWise USA, and NUWAVE BRIO.

Elite Platinum EAF-1506D

The design of the Elite Platinum Air Fryer EAF-1506D is much larger than it is; its capacity measured is about 3.4 quarts. The handles of this air fryer fold smoothly, making it easier to store. Additionally, preset controls and settings are easy to locate and understand.

Compared to other brands, this air fryer is quite enough to be used even with visitors. Another good deal offered by this brand is the oil reduction feature. Cut up to 85% of your usual fat content from deep-frying after switching with this device.

Select with Elite’s six menu functions that can quickly allow you to create other cooking methods such as grilling, roasting, baking, frying, and others. Thanks to the high-powered convection fan, it can cover your food fully with hot air ranging from 149 to 400°F.


GoWise GW22731 has a capacity of 4.9 quarts, perfect for small to medium-sized gatherings. This model’s touch buttons and programmed settings are among the easiest to notice and operate. Moreover, GoWise air fryer is one of the quietest brands and is recommended for families with nearby neighbors.

Another feature of this cookware is its new Start/Stop button, which can also change the temperature and time settings while your cooking cycle is in progress. It also has a shake alarm function that reminds its user to use it in 5-minute intervals.

The only remark is the basket’s crannies and nooks which can be challenging to clean. This brand also suggested handwashing to prevent the dishwasher’s heat and chemicals from damaging the basket’s paint.

NuWave BRIO 37061

One of NuWave’s roster of air fryers, Brio 37061 is known to transfer hot air with its unique airflow design. This allows your frozen meals to receive adequate heat. Prepare with this cookware to have delicious and warm foods ready within a click. Ensure that your food gets the correct cooking temperature with its unique features.

Simply click the button to adjust your temperatures in accurate increments. It also features 100 pre-programmed settings to prepare classic meals like chicken nuggets, potato fries, fish sticks, and so much more.

The only downfall of this unit is some flaking issues on the fryer’s basket when cleaned using a dishwasher. While the basket is ultimately dishwasher-safe, the use of harsh cleaning agents like bleach and concentrated dishwashing soaps can damage your metal case.

NuWave BRIO Digital Air Fryer

Expand the limits of air frying with the NuWave Brio. You can broil, bake, grill, bake, dehydrate, and even reheat your meals with the help of this device. Just like the other BRIO models, this one has 100 pre-programmed settings that can quickly transform your food through your fingertips.

Consistent cooking temperatures are reached, thanks to Brio’s automated temperature control. The device automatically adjusts the temperature with your desired setting 120 times per second, making it one of the most accurate devices on this list.


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