4 Professional Lego Storage Containers for 2022

by iupilon

Whether you are a hobbyist, professional, or collector of Lego, you’ve probably run out of space more than once. It’s time to bring your Legos storage ideas to life. This coming year would be a great time to start investing in organizers designed for Lego pieces and creations. Keep those Lego pieces away from your bare feet – get the right organizer or container today!

Akro-Mills 44 Drawer Lego Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

Akro-Mills’ 44-Drawer Lego Storage cabinet is a work of art in itself. As Lego enthusiasts, we appreciate the precise measurements that they have put into this cabinet. With more than thirty small-space cabinets and twelve larger compartments, this cabinet has more than sufficient space for many Lego parts, from basic connectors, rods, and wheels. If you have never organized your Lego parts this much before, you are going to enjoy having sufficient shelf space for all of them. This Lego cabinet can also be used for other kinds of small art and crafts supplies, including sewing supplies. Of course, professional Lego builders, they are not going to mix different items. They are going to dedicate this cabinet to just Lego parts.

Akro-Mills has made this cabinet so balanced that you can easily stack them if you happen to have more than one. Secure all of them against the wall, stick them to one another – find the perfect orientation, and you are going to love how organized all your Lego is. The dividers and drawers will ensure that there will never be any mixing, which is a pain in the neck if you build larger installations. Bring your new cabinets with you to any competition and tournament, and you are going to have the time of your life.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Lego Organizer

Nothing looks more awesome than a rolling Lego organizer, and the Honey-Can-Do brand happens to have one for you. We highly recommend the Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart for professional and amateur Lego builders. Pro builders tend to move frequently when adding elements and components to their builds. The semi-transparent shelves are a joy to work with because you can color-code your Lego parts, and you can easily peek at each of the shelves to identify the groups of parts you need. To Lego collectors, semi-transparent shelves are a boon because they allow for easy identification and quick grabbing of parts. If you are a tournament Lego builder, bringing along two of these will ensure the fastest build ever – and you get to keep other Lego parts from shattering when you’re rushing for time.

The wheels of this rolling storage cart are self-locking, so if you need to use the top as a workspace for your blueprint or simply for stowing items that you need during a build, you will have a stable workspace. You won’t have to worry about your items rolling around and falling to the floor, either.

Sooyee 3-Layer Lego Storage Containers & Crafts Storage Box

For the best Lego storage that is truly portable, look no further than what the Sooyee brand has in store for you. What made the Sooyee 3-Layer Lego storage containers reach our list of top Lego containers on Amazon is their depth and portability. We know that not every Lego builder out there has sufficient space at home for a rolling storage container or a wall-mounted case. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you are starting with collecting Lego, you don’t need that much space.

These containers are perfect for storing small but vital Lego parts like gears, wires, control boxes, and battery containers. If you love building motorized Lego gadgets, you will likely have small hills of tiny parts that are confusing if mixed. Instead of resorting to toolboxes that can easily get messy, we recommend using portable storage cases with an abundance of dividers. The dividers truly help in getting your Lego organized. Store your parts either by color or function and be as organized as possible so you won’t have any issues later on when making complicated builds. Should you have small tools and supplies related to crafts that you want to store alongside your Lego, we are sure that there will be sufficient spaces for you.

Best of all, the snap-lock closures of these storage containers ensure that you won’t have to reach for your Lego parts clumsily, and with two snaps, all the dividers are going to be available and will be within reach.

Seville Classics Rolling Multipurpose Lego Storage Container

Nothing beats the Seville Classics Lego Storage Container this season when it comes to the number of options they have. In contrast with the three previous storage containers we have reviewed, the Seville Classics storage container comes in multiple colors. The plastic has been pearlized for a shinier appearance, too. You can select from several variations: five-drawer, nine-bin, eight-drawer, fifteen-drawer, or ten-drawer. The crowd favorite is the ten-drawer, but you can scale up or down depending on the amount of Lego parts you intend to store.

If your Lego containers are in disarray and you have too many smaller cases, it’s important that you can stack them functionally, so you won’t get lost when trying to find what you need. This rolling storage container measures 12.8” x 15.3” 38.2”. The drawers measure 9.5” x 13.63” x 2.6”. The manufacturer has also designed the top of the storage bin so that the top cover is removable, so you can lift it if you don’t want a top cover for the first drawer. The four caster wheels are also super smooth for easy maneuvering. Two of these caster wheels can be locked to prevent the storage container from moving when you don’t want it. Again, another excellent storage solution if you are working in tournaments or professional builds.

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