Top 6 Home Renovations to Make Your Home Look More Elegant on A Budget

by iupilon

Styling your home can be daunting, especially if you have a tight budget. There are ways to get that classy look you dream of in your home without spending a fortune. Read on to find out the least expensive and simplest ways to give your home an elegant touch on a budget. 

1. Incorporate Beautiful Curtains or Blinds for Your Windows

Curtains or window blinds are standard house necessities, whether for looks, privacy, or light-blocking. They can also improve your decor style when incorporated in the right way. 

Instead of hanging your curtain rod close to the window frame, consider hanging the curtain “high and wide.” Ensure to mount the rod high, so the curtains don’t drag on the floor after hanging. Get a curtain rod that’s long enough to extend six inches past your window frame. 

Curtains can seem costly when you have a tight budget. But if you can get creative, your windows can look stylish. Try using black-painted pipings as curtain rods, sheets hung with ring clips, or drop cloth curtains. People will hardly know the difference. 

2. Go with the New Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to brighten and accessorize your home, whether you make your own or buy them. If your throw pillows are old, consider replacing them with fuller, brighter ones or purchase new pillow covers. 

Consider mixing and matching textures and colors. Shop for affordable shams or make them yourself to save more money. You can change the throw pillows to coincide with each season:

  • During spring, you can replace cozy velvet pillows with lighter textures, such as cotton;
  • For the winter season, it would be great to go will wool throw pillows that ensure warmth and comfort;
  • In summer, the trend is cotton bright colored throw pillows with decorative images or textures; 
  • And if it’s autumn outside and you want to freshen up your interior, make sure to go with a shaggy fur or faux-fur pillow.

3. Stylish Lighting Can Make a Difference 

When lighting up your home, aim to layer three kinds of lighting: accent, task, and ambient. Ambient is typically the primary illumination source, including overhead and natural lights. Task lighting is just as the name sounds: a fixture or lamp you need while performing tasks like cooking or reading.

Accent lighting helps to highlight specific features. It comes in the form of specialty fixtures or sconces. Designer light fixtures can improve your home’s elegance more than standard chandeliers. Fortunately, there are ways to get the glamorous look without breaking the bank. 

Begin by checking second-hand stores and flea markets. You’ll get a unique fixture at an affordable price. You can also cover an old chandelier using a drum shade to give a trending custom look. Some pieces may need painting or a little buffing but can have a million-dollar look for a few bucks. 

4. Get Fresh Flowers for Your Space

Fresh flowers instantly inject color and life into a room. Besides elevating tired decor, it also makes you feel more upbeat and makes your room more luxurious. You don’t have to display a huge bouquet on every surface. Just ensure that each bouquet isn’t sparse but lush and full.

A big bouquet of flowers on your coffee table adds instant class. A mixture of beautiful, voluminous peonies and white roses, with lush foliage, make for an excellent centerpiece. Select only one shade if you want to inject color into a floral arrangement. You can add more foliage to reduce costs as it lasts longer than flowers. 

5. Get an Antique Furniture

Nothing gives a home a sense of history and wisdom like a lovely antique. About 60% of millennials are interested in antique home furnishings due to its stylish and unique inventory.

Antique picture frames, boxes, or sculptural wall sconces can give your home a certain high-class look, looking like you spent more than your actual budget. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get elegant, expensive-looking antique furniture.

If you have a vintage or antique sofa or chair with shabby upholstery but good bones, try reupholstering it. It’s often cheaper this way than buying a new set of furniture. Besides, you’ll be able to customize it with your preferred fabric. 

6. Renovate Your Doors and Windows

Consider replacing your old drafty units with modern energy-efficient windows or doors if you can afford that. Vinyl windows are often the best home improvements to keep up with trends. Moreover, they help you save on energy bills and boost your property value up to 70%. That means that investing $10000 into new windows or doors will increase the value of your home by approximately $7000.

Of course, don’t overlook the importance of your home’s curb appeal. One way to improve your exterior is to ensure your deck is in prime condition. A budget-friendly way to do so is to protect and cover your wooden columns and posts using a vinyl wrap. Besides being the most affordable type of deck post cover, vinyl is easy to install and offers adequate protection against bad weather conditions.

However, if you can’t afford that, add a touch of personality and drama by repainting your current units to get them a fresh look. You might be amazed at how much a simple action can affect your home’s vibe. Since it doesn’t need much time or materials, you can repaint it as frequently as possible for a different look. 


Giving your home a new stylish look isn’t as expensive as you imagine. A few changes here and there without spending a fortune will amaze you and your guests. Just make sure you do your homework and analyze which renovation project will provide you with the maximum ROI and add value to your property. 

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