Top 1 Best German Made Kitchen Knife Set 2022

by iupilon

German blade technology is one of the best globally, and many chefs swear that you won’t look for another knife set once you have tried the best German kitchen knives. Like the WÜSTHOF Gourmet 18-piece knife set, the best German-made kitchen knives will easily provide a lifetime of hard service in the busiest of home/professional kitchens. Here’s why these knives are the best:

  • WÜSTHOF has created the perfect set of knives for every possible use. These knives are supported by triple-riveted handles made of polypropylene. Polypropylene resists shattering, discoloration, fading, heat exposure, and most important – instant impact. When you’re chopping hard bone and tough meat, you need knives that can stand up to the abuse. Luckily, WÜSTHOF German knives are built for punishment.
  • WÜSTHOF knives are laser-stamped and offer the best value for your money. If you’d like to experience top chefs working in fine dining restaurants, we recommend starting with German knives.
  • Like Damascus steel knives, German knives are also made with high carbon stainless steel blades that are fine-tuned and sharpened by laser technology for the most precise and consistent sharp edges every designed for the kitchen. The introduction of more precise honing technology on carbon steel ensures high sharpness and durability consistent across any blade series.
  • To maintain the sharpness and to prevent fading, WÜSTHOF recommends that you only hand-wash their knives. Not to worry, because spot-resistant knives are very easy to wash, and you won’t have issues at all with making them spotless again, even after repeated uses.
  • WÜSTHOF knife sets have everything you need, including kitchen shears, a 17-slot knife block, a Santoku, bread knife, cook’s knife, spreader, utility knife, peeling trimming knife, and a paring knife.

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