The Ultimate Guide to McDonald’s Iced Coffee: Caffeine, Flavors, and Benefits

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McDonald’s arguably has multiple outlets in almost every big city in America. Its global footprint has also made its offerings, like McDonald’s iced coffee is quite famous. Chances are, most readers of this website have consumed McDonald’s iced coffee at least once in their lifetime.

Before anyone does so again, it is time to find out how much caffeine is in iced coffee.

How Much Caffeine in Iced Coffee?

The caffeine content in McDonald’s coffee can vary from 94 mg to 200 mg.


That is because McDonald’s serves three different sizes of iced coffee. Caffeine content according to serving sizes is as follows: 

  • Small: 94mg
  • Medium: 133mg
  • Large: 200mg

Similar to any other offering, McDonald’s tries upselling to every customer. Chances are, when an individual goes to buy a small iced coffee, they will be up-sold on the larger one. It means almost every consumer ends up consuming a higher quantity of caffeine. 

Is McDonald’s Iced Coffee High in Caffeine?

The answer is not straightforward. It depends on which beverage it is being compared with. For example, a venti Starbucks iced coffee contains upwards of 200 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, a Dunkin large iced coffee contains only around 100 mg of caffeine. 

Compared to the average iced coffee, the caffeine content is certainly high. 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee’s History

Unlike what many consumers believe, McDonald’s iced coffees aren’t a recent addition. The very first-time consumers noticed it was in the 1990s. However, it became a permanent menu item in the early 2000s. Since then, McDonald’s has started offering the same across all outlets globally. Needless to say, in a relatively short time, it became quite famous. 

The demand was so high that McDonald’s also introduced various flavor options over the years. 

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Flavor Options

The most popular flavor options include:

  • Original iced coffee
     The simplest type of coffee one can get at McDonald’s is original iced coffee which consists of only two ingredients ice and coffee. If one wants to relish the original taste of coffee, this is the beverage to go with.
  • Caramel iced coffee
    The only addition to this flavor is caramel syrup. However, caramel syrup makes this type of coffee more creamy and sweet. This is the most popular type of iced coffee sold at McDonald’s.
  • Mocha iced coffee
    McDonald’s also offers a variant in which it adds a shot of chocolate syrup to its original iced coffee. The chocolate syrup infuses a chocolate flavor and reduces the strong taste of coffee making it sweeter. Most millennials prefer this flavor over others.
  • Vanilla iced coffee
    Vanilla iced coffee or latte includes vanilla syrup, and frothed milk. The creaminess which vanilla syrup and frothed milk provide to original iced coffee certainly improves its texture.

McDonald’s Iced Coffee Ingredients

Before one buys a cup of iced coffee, it is good to go through the entire ingredient list. 

Unless one chooses flavor variants, the ingredients are limited to only four. These include: 

  • Water
  • Arabica coffee beans
  • Ice
  • Cream

The best thing about McDonald’s iced coffee is that it is brewed fresh. The only problem is that occasionally one will notice excessive ice in coffee, which dilutes the flavor. However, most baristas at McDonald’s will gladly customize the iced coffee to include less ice. 

Benefits of McDonald’s Iced Coffee

It is best to order McDonald’s iced coffee with less ice to avoid throat inflammation and prevent dilution of taste. 

The benefits of McDonald’s iced coffee have made it famous all over the world. Consumers need to consider these benefits before ordering from any other brand. 

  1. Authentic coffee:
    The best thing about such iced coffee is that 100% authentic arabica beans are used to brew it. Since no substitute or alternative is used, one can enjoy the taste of authentic iced coffee while ordering from McDonald’s.
  2. Affordable:
    The small serving size of McDonald’s iced coffee is priced at only around $3. Even the larger one is pretty affordable. It is difficult to get a better deal from any other brand.
    Considering McDonald’s makes its coffee from 100% Arabica beans, it is certainly one of the most affordable branded options available.
  3. Lucrative deals:
    The price of iced coffee is even lower when opting for a meal deal. Occasionally, McDonald’s does run promotions that offer small iced coffee completely free. Any consumer looking to consume other offerings by McDonald’s, would surely appreciate these lucrative deals.
  4. Proximity:
    The advantage of McDonald’s iced coffee is its proximity. Even consumers in a mid-sized city will have access to McDonald’s nearby. These days, McDonald’s serves the same through home delivery, food delivery apps, and drive-throughs. It means the consumer can easily order and consume iced coffee.

Gerneral Questions About Iced Coffee

  • Is McDonald’s iced coffee real coffee?
    Yes, McDonald’s iced coffee is real coffee since it is made from 100% Arabica beans. However, the original iced coffee is still authentic. Depending on the flavor one chooses, certain syrups might be added to coffee. Additionally, McDonald’s has also introduced a sugar-free iced coffee that helps consumers enjoy authentic coffee without worrying about sugar levels.
  • Is iced coffee high in caffeine?
    Yes, iced coffee is certainly high in caffeine content. A few brands like Dunkin offer iced coffee with low caffeine content, but the taste will be milder. With lower caffeine content, the usual taste that the consumers are accustomed to also vanishes. 
  • How much caffeine is in McDonald’s large iced coffee?
    Large iced coffee from McDonald’s has approximately 200 mg of caffeine. An average adult should consume only 400 mg of caffeine in a day. By consuming a large iced coffee from McDonald’s, one is consuming half that quantity in a single go.
  • Can I drink McDonald’s iced coffee while pregnant?
    No, it is unsafe for pregnant ladies to drink coffee, even in limited amounts. A report recently concluded that there is a risk that even moderate coffee consumption by pregnant ladies can lead to small infant sizes. While more research is needed in this regard but in the meantime, it is not advisable for pregnant ladies to drink McDonald’s iced coffee.


The caffeine content in iced coffee can be as high as 200 mg when going for a large serving size. One good thing about McDonald’s iced coffee is its use of 100% authentic Arabica beans. Any consumer who prefers authentic iced coffee can certainly buy the one offered by McDonald’s.

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