The 3 Best Vacuums for Rabbit Hay

by iupilon

Vacuum cleaners come in multiple models and brands; however, none of them is great for removing hay, rabbit dung, and hair from carpets and tiles. Because of this, many new rabbit owners find themselves unhappy with their current vacuum cleaner at first.

If you’ve had a rabbit, you may find yourself vacuuming up hay regularly. However, remember that your rabbit will be eating more than just hay while shopping for a rabbit vacuum. Bunny hair and excrement will also be on your cleaning list.

This is because hay is difficult to vacuum. The abrasion can damage vacuum parts, and the longer the strands of hay you’re sucking up, the more possible it is to get caught in the machine.

Despite being domesticated, rabbits still have a strong survival instinct. The best solution is to relocate the rabbit to a quieter area of the house or use devices with minimal noise.

Luckily, you can find the best vacuums that work effectively for your needs. Vacuums that specialize in removing the layers of rabbit hay and fur include brands such as BLACK+DECKER BSV2020P, LG CordZero A907GMS, and Dyson V15 Detect.

Can You Vacuum with Rabbits?

Most rabbits are frightened of home appliances, and it includes vacuum cleaners. Rabbits are quite sensitive to their surroundings, particularly when it comes to noise. Make sure to remember that rabbits are lowly creatures in nature.

Most rabbits are afraid of loud noises, especially vacuum cleaners. The majority of bunnies will not approach a vacuum and start sniffing it. Because of their great hearing and agility, they can avoid being assaulted.

As a result, rabbits have learned to detect danger in various ways. That is to say, rabbits have a high level of jitteriness and are susceptible to being scared. In the wild, twitchy rabbits can better survive, but they are also more likely to become worried when confronted with loud or prolonged disturbances.

How about vacuuming the rabbit? It’s never a smart option to clean a rabbit’s skin, as it can easily damage or aggravate it. Because vacuuming can harm rabbits, the most important reason not to do so is that it’s a bad idea. They may be covered in a thick coat of fur, but their skin is quite thin.

It can be aggravating when bunnies seem to revel in creating chaos out of their hay. To minimize the mess, you may consider giving hay only once a day if your bunny is a hay maniac as yours is. Do not do this. Rabbits must have free access to hay to have a healthy digestive system and strong teeth.

How Do You Clean Rabbit Hay?

These high-powered vacuums all have some amazing features, as well as various attachments. So even if a handful of these vacuum cleaners have minor issues, all three have earned excellent evaluations.


A pet-friendly cordless vacuum cleaner, the BLACK+DECKER BSV2020P is designed with your furry rabbits in mind. This device can pick up most rabbit fur and other pet hairs from bare floors and carpets. However, it struggles with carpet and does not work as effectively as bare surfaces.

  • Compartment: The dirt container on this vacuum cleaner is adequate. Because it’s transparent, you can tell when it requires to be cleaned. Nevertheless, you may have to clean it more often because it is so large.
  • Range: Because of its cordless nature, this vacuum’s capacity is only constrained by the amount of battery life it has left and the amount of dirt it can hold. It’s portable and lightweight to take to various house areas with you.
  • Tools and Parts: A few tools and brushes are included with this vacuum. Fabric-covered furniture can be cleaned with a motorized turbo brush. There’s also a built-in crevice tool and extension wand that can’t be removed.
  • Storage: It’s not too difficult to stow this vacuum. A built-in crevice tool and extension wand are included; however, the motorized brush is not included. After cleaning with water, dry all parts well before reinstalling them.
  • Performance: On a low-pile carpet, this vacuum cleaner performs admirably. Aside from pet hair, it has difficulty clearing big material, such as sand. Smaller and more difficult to remove, baking soda may nevertheless pick up more than half of this material, so it’s not a total loss.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Amazon customers rate the BLACK+DECKER vacuum with a reasonable 65% of 5-star rating. Reviews include statements such as “a vac with a motorized beater bar for picking up pet hair off the carpeting,” “works well on pet hair and dirt in general,” “very easy to dump and clean out,” and “works as advertised.”
  • Cons: Some disappointed customers from Amazon gave a 6% of 1-star rating. Feedbacks include statements such as “darn dust canister keeps popping off,” “isn’t made to last a long time,” and “suction is not as strong.”
LG CordZero A907GMS

Pet owners and rabbit breeders that use hay as bedding will appreciate the LG CordZero A907GMS. Even under couches or furniture, the device has outstanding movement where hair may accumulate. In addition, if the vacuum is running, the detachable brush roll can detangle pet hair wraps.

  • Compartment: The dirt compartment of the LG CordZero A9 is of a good size. Despite its diminutive size, it requires a lot of empty. The compartment’s top fill line indicates when the space is filled on the plus side.
  • Range: This product is a cordless vacuum cleaner with vast potential if you have enough battery life and room in its dirt container. This portable vacuum also comes with a carry handle to move it from room to room with ease.
  • Tools and Parts: A few tools and brushes are included with this cordless vacuum. Although the Power Punch Nozzle does not come with a turbo brush, it can remove pet hair from bedding and other surfaces. Additionally, there is a Power Carpet Nozzle for those hard-to-reach locations, unlike the LG CordZero A9 A916BM, which does not have this feature.
  • Storage: Storing this vacuum is just alright. The vacuum can be stored in the wall rack station when not in use. This rack station can be installed on a wall, utilized as a stand, or lowered to the ground, depending on how much room you have available.
  • Performance: Bare floor performance is excellent with this product; it has no problem picking up pet hair and other small and large trash. This cordless vacuum is great at picking up pet hair, but it has difficulty picking up little and large pieces of trash. In addition, while cleaning small debris, there is a slight decrease in performance when the dirt compartment is more than half-filled.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Amazon customers rate the LG CordZero A9 vacuum with a reasonable 74% of 5-star rating. Reviews include statements such as “cheaper alternative to these high-dollar cordless stick vacuums,” “motor is very quiet,” “really easy to use and very powerful vacuum,” and “battery life is very impressive.”
  • Cons: Some disappointed customers from Amazon gave a 7% of 1-star rating. Feedbacks include statements such as “pet hairs easily clog the vacuum,” “suction power is very lackluster,” and “too bulky for carpeted steps.”
Dyson V15 Detect

When it comes to removing rabbit hair, the Dyson V15 Detect is unbeatable. Its sleek aesthetic distinguishes it from other Dyson vacuums, such as the Dyson V11 Animal. Additionally, it includes a HEPA filter that traps pollutants as you clean, ideal for a pet that sheds a lot.

  • Compartment: The dirt compartment on the Dyson V15 works fine. Like the Dyson V11 Animal in terms of size. Although it’s a bit on the short surface and may require emptying now and then, the translucent plastic construction allows you to see the vacuum’s fundamental parts and components.
  • Range: The Dyson V15’s mobility is solely constrained by the battery’s remaining capacity and the amount of filth the vacuum can hold. Compared to other cordless brands, this vacuum cleaner is significantly lighter and features a handle that makes things simpler to lift and transport.
  • Tools and Parts: Many tools and accessories are included in the Dyson V15 Detect. Sticky dirt and debris can be removed from various surfaces using a separate stiff bristle brush. A soft-bristled meeting is another option for dusting delicate areas. Finally, use the crevice tool to clean up messes in small spaces.
  • Storage: The Dyson V15 has a lot of room for storage. Unlike other Dyson models, it includes an accessory wand clip and a docking station that can hold two more tools.
  • Performance: On bare floors, the Dyson V15 gives outstanding performance. It removes pet hair and small and heavy trash such as rice or cereal from the bottom without a hitch. Pet hair is no problem for it, and fine waste, like baking soda, is no match for it when it comes to clearing it out. The dirt container also clears much bigger debris, such as sand, with consistent suction power as the dirt container fills up.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Amazon customers rate the Dyson V15 vacuum with a reasonable 79% of 5-star rating. Reviews include statements such as “suitable for pet owners,” “very good suction and power,” “has made vacuuming fun,” and “saves you a lot of cleaning time.”
  • Cons: Some disappointed customers from Amazon gave an 8% of 1-star rating. Feedbacks include statements such as “battery cannot be replaced,” “comes with a broken brush,” and “long delivery time.”


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