Is Sashimi Healthy: The Real Facts You Have to Know

by iupilon

Sashimi is a type of sushi made from sushi-grade fish. It’s served raw and is flavored by soy sauce. This is the most essential type of sushi, and it is beloved by millions of people worldwide. But how healthy is it? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Sashimi Healthy?

Is sashimi good for you? Fish is always a good choice. Fish is naturally low in fat and cholesterol, and it provides trace nutrients and a ton of flavor to every dish. There are many practical reasons why people eat fish after cooking. However, in sashimi, the fish is served in finely sliced increments and then seasoned afterward.

The main risk of consuming sashimi or any raw fish is the possibility of being infected by parasites. Parasitic infections from fish are common, and there’s also the problem of having parasites that don’t produce any symptoms, even after months or years. This is especially dangerous to people who have compromised immune systems.

People with robust immune systems will be able to fend off some parasitic infections easily. In some cases, the parasites cannot live in the human system, and they will die after producing mild symptoms.

Others will linger for some time before they are flushed out. If you want to eat raw fish, our best recommendation is to buy only from the most trusted sources and restaurants. The best sushi restaurants have sushi chefs that know how to wash and prepare fish properly. The preparation of raw fish is imperative if you want to reduce the chances of any foodborne illness.

Some diseases that can be passed on from contaminated raw fish are tapeworms, liver flukes, and roundworms.

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