What Does Polenta Taste Like and What Can You Cook with It?

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What Does Polenta Taste Like?

Polenta essentially tastes like corn because it is made from corn. Polenta is cornmeal with a different texture. Polenta can also be prepared as a dish with various other grains. The recipes for polenta will differ from region to region. Some people also allow cooked polenta to cool down into a loaf that can be sliced and paired with various side dishes.

Yellow maize is often the main ingredient of polenta, but there may also be other grains in the mix like white maize and buckwheat. Coarse grinding will produce a coarser polenta that is firmer to touch. If the polenta has been ground more finely, the resulting polenta has a creamier and softer texture.  

Is Polenta A Grain?

Yes, polenta can be classified as a type of products made from grain. Corn is prepared in various ways, but the kernels of the corn are considered a grain. There is only confusion because, in the culinary world, corn that has been used for cooking is termed “vegetable.”

The type of corn used for creating polenta and cornmeal is the older and more mature ones with harder kernels and have higher starch content. These corn types are harvested late in the season and are then ground up in large mills specifically for creating corn flour and cornmeal.

The best type of polenta is made from flint corn, and the texture of such polenta can either be fine or coarse. Flint corn polenta has a natural al dente bite when you cook it, too. Dent corn is another common corn used for cornmeal, but dent cornmeal has much more grit and may not be your pick if you like finer-texture food.

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