How to Tell When an Egg Is Boiled: Some Useful Tips for You

by iupilon

A pot filled with eggs is very common in kitchens anywhere in the world. Hardboiled eggs or soft boiled eggs are an easy choice for boosting the protein content of meals. Kids and adults love eating boiled eggs, and there’s almost nothing you can’t do with boiled eggs, cooking-wise. But how do you know if they’re finally done?

How to Tell When an Egg Is Boiled?

How to tell if an egg is hardboiled? You probably can’t tell how many times you’ve turned off the stove too quickly, thinking that your eggs are finally hardboiled. If you have turned off the stove too early and would like to know if your eggs are finally hardboiled, get one egg (make sure it’s not too hot to touch), and spin it on the counter.

Don’t overdo the spin – give the egg just enough momentum, so it spins properly. Tap the center of the egg as it is spinning. If your egg is finally cooked, then the egg should stop quickly when you tap it once. On the other hand, if the egg did not stop quickly, then the egg may be either still raw or soft-boiled because of the egg’s density inside.

In particular, raw eggs will not stop so quickly and will continue to spin despite being tapped. Try this a few more times with some other eggs and see if you get consistent results.

As for the time you need to get some hardboiled eggs, the minimum cooking time would be twelve minutes per batch of eggs. However, if you are cooking more eggs (like a dozen or more), add a few more minutes. Make sure that the eggs you are boiling are covered with water to speed up the cooking.


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