Reheat Prime Rib Like a Pro

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Prime rib is undoubtedly the star of the holidays. Therefore, reheating prime rib is an essential skill if you want leftover prime rib to taste as good as when you originally cooked it. Unfortunately, beef can be temperamental, and reheating is a fine art that you need to practice if you want to get excellent results. If you have been struggling to reheat prime rib for years, the difficulty ends this year. Now is the time to start reheating prime rib like a true professional. Your family is going to love the change in how you treat meat at home.

What’s The Best Way to Reheat the Prime Rib That Will Not Harm Texture of Meat?

How to reheat prime rib? It’s all about texture. Beef is only as tasty as its texture. When beef is overdone, it’s hard or dry, and neither is acceptable. When beef is reheated, the meat’s outer layer’s tendency to become rigid and inflexible. It would help if you learned the right way to do it, so no matter how much prime rib is left, you’re going to have the same flavor and texture after reheating.

The most effective method to reheat some prime rib is in an oven. If you don’t have a range at home, we’re going to talk about alternative approaches toward the end of this blog.

How to reheat prime rib in the oven?

Reheating the prime rib doesn’t have to be complicated. The reason for this is that the prime rib is marbled well and is rich in fat. When fat is heated and reactivated, it causes the meat to become moist and flavorful again. To reach that desired temperature inside the heart, use the oven.

Steaming with gravy is a great way to reheat prime rib. Place the slices of prime on a baking tray and douse the meat with some leftover gravy. Use aluminum foil to cover the baking tray. Be sure to tighten at the edges. Preheat your oven to 250°F. Allow the prime rib to be steamed for just ten minutes. After ten minutes, check the prime rib if it has been warmed all the way through.

If you are reheating a large quantity of prime rib, be sure to add more gravy to the pan. Can you use water to reheat the prime rib? Yes, but the flavor will likely be affected. If you don’t have sauce, feel free to use vegetable broth or any commercial broth. Having flavor in the water will ensure that the taste of the meat will not be affected. Of course, the best choice is still the gravy, as it is very flavorful, and it has herbs and spices that will contribute to the final flavor of the reheated meat.

Remember that you need to immediately remove the beef from the tray once it has been reheated adequately to stop the cooking process. Leaving the meat in the oven until you are ready to eat is not recommended as this will effectively extend the reheating process, and you may end up with dry and hard meat, even if the tray has been sealed well with aluminum foil.

What’s the Difference Between Reheating Prime Rib in an Oven and a Microwave?

The big difference between heating in an oven and a microwave oven is the heat source itself. Microwave ovens use radio waves to heat the molecules of moisture inside the beef. Ovens use indirect heat to heat whatever is inside gradually. There is a vast difference. Chefs and expert home cooks do not recommend using the microwave oven for heating meat. It’s not that it doesn’t work. Microwave ovens can be exceptionally efficient in heating meat. However, this exceptional efficiency comes at a cost. Microwave ovens can turn fresh, pink meat into dead, gray meat in a matter of minutes.

So apply this to the fact that your meat is already cooked and you can already understand its problem. If you reheat using a microwave oven and it goes awry, you will have dried out meat with no juices left. But then again, if you do not have the time or energy to cook using the oven, then off to the microwave we go.

Here’s what we recommend: grab a large-enough microwavable container, enough for the slices of prime rib that you need to reheat. Place the pieces of prime rib in the container, and add some gravy. Seal the microwavable container and reheat at medium or high for just one minute. Allow the box to cool before popping off the lid.

Have the slices warmed enough to your liking? If so, remove the container and serve the beef. If the meat is still too cold, then pop into the microwave again for another minute. Repeat in intervals of sixty seconds because this is the only way you can safeguard the meat from potential damage from too much microwave heating.            

How Do Restaurants Reheat Prime Rib?

What is the best way to reheat the prime rib? Restaurants use various methods to reheat meat, but for sensitive meats like prime rib, they usually use restaurant-level heating solutions like Alto-Shaam. Unless you’re willing to invest in so-called “Combitherm” ovens and heating solutions, your best bet is still the oven. Just use the right temperature, so you don’t overcook your meat.

Tips for Reheating Prime Rib

You can reheat prime rib without thoroughly overcooking it. Follow these tips:

  • Reheat using the oven
  • Add gravy on top of the slices of prime rib
  • Always seal with aluminum foil
  • Steaming is still the best option
  • 250°F to 300°F is the ideal range when preheating the oven
  • If you need to microwave your meat, do so in one-minute increments
  • You can’t keep the pink center all the time – this will depend on the meat’s doneness before reheating.

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