How Many Cups in A Pound of Powdered Sugar?

by iupilon

How Many Cups In A Lb. Of Powdered Sugar?

If you want to know, 1 pound of powdered sugar equals how many cups, here’s the answer: it’s roughly 3.5 cups of sugar. Each US cup is equivalent to roughly 4.5 ounces, so 3.5 cups bring us up to a pound. These measurements apply only to sifted powdered sugar.

Taking this computation, if you are going to buy a two-pound bag of sugar, you should be able to get at least seven US cups of sugar per bag. Any less and the weight is probably inaccurate unless you are using a larger cup.

Expert Ways to Store Sugar  

If the baking bug just got you, you’re probably wondering how to store sugar properly. Luckily, storing sugar isn’t rocket science, and you only have to follow a couple of easy tips:

  • If you are storing granulated sugar, you need a cool place to store it, and the place should also be free of any odors. Sugar can easily absorb off or embarrassing odors. We do not recommend storing any kind of sugar near vegetables like onions or even garlic. That’s inviting garlic-flavored sugar or onion-flavored sugar.
  • Yes, you can store flour and sugar side by side. Both are neutral, and they won’t hurt each other. However, referencing the previous reminder, adding something like an onion to the cupboard radically changes the situation.
  • Always pour new sugar in the sink. There’s usually some spilling because sugar granules are so light, but you don’t have to clean up so terribly every time. The sink should take care of the clean-up for you.
  • Always leave a half-cup scoop in the sugar container or flour container, so you’re always consistent with measurements.

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