Guide To Film A Home Tour Like A Pro

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According to reports by the National Association of Realtors, home buyers want reliable information, and they trust different websites that they visit more than what the real estate agents tell them. It is not just for buying homes, but even for home renovations, people like to search for ideas online.

44% of the home hunters start their search online because the internet is where they can get required information in varied formats they prefer- the most powerful one being video. 40% of the home buyers use websites featuring embedded videos when looking for a house. And of those who used these websites, over half of them claim that videos helped them in making the right purchase decision.

Now, there are more and more home buyers expecting video content. They are constantly looking for live home tours that can get them closer to understanding the details of a property.

So, how do you go about filming a home tour that will get you, buyers, for your home? Have a closer look at the process below:

Ensure Making a Good Quality Video

Make sure the device you are using to make your video is of the highest quality. Even if you are using a smartphone to film your home tour, ensure your phone’s video is good quality. This is important because your low-quality home tour video will frustrate the viewers.

If you want a viewer to make an offer by entirely relying on your video content, they must be able to see your content.

Get Rid of All Clutter

You cannot stage your home without decluttering it, which is the golden rule of property staging. Ensure the surfaces and floors are free of clutter, and your cupboards are organized neatly.

Do not assume that the interested buyers will not like to see inside the cupboards. They will because storage is one of the essential requirements among home buyers.

Make Sure the Doors of Your House are Open While Shooting the Video

Leaving the doors open in your home tour is a good way of letting in light into the gloomy areas of your house, like the corridors. Keeping the doors wide open will also help you maneuver your way through your house without worrying about the creaky hinges coming in your way while shooting.

Consider Top-Quality Lighting Arrangement

As for any video, it cannot shine without proper lighting, and your home tour video is no exception. If you want prospective home buyers to connect with your home instantly, arrange for good-quality lighting.

There are a number of things you must do to ensure there’s proper lighting when shooting the video. First of all, pull curtains back from all the windows and get the blinds up, so maximum light comes into your home.

Make sure all the rooms of your home are flooded with natural light by shooting during the daytime. But at the same time, you must also ensure that this natural light does not come in your way of shooting the home tour video as it might cause unwanted distractions.

If you have dark spaces or rooms in your home, use proper lighting to brighten them up. With good quality lighting, you can ensure that your home tour video will look professional and polished so that more buyers will be coming in gradually.

How About Making the Bed Look Inviting

Don’t you arrange your bed and make it neat when visitors come home? Then why not practice the same when making a home tour video? Make your bedroom look cozier and more comfortable by plumping up the pillows and the cushions. Also, do not forget to place a throw at the end of the bed to make the bedroom look inviting.

The majority of the home buyers are interested in the bedroom because it is the most crucial room within a house. So, you must make it appear stunning in your video.

Plan the Path for Recording

Plan the path for recording your video before starting with the process, so your video runs smoothly without any changes in the direction all of a sudden. This way, you will not miss out on anything important or a key area that must find space in your home tour.

A good rule of thumb here is shooting with the sound off so the viewers can purely focus on the content instead of the narration. For features of the home, you would like to bring into focus, try the zoom-in effect so they will be visible to the viewers.

Avoid Moving Too fast

If you are wondering how to showcase your home, understand that moving too fast can make the process more difficult. Instead, move slowly so the viewers can see everything, and later when you sit down to edit the video, things get easier. And for that, learning how to edit a video aptly is crucial. Learning how to edit a video can quickly turn into a never-ending rabbit hole, while it’s true that every project you work on will have slightly different editing requirements, you should know that the fundamentals of video editing largely remain the same.

Take the Home Exteriors into Account

Your home’s curb appeal does not start from the interiors, but the exteriors are also included. In fact, people get an idea of the interiors of a home through its exteriors. So, if there’s a balcony or a garden in your home, make sure to show it off from the outside and not just from one of the windows in your home tour.

Remember, the exterior of your home, especially the backyard and the balcony, are its key assets. Emphasize them clearly and in the most beautiful way in your video.

Consider the Right Positioning for Everything

If you are using a color carpet in the drawing-room, ensure it is there throughout your video. And if the colored carpet is the highlight of your living room, ensure filming it from different positions across the room.

Scan everything from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to showrooms fully. Highlight the key aspects of all the rooms individually, so viewers are more interested in buying your home.


It is easy to make a home tour with the above guidelines, but you can make a few tweaks to these points here and there. The overall objective of your home tour is to present your home in a nice light, so interested buyers instantly contact you and make the deal. Remember the objective of your video and get going.

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