The Best Ways to Clean Window Screens

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Knowing how to clean window screens effectively is a must for every homeowner. Today we’re discussing how cleaning window screens can be as easy as any other cleaning task at home. Learn the best way to clean window screens today and take care of all the grime that prevents air and natural light from entering any part of the house. We’ll also talk about the proper window screens cleaner and how to wash window screens properly.

What Is the Easiest Way to Clean Window Screens?

The simplest way to clean window screens is by vacuuming and washing them. Remove the window screens by unscrewing them from the frame of the window. Lay them down on the floor and make sure that there are old towels underneath so the mess won’t spread throughout your floor.

Grab your vacuum cleaner’s extended head and begin vacuuming from the top, going to the bottom. After cleaning the first side, flip the screens over and clean the other side. This should take care of most dirt and grime, including spider webs and smaller dust bunnies that may have attached themselves to the screen.

When you are done vacuuming the screen, it’s time to wash them with soap and water. Prepare a quantity of warm water and some detergent or dish soap. Make sure that the solution is sudsy. Get an old sponge or cleaning rag and soak the sponge/rag with the solution.

If you don’t want the solution to be too sudsy and soapy, we recommend using a non-abrasive, all-purpose cleaner (the ones with scents are great for window screens). Gel cleaners also work well with windows in general as they remove the grime and dust quickly. Use the cleaning solution to easily remove any leftover grime from both sides of your screens.

Washing your screens with soap and water is extra helpful if you have multiple screens to clean at one time. The soap does the hard cleaning for you; you have to apply it well to the screens in a volume that quickly lifts away from the dirt.

After applying soap and removing the rest of the dirt and grime, get your garden hose and rinse the screens. Make sure that all of that soap is removed as leftover soap tends to attract dirt.

You can use an old rag to dry the screens afterward. You can also allow the screens to naturally air-dry outside while you continue cleaning the house’s rest. Your screens will be completely dry in an hour or so, and you will be ready to install them again. Upon reinstallation, we recommend that you vacuum your screens one last time, and you should be ready to go.

When rinsing your screens, be sure to set the water power to medium or low. We do not advise using any pressure on your screen, as this can end up damaging it. If you don’t have a garden hose, you can always use the hose inside your bathroom to rinse them off. It works the same way.

How Do You Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them?

The simplest way to clean window screens without removing them from the window frame is using a lint roller. Get the giant lint roller you can find and use it to remove the thin layer of dust that eventually accumulates into a large one.

Here are some methods to maximize the efficiency of cleaning window screens with a lint roller:

  • Begin cleaning from the outside. Screens have two sides, the indoor-facing one and the outside-facing one. By beginning the cleaning process from the outside, you won’t have to press too hard to get the grime out. After using the lint roller outside, go back inside and work on the screens’ indoor-facing side. Cleaning from the outside first also gives you access to the corners blocked by the window frame from the inside.
  • Cleaning window screens is dirty work, so expect to consume several refills in the process. Have a small garbage bag or bin beside you so you can rip the use sheets and continue working.
    It would help if you didn’t spend too much time cleaning as this exposes you to more allergens in the process. If you have a dust mask or N95 at home, put on a mask and some goggles to protect yourself from the flying dust.
  • Lint rollers are tiny, so you may have trouble reaching the higher parts of your window. Feel free to stick the rolls into a blank paint roller so you can increase your reach.
  • Check the rest of the house and clean the other screens as well. This includes your screen doors and the porch area.
  • Try using mega lint rollers. These already come with extensible handles that you can use to reach areas that you wouldn’t usually reach with just your arms.

How Often Should You Clean Window Screens?

If you want your window screens to be immaculate, clean them at least once a week. This should be sufficient to keep your window screens nearly transparent. Once a week cleaning will also ensure that allergens like pollen and the like won’t be a problem for you and the kids.

Can You Steam Clean Window Screens?

Yes, you can steam clean window screens. However, you need to purchase a window-cleaning steam cleaner. This steam cleaner comes with several attachments that are designed for cleaning screens and the glass, too.

It is a good investment and can be used on a variety of other surfaces in your home. Another great thing about steam-cleaning is that the steam naturally reaches even the smallest corners and crevices, making the cleaning process easy and stress-free. Of course, if you don’t have such a cleaner at home, you can always try the traditional cleaning windows method.

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