4 Amazing Indoor Plant Pots for the Holidays and 2022

by iupilon

Everyone’s getting in on the craze this quarantine and buying more indoor plants. Which indoor plant pot is best for you? Find out in today’s rundown.

Rivet Rustic Indoor Plant Pots

The Rivet Rustic indoor and outdoor plant pot is an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor space, full stop. One word gives justice to the manufacturer’s design to this indoor pot: majestic. You don’t often see an indoor plant pot that brings durability and class all at once. The plant pot’s external layer is covered with electroplated bronze and makes the pot sparkle and shine even in low-light conditions. This indoor pot comes in three colors as well, should you want other hues to complement your home. You can choose from bronze (the main color), silver or coral. Please take note that this is stoneware, so it’s heavier and more durable than plastic indoor pots or those made from wood. Stone pots are excellent for homes with leather and metal décor and furniture that emphasizes both earth tones and darker tones. If you are feeling experimental with your take on interior design, we highly recommend this indoor pot.

This indoor pot has a diameter of 5.9” and stands at a nominal height of 5” as well. Please take note that you can use it for displaying or for plants. Some folks like to use this type of pot as a base for other things, such as specialized lampshades. The decision is up to you.

Ceramic Indoor Planter Pots

Ceramic has been used for centuries for holding plants and beautifying indoor spaces. Now is your chance to bring home an indoor pot made entirely of ceramic and has the timeless beauty that has made ceramic one of the best choices for people who enjoy keeping indoor plants. The D’vine Dev Store offers their ceramic pots in three colors (large, medium, and small) and seven awesome colors, from black to white to a mix of white and espresso. We can honestly say that this is one of the more expressive indoor pots we’ve seen so far, and you can confidently put it anywhere you want to, from your desk in your home office to the bedroom (if that rocks your boat).

We say this because the texture of the indoor ceramic pot is so cool to the eyes and the color has such depth that it easily matches the surrounding décor. Should you receive yours with any damage, the store is willing to provide a full replacement quickly. You’re not going to be worrying about your indoor pot anytime soon, thanks to the shop’s awesome guarantee.

The store also offers various packages that fit different needs. You can order a single pot, dual pots, or three pots depending on your needs. All pots measure 6” x 8” 10”. These are super high quality ceramic indoor pots with an unglazed inner layer, an easy to clean external layer, and a glazed surface for maximum shine and beauty.

La Jolie Muse Pots for Indoor Plants

Sturdy and beautiful, La Jolie Muse’s take on indoor plant pots takes us back to the classics, where soft curves and light colors are the order of the day.

Their unique design brings memories of earthenware back, and the minimalist streak is strong in their line of indoor plant pots. These pots are excellent for indoor spaces and outdoor space,s including the balcony and deck. Bring different indoor spaces to life, from the kitchen to the study room, and don’t forget the living room, too!

The great thing about indoor pots is they’re always low-lying and compact, making them easier to pair with different spots and furniture. Pots that are too tall may make it difficult for folks to arrange them in most spaces. With just the right size, you’re going to have a splendid time rearranging your living room or dining room to accommodate many indoor plants at a time. With sufficient space comes quite several spots for indoor plant pots.

But are these pots good for plants, apart from being pretty? The manufacturer has added multiple drainage holes to ensure that water never goes stale in your chosen medium.

Ideal plants for this indoor pot are spider plants, ivy, pothos, and ferns. Generally speaking, this indoor pot accommodates plants that require a breathing medium that is never too moist. Indoor plants that require only a once-a-week watering are excellent choices for this indoor pot type.

HOMENOTE Indoor Plant Pot

This would be another awesome addition to your collection of indoor plant pots. If you love plastic ware because they are lightweight and many of them are also made to be super durable, you will love HOMENOTE’s foray into indoor plant pots. At first glance, you already know that these plant pots have superb quality because of their super shiny finish. Each set of unique plant pots comes in five different sizes. Use the two full-sized pots for regular-sized indoor plants, and the rest can be used for smaller plants and different succulents. If you experiment with different plant varieties at home and need multiple indoor pots for varying sizes, this would be an amazing choice for a set. The set is also super affordable, and you can’t go wrong with white. These round indoor pots are also excellent for various settings and spaces, from classic to modern. White has always been easy to match with different aesthetics, and you would be able to find the perfect spot for your new plastic indoor pots easily.

Suppose you are worried that these plastic pots would break easily, then don’t. These pots have been manufactured with sufficient thickness and durability that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Just load the plants with your chosen medium and put your plants in the soil. That’s it – the drainage hole in each pot takes care of the excess water, so make sure that you place the pot on a tray to take care of the runoff.

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