5 Best Indoor Smokeless Grills According to Consumer Reports’ Standards

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best indoor smokeless grills. With the growing popularity of indoor grilling, selecting the perfect grill can be a daunting task. Indoor grilling offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy your favorite grilled meals year-round without the inconvenience of traditional grilling.

Our expert review features the top five indoor smokeless grills available on the market, including the Elite Gourmet, Power XL, Gotham Steel, CUSIMAX, and Chefman. Each product is meticulously analyzed, highlighting their respective pros and cons, enabling you to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a newbie, our review has got you covered.

Our guide aims to help you select the best indoor smokeless grill that caters to your specific needs. Each product in our review boasts a compact and portable design, making them ideal for indoor use and ensuring that your home remains free of smoke. We’ve analyzed the performance, ease of use, and cleaning of each product, providing you with a comprehensive guide to choose the best grill that perfectly suits your cooking requirements. Keep reading to discover which indoor smokeless grill is right for you.

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Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

  • Easy to assemble and clean up
  • Can cook different types of food, including pork chops, steak, chicken, and vegetables
  • Can be used by experienced grillers or those who have never grilled before
  • Affordable price
  • Space-efficient design, perfect for small families and indoor use
  • The cooking surface can be easily lifted out of the base for cleaning
  • Temperature control allows for varying levels of doneness
  • Generates very little smoke
  • Non-stick surface makes cleaning easy
  • Temperature control is uneven and the grill doesn’t heat evenly.
  • It’s not completely smokeless, and smoke can accumulate above a certain temperature.
  • The non-stick coating may wear off and leave flakes in the food.
  • Quality control issues have been reported, including defects and parts that wear out quickly.
  • The temperature control dial can be hard to read and imprecise.
  • The plastic parts can emit a smell when heated, and the plastic may melt if not handled properly.
  • It may not work well for larger groups or cooking larger pieces of food.

The Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill is a highly efficient and affordable option for year-round grilling, making it a valuable addition to any household. This grill is user-friendly, and even individuals with no prior grilling experience can prepare mouth-watering pork chops and steaks in under 10 minutes. The temperature control feature allows you to customize the degree of doneness you prefer, making it convenient for those with specific dietary requirements. Additionally, the grill is equipped with removable parts that facilitate easy cleaning, and the drip cup is easily detachable.

The grill’s compact size is suitable for small families or couples, with a 14″ round grill that can cook complete meals for two. Furthermore, the grill’s smokeless feature makes it perfect for indoor use, ensuring that the house remains free of smoke. However, it’s worth noting that the grease may splatter during cooking, so a splatter guard is recommended.

While some customers have reported issues with uneven heating and temperature control, we found this grill straightforward to use, and it cooks food quickly and efficiently. We highly recommend the Elite Gourmet Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill to anyone seeking a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use indoor grill that offers a healthy and tasty cooking experience throughout the year.

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill

  • Excellent grilling and searing performance with perfect grill marks
  • Smokeless grilling with a fan that effectively contains smoke
  • Non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Impressive customer service from the manufacturer
  • The temperature gauge is slightly inaccurate
  • Dial moves counter-clockwise
  • The water pan is difficult to access without removing other parts
  • Cleaning can be time-consuming and tedious
  • No handles or drain for the water reservoir, which can be difficult to remove without spilling
  • A bulky unit takes up a lot of dishwasher space
  • No included cookbooks with some models

The Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill is an excellent product that provides a smokeless grilling experience for indoor cooking. Its ample cooking area is perfect for grilling two steaks or multiple chicken breasts, and the non-stick grill plate and griddle make cleanup a breeze. The fan performs admirably in containing smoke and odor, and the product operates quietly and with ease.

However, it’s worth noting that there are a few minor issues to be aware of when using this grill. The temperature dial can sometimes be slightly inaccurate, which can affect cooking. It’s best to preheat the grill for optimal results, and accessing the water pan for cleaning can be challenging.

Nevertheless, the Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill is a must-have for grilling enthusiasts seeking indoor convenience. It’s a game-changer for indoor grilling, thanks to its smokeless technology and non-stick surfaces. Despite the minor cons, this product’s benefits outweigh them.

In conclusion, the Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill is an excellent indoor grill that delivers on its promises. If you’re looking for an indoor grill that’s easy to use, clean, and provides a smokeless grilling experience, this product is worth considering.

Gotham Steel Smokeless Indoor Grill

  • Works well for grilling a variety of foods, including chicken, fish, vegetables, and steak.
  • Easy to use and heats up quickly.
  • Large cooking surface.
  • Comes with a cookbook for recipe ideas.
  • Decent price.
  • Lightweight and compact, making it ideal for travel or use in small spaces.
  • Produces nice grill marks and is powerful enough to cook thick cuts of meat.
  • A non-stick surface makes for easy cleaning.
  • Some users have experienced issues with the product not getting hot enough or producing too much smoke.
  • Cleaning in between the grates can be difficult.
  • The plastic piece that holds the grill and drip tray together can be difficult to handle and may cause the pieces to fall apart.
  • The knob for temperature control may not have clear markings to indicate temperature.
  • The non-stick coating may wear out or scratch easily.

The Gotham Steel Smokeless Indoor Grill has gained popularity among consumers seeking indoor grilling solutions, owing to its generous cooking surface and reasonable price point. However, its performance has elicited a mixed response from customers.

Certain users have praised the grill for delivering impeccable results and being an ideal cooking tool for preparing an assortment of meats and vegetables. Additionally, the non-stick surface has been lauded for simplifying the cleaning process. Moreover, the grill is user-friendly and heats up swiftly.

Nevertheless, some customers have encountered issues while using the grill. According to some reports, the grill does not cook evenly and fails to attain adequate temperatures to cook specific types of meat. Despite advertising itself as “virtually smokeless,” certain users have noted minimal smoke reduction. Some customers have also expressed concerns regarding cleaning, as the product instructions recommend avoiding abrasive sponges or metal utensils, which can further complicate the cleaning process.

In conclusion, the Gotham Steel Smokeless Indoor Grill has its share of benefits and drawbacks. Although it may deliver satisfactory results for some users, others have found it unsatisfactory. Therefore, potential customers should consider the product’s merits and drawbacks before purchasing an indoor grill.

CUSIMAX Smokeless 1500W Indoor Electric Grill

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with its own grill plate, spatula, and top glass lid
  • Features an LED temperature display and touchscreen temperature control button
  • Smokeless feature with a bucket to add water and a fan to turn on
  • Need to buy griddle plate separately for cooking certain foods
  • Not effective in grilling non-flat meats like chicken wings, legs, bone-in chicken breast
  • The non-stick coating may come off easily
  • No recipe book comes with the product
  • Knobs have sharp metal points that may cause injury while washing the lid

The CUSIMAX smokeless 1500W indoor electric grill offers a practical and convenient solution for indoor cooking without the hassle and smoke of traditional grilling. Its compact and portable design makes it a suitable option for individuals living in apartments, hotels, or other settings without access to an outdoor grill. The grill’s versatility is enhanced by the included grill plate, spatula, and top glass lid.

The grill’s LED touchscreen display and temperature control button make cooking to one’s preferred temperature a breeze. The smokeless feature is also an attractive feature that can be achieved by adding water to the bucket underneath and turning on the fan. Additionally, cleaning the grill is easy and requires minimal effort.

While the grill may not be as effective with meats that are not flat, such as chicken wings, legs, and bone-in chicken breast, this is a minor issue that does not compromise the overall quality of the grill.

Overall, the CUSIMAX smokeless 1500W indoor electric grill is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable, user-friendly, and practical grill. It is an ideal solution for indoor cooking without the inconvenience and smoke associated with traditional grilling. If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable grill, the CUSIMAX smokeless 1500W indoor electric grill is a great option.

Chefman Electric Smokeless Indoor Grill

  • Good for cooking a variety of foods, including steaks, salmon, and vegetables.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Non-stick surface works well and can be easily cleaned.
  • Indoor use allows for grilling year-round.
  • Smokeless design works well for most users.
  • The temperature control knob can be difficult to turn.
  • The drip pan may have issues with rusting or difficulty cleaning.
  • Grill may not get hot enough for proper searing.
  • The non-stick surface may wear off over time.
  • The heating may be uneven across the grill surface.

Are you in search of a versatile and practical indoor grill? Look no further than the Chefman electric smokeless grill. This compact and stylish countertop grill is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys the taste of outdoor grilling but prefers the convenience of cooking indoors.

With the Chefman electric smokeless grill, you can grill everything from steaks to salmon to veggies, and achieve great results every time. The non-stick surface makes cleaning up a breeze, providing a healthy and speedy option for winter cooking. Furthermore, the three cooking zones allow you to prepare a complete meal simultaneously, saving time and effort.

However, this grill has some drawbacks to keep in mind. The temperature control knob can be challenging to turn, and the catch pan can corrode, making it difficult to clean. Additionally, despite its name, the Chefman electric smokeless grill is not entirely smokeless, so careful consideration of what you cook on it is necessary.

Overall, the Chefman electric smokeless grill is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a straightforward and user-friendly indoor grill. However, if you’re looking for a high-temperature grill that can achieve a perfect sear on your steak, you may want to consider other options.

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