4 Top Bathtub Trays of 2022

by iupilon

A brand new bathtub tray can greatly increase your enjoyment while relaxing at the tub. You can soak even longer with a bath tray because you can place all the items you need for a good bath. There are different kinds of trays that have slightly different features. Let’s check out the top bathroom trays of 2022 and beyond!

HBlife Bamboo Bath Tub Tray

This is an awesome looking bathtub tray from HBlife. The high-quality bamboo construction has gotten us at the review team tumbling because they’ve done so much on a single surface that this tray could easily be used outside the bathroom because it’s so convenient.

This bath tray/caddy tray has a wide slot for a book or a large tablet. There is also a separate phone holder on the right, so you can monitor your social media as your relax on a Friday night. The manufacturer has also added a nifty wine glass slot and two additional removable trays.

These trays are for your spa and bath accessories. You can use this tray as a standing desk for the office, a serving desk for a patient, or kids, a regular breakfast tray for all the good stuff in the morning.

Night readers who like leafing through new books in the dead of the night would find this tray super useful. You can lock a flexible LED lamp on the left with the glass holder area. Of course, the wide space and the slots for mobile phones and tablets will be well-loved by kids.  

Your Majesty Bathtub Caddy Tray (Lux Craft-Bamboo)

This bathtub tray caddy is suitable for couples because it is extra wide, extra stable, and provides multiple functions to be enjoyed by two people. We love how manufacturers are thinking of ever-creative ways of improving the design of bathtub caddies. This caddy also has a built-in slot for a wine glass and a durable and wide rack for reading books, watching with a large tablet PC, or using your phone. There are twice as many bathroom accessories slots as the previous caddy, and they’ve designed the slots so that you have a fully-sized organizer with the caddy.

This bathtub caddy offers another important feature that we think is important with this class of caddy. The manufacturer applied an eco-friendly resin layer atop the wooden construction to make the caddy waterproof. The resin layer provides great shine to the product and natural waterproofing that will prolong the bathtub caddy’s life. The wood used by the manufacturer has the same strength and durability as red oak. Non-carbonized bamboo is more durable and perfect for wooden products like this.

Is this a luxurious piece for your bathroom? Yes, it is. If you have been looking for a caddy that can easily accommodate a glass of wine, rose petals all around, plus spa essentials, you’ve found the right caddy. Your expensive gadgets are all safe, and there are virtually zero risks of dunking them in the water.

Domax Bathtub Tray Caddy

The Domax Bathtub Tray Caddy is more compact, and therefore more suitable for narrower bathtubs. It measures 29.4″ across and has a height of 9.1″. In our opinion, this size is just right for most bathtubs and for the use it was intended for.

The compact design isn’t a problem; the left side has a spacious area for two large bottles of soap or shampoo, and right next to this wide slot is the wine area. Just slide the glass into the rounded slot, and your glass is going to be just fine.

Place a variety of items on this new bathtub caddy and enjoy a long night of soaking without worrying that your stuff is going to fall into the bathwater. Let’s talk about the central area.

The central section of the Domax Bathtub Tray Caddy has a narrow slot to secure a larger gadget (like a tablet). There is also a little more space behind so you can secure your iPad’s flap properly. There’ ‘s enough space for food in front of the slot; plus, there’s around section for a large aromatic candle and a smaller slot for a cellphone.

Besides, this area is a deeper section with higher walls. These walls prevent your towel from rolling away. We feel that this section will also be super useful for other spa and bath items, so be creative, and we’re sure you can put other stuff in the far right slot, other than a rolled towel. The manufacturer will also send you a separate soap caddy (also made of wood), and you can position that either to your side at the tub or somewhere on the caddy if you wish—all in all, a well-designed and compact bathtub caddy.

Bambusi Premium Bamboo Bathtub Tray Caddy

Bambusi probably has the thickest wooden design yet in our list today, which earns this bad boy a spot in our “best of” countdown. This is a good luxury tray that makes use of virgin bamboo material. Unlike the previous bathtub tray, the manufacturer has decided to apply varnish to the wood instead of a clear, natural resin.

The varnish is not inferior to resin as varnish is traditionally applied to plenty of wooden furniture and products as natural protection against moisture and cracking. Plus, the varnish provides a warm, reddish finish that is just right for this bathtub caddy.

This caddy provides extensible handles. The caddy extends to 41.5″ from the original length of 27.75″. This is more than enough clearance for most bathtubs. The edge of the handles also has silicone grips to prevent the bathtub caddy from toppling or slipping. You wouldn’t want this to happen when there are expensive gadgets on top, right?

The caddy can accommodate towels and accessories on the left, plus a glass of wine. The central section is slotted with a wider region for your gadget. We have two smaller and even sections on the right: one for regular soap and the other for a large, round candle.

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