3 of the Best, Award-Winning Liqueurs of 2020

by iupilon

The best liqueurs of the world are judged annually by the World Liqueur Awards. The following are this year’s winners:

Best Chocolate Liqueur

The winner: Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is a mint chocolate cream liqueur from Ireland. This liqueur provides a powerful blend of chocolate and mint through its aromas, pleasing both the nose and the palate. It is warm and complex, and the mint is just right. It gives off the power of chocolate ice cream, and the texture is equally smooth and promising.

Best Coffee Flavored Liqueur

Also, the winner of Best Brazilian Coffee: Café Licor Crème

A liqueur is only as good as the flavors it represents. Café Licor Crème has incredible precision and complexity with its flavor profile. You will find nuts, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee in one swirl, and all you will think of is the ideal coffee ganache in the world, with tons of chocolate swirled in.

Best Anise Liqueur

The winner: Antica Sambuca

Judges say that the first note that will hit you is the classic premiere Sambuca before the anise’s expected sweetness comes to the fore. The clarity of Antica Sambuca complements the beauty and simplicity of the flavor profile. The anise is transformed into a confectionary as it is masterfully blended into the smoothest of textures as you drink Antica Sambuca.

BONUS: Best Aperitif

The winner: Arrange Banane

The humble banana is definitely a crowd-pleaser on its own, can be elevated strongly in this manner? You will find honey and banana combined pleasingly, minus the fruity sweetness that not everyone appreciation. The flavor profile is highly balanced, and there is just the right amount of natural sweetness, spice, and vanilla in the mixture. The flavor profile is undeniably rich but balanced, and so it is the best in its category.

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