3 Best Rugs for Rabbits

by iupilon

Consider the following before deciding whether to keep your beloved bunnies indoors or not:

  • Is there enough room in your house?
  • What will you do with their living quarters?
  • How long will they be able to enjoy the great outdoors?
  • Is it possible for you to provide a nutritious diet for your pet?

You’ll need to think about where your rabbits will spend most of their time before you can begin. If they’re afraid, they should be able to hide in here and eat, sleep, or do whatever they want. There should be enough space for a pair of bunnies to run around if they live in a house at least 10’x 6’x3′. It is best to use non-slip flooring to keep your rabbits from slipping and falling when they are running around.

A large pen or a fence within a large room are both viable alternatives to giving your rabbits free reign of the house or an entire room. You must provide your rabbits with adequate shelter, as well as food and water, a litter tray, and a digging tray. Don’t forget to stock up on toys and secret hiding spots! Even rabbit toys can be made at home.

You should take precautions to prevent your bunnies from chewing on any cables or wires, as this could lead to electrocution or even a fire. There are various ways to keep your rabbits from getting into cables, such as using unique boards or tubing.

In addition, because bunnies like to nibble on houseplants, you’ll want to make sure that none of your houseplants are poisonous to rabbits. In addition, keep household cleaners, sprays, and medicines out of the way. Keeping this fact in mind, bear in mind that rabbits can jump extraordinarily high and squeeze through tiny spaces. Furniture climbing is another favorite pastime for some. When putting things “out of reach,” keep this in mind.

The house should also be littered with rabbit-friendly chew toys. However, keep in mind that a rabbit’s instinct is to chew, so furniture, skirting boards, and door frames that it has access to will almost certainly be chewed. Keeping your rabbits in areas where they cannot access these items unattended and using plastic guards to secure the site is the best solution if this is a problem. Rabbits aren’t the best pets if you can’t do that and still give them enough room.

What Rugs Are Safe for Rabbits?

Your bunny’s pen or enclosure floor should be made of suitable material. Damage to expensive wooden floors and carpeting can be costly – you have been forewarned!

In addition, it must be simple to clean around the litter box. In some cases, a floor covering can make play more enjoyable for bunnies who find it difficult to move and binky around without fear of slipping on hard surfaces.

In some cases, it’s also critical to protect cold hard surfaces. There are many options available to bunny owners when it comes to choosing a floor for their furry friend.

Since hard surfaces are generally bad for rabbits, you must know how to select the right carpeting. On slippery surfaces, rabbits are at risk of serious injury. Therefore, washable and non-slip features are requirements for all floor coverings. Carpet samples, throw rugs, seagrass, and towels are safe choices for rabbits if they don’t chew too much on them.

Check out three of our best selections for floor coverings for indoor rabbits below!

Eanpet Braided Cotton Area Rug

The Eanpet braided cotton area rug is optimal for homes with indoor rabbits for several reasons. The first factor here is that it’s made from cotton. Cotton and wool are two of the safest materials for rabbits since they’re not precisely pets you can tell off from chewing. All you can indeed do as a rabbit owner is to make sure that the rabbit’s environment is not too risky for their natural tendencies.

The second reason why this rug is ideal for bunnies is the weave the manufacturer employed. Tightly woven natural rugs are best for rabbits because the fibers will naturally resist the rabbit’s inquisitive incisors. Yes, rabbits are stopped by tight weaves. It’s not magic; it’s just their teeth are not designed to cut through fibers that are too dense to begin with. Their teeth make quick work of hay, but hay isn’t precisely the most rigid fiber around, especially if they’re given fresh to the bunnies.

While this Eanpet rug is classified as a bathroom runner rug, it can be used optimally for rabbit enclosures because it was designed. This rug comes in three sizes: 4’x6′, 2’x’6′ and 2’x’3. Select the right size for your rabbit’s enclosure. {lace rugs around other areas where your rabbits hang around to play. For example, if you bring your rabbit/s to the bedroom, it’s a good idea to dedicate a spot to the rabbit there, too.

  • Natural and lightweight floor carpet mats made of machine-woven cotton. It’s both comfortable and long-lasting. Water is absorbed quickly.
  • It’s an excellent option for use in different parts of the house, from entryways to bedrooms. You can also use it as a comforter on your chair. Rugs like this one are ideal for areas with the highest levels of foot traffic because of their low-pile profile and high-density weave.
  • This is a reversible rug comprised of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. It has machine-woven tassels and is block-printed.

Chardin Fully Reversible Cotton Rug

If you are hunting for more than an errant rabbit, but for a rug that looks luxurious without breaking your wallet, we highly recommend the Chardin reversible cotton rug. Again, this rug is rabbit perfect because it is manufactured from cotton. You can’t go wrong with cotton, especially if what is at stake is a rabbit that wants to eat the rug instead of sleep on it. These unique rabbit problems aside, it’s excellent to note that this rug costs less than $20 and comes in seven colors. It’s not as big as the other runners and area rugs, but it’s still a rug, and why would you need a carpet as big as a room when your rabbit is barely more significant than your hand?

Rabbit owners looking for something more practical and easier on the eyes will love this Chardin rug. This rug is made with 100% cotton chenille. In French, the name of this fabric translates to “caterpillar.” Cotton chenille is commonly used in various essential home items, from upholstery, carpeting, pillows, beddings, sweaters, and even entire blankets.

  • This rug is imported and styled in the USA.
  • A small amount of variation in size is possible due to the handwoven nature of the garment.
  • Add color to any room or area of your home. You can use this rug as a picnic blanket (easy to fold and carry), a meditation mat, or as a layer under coir doormats, it’s a versatile product.
  • It can also be used as padding for your chair. Made with high density and low pile, this modern rug is perfect for high traffic areas because it reduces foot fatigue.
  • Yes, it feels soft and pleasant when rubbed against it. It has a relatively thick and long-lasting design. Fibers of pure cotton and a light floor carpet mat. Protects your floors from moisture and stains with quick water absorption.
  • Handwoven from long-staple cotton yarns, it features a striking two-color diamond weave pattern. Twice as much life from each side. To avoid slipping, a rug pad should be used.
  • Machine-wash in cold water and use only the lowest cycle. Do not use bleach. Do not leave the tub in the water for an extended period. When washing, avoid using a brush. Instead, line dry or tumble dry on a low setting. Hand washing is also an option.
  • There isn’t a style, wall color, or decor that this pattern won’t work with. Your home’s style and decor will be perfectly complemented by these rugs, which come in a wide range of contemporary modern, rustic farmhouse, and even artisanal bohemian designs.

DII Reversible & Washable Woven Rug

And finally, we have the DII reversible woven rug that looks as rustic as can be. This is the primary edge of this tightly woven rug, and it’s a good pick if you already have a rustic aesthetic going for you at home. The weave style and pattern are beautiful, and you won’t have to worry about the rug clashing with anything in your décor or motif because its color is neutral. And did we mention that it looks very chic, too?

  • This rug is crafted entirely from repurposed materials
  • Use anywhere in your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the entryway. Of course, you can use several of these rugs in your rabbit’s enclosure, too!
  • Rug pads are recommended to prevent any color transfer and to prevent slipping. In addition, rug pads or inlays will prolong the life of many rugs and carpets, not just this one.

The main picture is from Amazon – DII Store. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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