5 Best Pillows for 2022

by iupilon

Whether you are an avowed back-sleeper or stomach-sleeper, there is a perfect pillow for your needs. Finding and using the right pillow can have an immense impact on your quality of sleep.  Pillows provide support not just for the head and neck, but also the upper back. This is our rundown of the best pillows on Amazon today.

Bluewave Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam

This one of the best pillows for back sleepers for several reasons. We love the fact that the manufacturer has chosen a gel material for creating this pillow. Gel pillows are naturally soft but still provide the right amount of cranial support while sleeping. 

The lack of support of the neck is usually a massive problem for back sleepers because their heads usually end up sinking too much when trying to get into a comfortable position.

The Bluewave Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam is made from polyester (60%), rayon (40%), and the materials are derived primarily from bamboo, which makes this pillow very good for the environment. The primary materials were then infused with cooling gel particles that help disperse heat while you sleep. This is called ergonomic ventilation, and it is best for people who have trouble sleeping through the night because of the sweat.

Fit Plus Bed Wedge Anti-Snore Pillow

The Fit Plus Bed Wedge is another type of memory foam like the previous product; only this time, the form factor is radically different. Instead of the usual rectangular form factor, the manufacturer has created a near-perfect wedge that is comfortable to sleep on and strategic for aiding people who have acid reflux and snoring issues.

This pillow is manufactured from the highest grade of polyurethane. It is best for people who also have allergy issues because it doesn’t crumble and turn to dust, unlike other kinds of cheaper memory foams.

The wedge is designed to accommodate the shoulders’ full shape and weight and promote a better sleeping position for the entire body. Repositioning is often a problem for people when they’re sleeping – this memory foam takes care of the problem for you by taking control of the upper back and shoulders. This pillow can help prevent orthopedic issues associated with the neck and shoulders, too.

Mkicesky Contour Memory Foam Anti-Snoring Pillow

The Mikcesky Contour Memory Foam is an advanced anti-snoring pillow adapted to the user’s preferred sleeping position. It can be used by back-sleepers, stomach-sleepers, and side-sleepers as well.

The ergonomic design creates sufficient space for the head so the head will be still and comfortable during sleep and is also designed to arrest cervical issues and reduce neck pain. Sleeping on your side has also been known to reduce snoring, which makes this pillow an excellent anti-snoring pillow. If regular pillows or wedge pillows have not been successful in defeating your snoring problems, then you may want to use a pillow that has therapeutic effects.

The strong point of this pillow is that it has a low rebound, which means it will gently accommodate the weight of your head and neck when you turn while sleeping. If you have been having some neck pain, it’s best to use a pillow designed to work on neck pain.

The memory foam will reshape itself to give you the best support during sleep. It helps with snoring because it has a cervical contour design that helps support the neck’s curvature. This results in being able to breathe more easily. Hopefully, this reduces your snoring as your body adapts to the new pillow.

Elviros Memory Foam and Contour Pillow

The Elviros Memory Foam and Contour Pillow have a slightly different design than the previous product we reviewed. The first region of the pillow is elevated to guide the head to the center of the cavity.

The elevated region of the pillow is also designed to catch the person’s arms when he/she is sleeping on his/her stomach. The pillow also has a more massive depression in the middle to accommodate different sleeping positions and improve the comfort of the sleeper when the cheeks are pressed against the pillow.

This pillow is aptly classified as an orthopedic sleeping pillow for cervical support. If you have been struggling with some neck pain and would like a simple pillow that can serve as adequate support when you feel like sleeping on your stomach, try the Elviros Memory Foam, and Contour Pillow can be the best pillow for stomach sleepers, too.

HOKEKI Ergonomic, Cervical Stomach Sleeper Pillow

The HOKEKI ergonomic pillow is a throwback to the more classic-looking pillows we all grew up with. Of particular importance are the almost egg-shaped form factor and the sturdy base that eventually curls up into two lanes, with a middle lane for the neck and face.

The pillow’s split design is designed to provide adequate support to the top of the head and the neck while sleeping. This pillow is excellent for people who struggle to breathe properly when sleeping on their stomachs. The lack of support on the neck usually causes pain upon waking up, and the stiffness can remain with you the entire day.


The best way to select a pillow is by determining your dominant sleeping position throughout the night. Many people are by default back sleepers, but this does not hold for other kinds of peoples.

If you wake up on your stomach on most days, you can’t be a back sleeper. If you like stomach-sleeping, then your cervical area and lower back need additional support because sleeping on the stomach has been known to cause a C-curvature of the spine. Prolonged curvature can cause lower back pain and neck pain that can eventually cause problems with your posture.

Again, it is fine to change your position while sleeping, but if you know your dominant sleeping position, you should be able to provide the right support to the right points on your body.

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