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15 Small Kitchen Tips That Conquer 3 of the Most Common Small Kitchen Design Issues

by iupilon

Are you frustrated by the size of your small kitchen? Is the lack of counter space or clutter putting a damper on your cooking inspiration? It’s time to look at your small kitchen in a new way. There’s a common saying that “bigger is better.” Well, this doesn’t have to apply to your kitchen. In fact, “organized is better” should be your small-kitchen mantra. And that’s because a small kitchen, when well organized, is a more efficient cooking space than a large kitchen.

Here are three of the top small-kitchen problems accompanied by small kitchen design tips that can fix the issues in a snap:

Minor kitchen design issue 1: No counter space

How can you possibly cook when there’s nowhere to place your chopping board? If your kitchen counter space is limited and the appliances have taken over this precious real estate, it’s time to do an edit.

Small-kitchen tips that clear your counters:

  • Store or sell appliances you don’t use daily.
  • Add a butcher-block cart for extra counter space. Choose a small one that can easily roll out of the way when not needed.
  • Add an appliance cart or shelf to store appliances.
  • Hang a heavy-duty shelf to hold your microwave.
  • Maximize your kitchen cabinets with silverware caddies and compartments so they can store more.
  • Use a wall-mount paper towel holder.

Small kitchen design issue 2: Clutter

Clutter often happens when there’s not enough storage. But before you start finding new storage ideas, declutter first. It’s time to go through every drawer and kitchen cabinet ruthlessly. Throw away or donate food, spices, and gadgets you haven’t used in the last year. Doing so will free up some space.

Small kitchen tips for conquering clutter:

  • Hang an attractive pot rack for bulky pots and pans.
  • Use a magnetic, wall-mounted strip to hang knives and metal utensils along with the backsplash or wall.
  • A rotating caddy is an excellent way to organize all your spices.
  • Mount baskets to the interior doors of your cabinets for small-item storage.

Small kitchen design issue 3: The kitchen feels small and dark

When a kitchen is dark and dingy, it naturally feels smaller. Outdated lighting, colored cabinets, and lack of windows just add to the depressing effect. But luckily, there are quick fixes to brighten up your kitchen.

Small kitchen tips that brighten and enlarge the room:

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with modern, energy-efficient versions. They’re often sold in different color temperatures. Look for ones that simulate daylight.
  • Add reflective surfaces where you can. A mirror or mirrored backsplash will make your kitchen look more prominent.
  • Add LED, battery-operated lights in dark nooks and crannies, inside cabinets, and under the shelves. These light strips are effective at lighting up counters and dark spots. They often come with peel and stick adhesive to make mounting them quick and easy.
  • Change out fluorescent light fixtures for the latest, energy-efficient LED versions.
  • Paint walls or cabinets in lighter colors.

You’ll be amazed when you see how these simple, small kitchen tips can make such a difference. Once your small kitchen is a masterpiece, don’t forget to keep it beautiful and organized by editing and clearing the clutter regularly.

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