When Is Cantaloupe in Season: How to Pick the Sweet Ones?

by iupilon

When Is Cantaloupe in Season?

Cantaloupe is one of the best-known summer fruits globally, and both kids and adults love it. But when is cantaloupe season?

Muskmelons (cantaloupe) are in the mid-October season if you live in a country with a warm climate. Muskmelons and watermelons are related to the squash, though they differ because they’re very sweet and juicy. Keep in mind that there are European cantaloupes and US cantaloupes. The ones that we have in the US are usually rare in Europe, so if you’re going to shop for cantaloupes there, it’d be best to ask the locals what their local version of the cantaloupe is you can adjust your expectations.

But how do you pick the best cantaloupes? You can rely on your sight and smell to pick the best ones from a bunch. Bring the cantaloupe close to your nose. Does it smell sweet? If so, is it also slightly musky? If both smells are present, then there’s a good chance that your cantaloupe is already ripe for picking. Ripe cantaloupes are also heavier than they appear. This means there is plenty of fluid and meat inside, so they’re truly ready for picking. Sometimes, cantaloupes are harvested earlier, so they don’t rot in supermarkets, so expect to find cantaloupes in different stages of ripeness when you shop for them.

If you end up with cantaloupes that are days away from being ripe, place them in a cool, dark place at home for about two days. Check periodically for ripeness. Once the major signs of ripeness are present, you can go ahead and cut them into wedges. Cut cantaloupes will stay fresh for a couple more days in the refrigerator.

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