What Part of Green Onion Do You Use?

by iupilon

What part of green onion do you use?

In most of the recipes you will encounter, the most valuable part of the green onion would be the pale area just above the bulb or root, all the way to the green areas (including the tip!). The darker leaves are perfect for garnishing just about anything, so be sure to maximize your use of green onions. Almost nothing is wasted, and when the root area is tender, many regions even use the roots!

Green onions are also tender enough that they don’t need any real cooking, unlike large onions. Green onions can be incredibly crisp and sweet when used as a garnish in soups and stews, and you can never go wrong with them. If you don’t have chives, you can always use green onions instead. Scallions are no exception – if you don’t have scallions, reach for your green onions, and you will get the same results. Whether cooked or not, they’re excellent and bursting with flavor.

How to chop green onions?

Chopping green onions is one of the easiest vegetables to chop. Hold the green onion at the white region (lower part of the green onion) and bring down the knife. Follow through by moving a few millimeters toward your hand and repeat. Repeat until you have to adjust your hand. Keep chopping until you reach the tip of the green onion.

Some people chop several bundles of green onions at a time. For example, street food sellers in South Korea use plenty of green onions in their bread recipes. They use a ton of green onions each time. They’ve grown so accustomed to chopping green onions that the knives virtually chop independently of the handler.

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