What Are The Popular Kitchen Colors for 2020?

by iupilon

If you are interested in kitchen paint colors in 2020, we’ve got a treat for you. We’re going to talk about not just color, but the big trends that kitchen design experts have observed this year. You can get new kitchen color ideas here, as well as the top kitchen color trends 2020.

The newest kitchen trends 2020 will help you decide what your kitchen should look like, so it becomes both vibrant and timeless. Remember: in terms of resale value, the kitchen brings home the bacon, each time. So if you want to have that massive advantage when the time comes that you want to sell your home, pay close attention to how the experts do it, and you will reap the benefits later on.

Kitchen Color Trends 2020

The Truth About White on White

The pristine white kitchen has been hugely popular for decades now, but kitchen design experts believe that “white on white” is nearing its end. The reason for this is that people are now more experimental with color, and they are no longer afraid to fan out to other colors to express their personal preferences. Before, the immaculate white kitchen had always been the favorite because many famous TV personalities championed it.

White meant the kitchen was clean, and it was great to prepare food in a clean kitchen.

However, we all know now that a kitchen can be of any color and still are dirty because the color of the walls has nothing to do with whether or not the owner of the kitchen knows how to disinfect his sink.

If you want to use white, kitchen design experts recommend using warmer colors to balance it out. For example, you can add plenty of wooden hardware to make the scene warmer. There should be no stops in experimentation, and as long as it looks good, your choice of colors is alright.

The Age of Marble

Pure and pristine, marble has the distinction of being a material that is consistently in use regardless of the time and country. It’s been used by the ancient Greeks, the Romans, and now, it is experiencing a renaissance of its own in modern kitchens around the world. Marble countertops and sinks are the order of the day, with a focus on white and textured marble. Paonazzo marble in the United Kingdom is an ideal example of marble used well in a kitchen. It is timeless, stylish, and tempers the glare of pure white well with marble’s natural brown hues.

Warm and Wooden

The ash, brown, and yellow tones of wood are making a comeback this year as well. Accomplished through selective cabinetry and smooth paneling on the walls, you can make your kitchen beautifully warm at a fraction of the cost if you are avoiding overspending on marble.

What’s more, is you can combine different kinds of elements in a wooden-backed kitchen and still get good results. For instance, if you love black stainless steel faucets and sinks, that will blend well easily with wooden panels.

The Black Domain

Black has always been the most misunderstood color. Can you make a beautiful kitchen with black walls and accents? You definitely can. A black-themed kitchen is luxurious and inviting, and is a nice respite from the stresses of the outside.

It also is quite contemplative and almost recaptures the glam feel of the 1930s. What’s more, it is quite easy to make a black kitchen more rustic and warm with the addition of cabinetry and accessories. It doesn’t have to be all black, and the black only sets the tone for the entire composition.

Pop Colors

The pop color themes that began in the 1970s have made its way to modern kitchens, and it is now possible to re-theme your kitchen with bright and vivid colors: blues, oranges, greens, whites, and the like.

In addition to making your kitchen positively joyful, the pop color theme widens the space visually and makes the kitchen a focal point of the home. Kitchen décor and art can make your kitchen even more attractive, and matching tables and chairs complete the look. This is one kitchen makeover that you will love enjoying again and again.

Elegant Double Islands

Having two counters works best when you combine white a darker color, like blue or black. For those who love simplicity and minimalist, go for the easy choice of pairing two colors and boosting the scene with elegant cabinetry and kitchen accessories.

The Warmth of Walnut

We all love the warm, almost embracing the color of walnut because it possesses all of the positive attributes of an ideal wooden finish. Floor to ceiling setups that pay homage to the classic walnut color is best paired with cabinetry that features complementary hues. Overdoing, it might not be the best approach, but the majority of the kitchen does have to feature walnut.

Golden Kitchen?

Gold is timeless and elegant and has the sophistication to take anyone’s breath away. Gold trim and golden accessories that are matched with pristine white are fantastic in any kitchen. Also, the light colors increase the spatial dimensions of the kitchen and make it look bigger than it is.

The Era of Large Larders

Larders are large cabinets that store preserves and other kitchen accessories. They’re typically floor to ceiling so you can use them to set an effective accent in the kitchen. Whether you want dark blue or walnut, putting at least one in your kitchen can have a huge impact on the color scheme of the space. Use this strategically, and you are bound to arrive at an arrangement that looks like a million dollars.

Rustic Kitchen Tiles

Handmade kitchen tiles are naturally textured, and in terms of uniformity, they’d rather be beautiful than be uniform. If you are tired of clean lines and bright colors, the dark brown hues of handmade tiles are probably perfect for you.


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