3 Best Carpets for Game Room

by iupilon

Next to the bedroom and living room, people create the most loving memories best in the game room. Apart from sleek furniture and other essential items that make a room a game room (like a pool table), the carpeting also contributes a lot to the atmosphere of a game room, making people more comfortable and engaged at the same time.

If your game room seems to be missing something floor-wise, it is possible that you need some area rugs to spice up the layout. The layout of a room is just as important as the furniture placement, and area rugs help delineate the various sections of the game room, enhancing its functionality.

We present to you three game room rugs that would be perfect for different types of game rooms, each with unique traits that would make your game rooms more awesome.

KC Cubs Playtime Collection Game Area Rug

This game area rug takes the bacon for the most creative use of iconic playtime images, coupled with a rocking space theme that the young and young at heart would appreciate. In addition, the rug’s manufacturer ensured that every square inch of the area rug would be fun to see and educational.

They made this rug a make-believe space so that kids would have fun with their imagined adventures—what a way to keep kids away from electronics and engaged more in actual play. The rug is complete with rockets, planets, the Moon, astronauts, and even a UFO.

If the space theme is your favorite, there is no reason not to get this rug.

The rug is certified for surface flammability, and it has a solid rubber backing that prevents the game area rug from slipping too much, even when there is active play.

This is important for game rooms with small kids as we don’t want any accidents when the little ones are having fun.

The rug measures 8’ x 10’, just the perfect size for preschoolers or preschool game rooms. Get two or more, and you get to transform the space into something even more incredible as the images cover the play area more comprehensively.

Again, we love this rug because:

  • Your child will love learning about the planets and looking at the art repeatedly. As full-grown adults, even we can’t look away at the gorgeous rug art.
  • Your child would be able to unlock the mysteries of the universe (sort of) and have fun in the process.
  • The rug is certified for surface flammability, making it a safer choice than other types of carpets.
  • The manufacturer guarantees its durability and long life.

AMDREBIO Furry Area Rug

Expansive and breathtaking – these two things jump off our minds when we take a look at the AMDREBIO furry area rug. And when the manufacturer says that it is hairy, we would like to reiterate that it is very fuzzy. This is probably the furriest area rug we have seen in a while that has been woven to this quality, and it truly deserves a place in today’s rundown of the best area rugs for game rooms. The manufacturer promises the best, fluffiest experience to customers, and you don’t have to worry about this massive rug slipping because it has a thick rubber backing.

Customers who have purchased this rug say that it is exceptionally soft. The softness comes from the pile, which has a height of 1.7”. Considering that average area rugs have only 1/3”, this pile height is pretty insane for an area rug. So get ready to walk on clouds in your game room because this rug will likely become your second bed.

Apart from the extreme pile height, which is commendable since this isn’t precisely a shag rug, we love the fact that it’s very comforting and warm, too. Some people like sleeping with furry stuff, and that is entirely understandable. If you’re the type who loves furry things too, and you need constant comfort, we recommend getting this for your game room. We’re sure that the kids will love it, too.

Now, for those wondering how you are going to clean this rug in the world, the manufacturer has a few simple instructions. They recommend regularly vacuuming the carpet because of its pile height (completely understandable), and when the going gets tough, do not try to throw it in the washing machine. Laundering this furry thing requires patience and handwashing. When it’s time to dry the rug, hang it up like a big, fluffy bear. That’s the way of the Rug Jedi.

Merelax Shaggy Rug

And finally, we arrive at the Shaggy Rug. This rug is what you need if you’re an adult, and you want your man cave-slash-game room to have manly things. There’s nothing wrong with having a masculine rug in your game room. This light gray rug has all the makings of an excellent game night with friends or your girl (or boy). What’s important is you have the space to stretch it out because the biggest one measures 6’ x 9’. There are five size variations, with 2’ x 3’ being the smallest. We’re guessing they want you to splash your entire home with the same shag rug; who knows?

The Merelax Shaggy Rug also comes in sixteen colors, from the darkest to the brightest neon ones. The yellow one hurts our eyes; it’s so brilliant. It’s like the sun. So if you want a rug (of all things) to brighten your dark man cave-slash-game room, you’re going to like the yellow one because it looks like the sun spewed a spot, and it landed on the carpet. Perfect for brightening dark rooms.

This area rug provides additional insulation, so you won’t have to deal with super cold flooring anymore. And if it’s that time of the year and everything is already hard the moment you wake up, you probably will not want to step off the Merelax Shaggy Rug anymore.

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