Traditional Cutting Board vs Smart Cutting Board?

by iupilon

People already imagined what a smart kitchen of the future looked like at the beginning of the 21st century. People thought that there would come a time when your kitchen would technically be more stylish than mother or father, and it will run itself, creating tasty meals and cleaning up after itself, too.

Well, we haven’t reached this pinnacle yet, but we believe that we are getting close. The presence of a commercially available smart cutting board gives everyone a pause. A cutting board that’s intelligently built? How is that possible?

A Smarter Way to Prepare Food in the Kitchen?

Well, it is here, and those responsible for the Chopbox cutting board are getting pretty good mileage for all their innovations that they introduced in their highly technical product that looks like a traditional chopping board, but is a smart gadget designed to provide more support for the home cook or culinary expert in the kitchen.

As of this writing, The Yes Company has already amassed popular support for their 2-in-1 Chopbox cutting board, and there seem to be no signs of slowing down. Their claim to fame is that their cutting board can kill germs and weigh your food at the same time. The manufacturer also states that they follow sustainable practices, and they use replaceable parts in the Chopbox cutting board. Of course, if you are anything like us who love gadgets, the first thing on our minds is actually, “where can we get parts when this thing breaks down?”

Smart gadgets like the Chopbox cutting board can bring a plethora of new experiences into your kitchen. The way we see it, it is geared toward “smart cooking” or saving more time while you are preparing meals.

They probably thought of meal preparation pragmatically, and they also probably thought that the number one issue that modern home cooks have is not having enough time each day or night to do everything necessary to make good food.

They put in a reasonable amount of thinking into the design, which we can appreciate. The Chopbox cutting board is made from sustainable raw material, has a digital weighing scale built into, has grooves for catching runoff while preparing the ingredients, and even has a built-in knife sharpener. While not everything about the Chopbox cutting board is “smart” in the sense that it is governed wholly by electronics, we can say that it is “smart enough,” considering many of us are only used to traditional kitchenware.

Rethinking Traditional Kitchenware  

If you think about the motto that goes “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” it can apply to the kitchen. While there is space for innovation with smart gadgets, it is also fair to say that people who would like to stick to more traditional implements should be allowed to do so without judgment.

And then there are products like The Ultimate Cutting Board that takes everything you knew about cutting boards and combined it with other activities that we do when we are busy preparing sumptuous meals at home. The Ultimate Cutting Board is traditional as a Japanese sword, yet modern like museum architecture in New York. Created by Michael Motamedi and channeled through Kickstarter, this cutting board elevates everything to the point that you will ask yourself – is this a cutting board or not?

The list of features is enough to make anyone swoon with the attention to detail.   The chopping board is made from superior maple wood, which would ensure long life and durability. It has also been designed to be an “all-in-one” prepping station.

So basically, it is a prepping station with a cutting board on top. It has a detachable serving platter, a mandolin slicer, a cheese grater, a removable manual juicer (the type where you push and twist the half of the fruit against the metal), measuring cups, a storage space for knives, and a disposal drawer (for scraps and peels).

The manufacturer also says that the whole thing is easy to clean and stow away for future use. Strong magnets connect the different sections that can be pulled apart, so they stay onto the main body or frame of The Ultimate Cutting Board when they need to, and with just enough pull, they can be separated. We think this is a convenient and efficient take on a prepping board that people should try if they have trouble getting organized in their kitchen.


If you put the two types of high-quality cutting boards side by side, you will probably notice that they bring the best of either world. The Chopbox cutting board is a significant improvement on an old concept, and it has electronics helping the user along.

The chopping board can run for 30 days, and you can just charge the chopping board so you can use the digital weighing scale and other digital functions again. The Ultimate Cutting Board, on the other hand, is like taking your traditional cutting board and putting it on steroids.

They pumped up the design so much that it looks like a highly muscled chopping board that is about to stomp your kitchen storage and food prepping troubles away. Either way, you can’t go wrong with these two because they’re both perfect with what they are supposed to do in your kitchen.

We think that, for the most part, some people are afraid of things like smart gadgets because they don’t know what to expect from these products. We say: try them once, maybe on a smaller scale, and you cannot go wrong with your decisions.

So whether you go smart gadget or traditional kitchenware, you will likely get perfect results. Enjoy the process and make your cooking even better with upgraded tools like knives and better-functioning chopping boards that are ultra-durable.

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