The 3 Best Backsplashes for Kitchen with Dark Cabinets

by iupilon

Tile backsplashes are making a comeback this year, with the pandemic still happening in many parts of the world and many people getting into the grove of home DIY improvements. If you have been giving your kitchen the stink eye for the longest time because the walls don’t match the flooring or the dark cabinets you happen to have, now is the perfect opportunity to rethink and redesign your space.

You might be thinking ahead. It is the kitchen, so things are bound to get rough for your financially, suitable? That’s where you’re wrong. Because with modern kitchen backsplashes, you’re not going to suffer from a burned bank account. Change how your kitchen looks ultimately – in just a day or less  – with the proper expanse of new backsplashes because backsplashes are meant to make your life easier. There is a reason why backsplashes are designed beautifully and are generally easy to install.

We have searched high and low for three of the best backsplashes on Amazon for kitchens with dark cabinets. We know it is tough to match things with dark cabinets, especially if your kitchen has a motley assortment of wood, plastic, and stainless steel. Take back control of your kitchen’s aesthetics – do it with the right backsplash.

Time to make the right choice and change your kitchen’s look this year!

STICKGOO 10-Sheet White Subway Tiles Peel and Stick Backsplash


White Subway Tiles have a very classic look to them – immaculate and modern. It’s like a blank slate where you can draw your kitchen fantasies perfectly. There are various color choices, from flat white to grey grout, in different intensities. Study the colors carefully so you can match them with your kitchen’s interior perfectly.

Value for Money

This backsplash offers a good value for money because it will match virtually anything in your kitchen, including your dark cabinets. The manufacturer also promises 50% more thickness and 40% more surface area covered than similar products.

Tastes differ, but we recommend getting something warmer and darker, so there is no high contrast between the dark cabinetry and the new backsplash. Other than that, you won’t have to worry about the installation, either. Give your kitchen a good survey first before buying a new backsplash, so you get the color right the first time. In any case, it would be easy to remove the backsplash if you don’t like the color.

Ease of Use

You can install White Subway Tiles in literally four steps. First, clean and level the portion of the wall that needs to be modified. Measure the area and find out how much of the White Subway Tiles you need. Cut and install the pieces, and make sure that each tile interlocks for a seamless and natural look.

Customer Verdict

The majority of customer reviews indicate that the buyers are delighted. People particularly liked how easy it was to install and the final look.

Get White Subway Tiles if you prefer a classic and clean look above anything else.

Art3d 10-Sheet Peel and Stick Backsplash


The Art3d 10-sheet peel and stick backsplash has all the makings of a crowd favorite. In our opinion, the best facet of this backsplash will always be the highly detailed grey marble design that looks so real your kitchen will look majestic in no time.

Marble complements anything, so your dark cabinetry will pop once you have installed this backsplash. While it doesn’t offer a rustic feel, it does make your kitchen look like a million bucks.

Value for Money

If you are concerned about your new backsplash just melting because it is made of synthetic material, don’t. Art3d is a leading manufacturer, and they’ve made it a point to make their grey marble backsplash resistant to heat, so it stays beautiful even if you put it directly behind your induction stove or gas range.

The heat will not cause the color to fade or deteriorate. Furthermore, this backsplash can also be used conveniently in the bathroom if you want to do some redecoration there, too. It offers a good return for your investment.

Ease of Use

Take note that you cannot use this Art3d backsplash on porous and rough surfaces like wood. The backsplash needs a shiny and super clean surface like tiles. If you are installing on a repainted wall, the manufacturer recommends using an adhesive spray first.

Customer Verdict

As predicted, some people installed the Art3d backsplash on painted walls of questionable condition—the ones who saw their backsplashes peel away and saw some discolorations on the wall afterward. The majority of customers, however, are happy with the results.

Get the Art3d 10-Sheet peel and stick backsplash if you want your kitchen to have an effortless splash of luxury, with the look of expensive marble.

Art3d Peel and Stick Wall Tile for Kitchen Backsplash


Art3d has achieved a great backsplash here with a very modern and chic feel that is a throwback to the nostalgic sixties, where brick walls defined streets and hang-outs. The backsplash features a good balance of whites, blacks, and grays, suitable for kitchens with dark appliances and dark cabinets.

Value for Money

Considering that the backsplash looks like a painting done right, we 100% agree that it should be on your kitchen walls right now. It might not look that fitting for bathrooms, though, as it does not have a super smooth visual quality.

Ease of Use

As with all Art3d backsplashes, you have to make sure that the installation surface is super clean and free of contaminants. Failing to do so will ruin the backsplash.

Customer Verdict

Customers who succeeded in installing this backsplash all say the same thing – buy some 3M surface adhesive first and apply that before the backsplash.

This backsplash is both modern and retro for us – and we recommend some experimentation with this, even just for the smaller kitchen areas before you expand.

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