Top 5 Epoxies for Toilet Tank Repair: Which One is the Best for You?

by iupilon

Toilet tank repair is a common issue that can be addressed with epoxies. However, with so many options in the market, it can be challenging to select the best one for your needs. In this article, we will review five popular epoxies for toilet tank repair that offer unique features and advantages.

One of our top recommendations is the J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Epoxy Putty Stick, which is easy to use and safe on a variety of surfaces, including potable water. Proper preparation and following instructions are essential for achieving success with this product.

In addition to the J-B Weld 8277, we will cover the Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix, Henkel 908570 2.7 oz Tub Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant, J-B Weld 50172 25 ml. MarineWeld Syringe, and Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the best epoxies for repairing your toilet tank, ensuring a successful and long-lasting repair.

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J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld Epoxy Putty Stick

  • Effective at sealing leaks and cracks in various materials, including PVC, copper, galvanized pipes, and cast iron.
  • Can be used underwater or on wet surfaces without running downhill before it cures.
  • Sets quickly, within a few minutes or hours, and dries hard.
  • Can be shaped and sanded for aesthetic purposes.
  • A little goes a long way, and it is affordable.
  • Comes in a convenient putty stick form and is easy to use.
  • Requires proper preparation of the surface before application, including cleaning with a degreaser and scuffing with sandpaper or a file.
  • Can be messy and sticky, and it may be difficult to remove from fingers.
  • May not work on some types of leaks, particularly those under pressure.
  • Does not always harden to the advertised color.
  • Can be unpredictable and may not work for all users or all situations.

With just 25 minutes of setting time and 1 hour of curing time, this epoxy stick can repair the toilet tank within a few hours. Besides the toilet tank, it is suitable for fuel tanks, swimming pools, potable water tanks, showers, pipes, and so on. It is safe even when it comes in contact with potable water.

The pressure handling capacity of 1300 psi and the capacity to handle 149̊C makes the epoxy reliable. It will not wipe out even when it comes in contact with chemicals, hydraulic fluids, and petroleum. The surfaces on which one can apply it include stainless steel, fiber, aluminum, bronze, PVC plastic, and so on.

The 2 part design of this epoxy stick makes it easy to use. The 4-step procedure, which involves prepping, mixing, applying, and drying, ensures no complex procedures are required.

Overall, the J-B Weld 8277 WaterWeld epoxy putty stick has both successful and unsuccessful uses, so it may not be suitable for every situation. Proper preparation, following instructions, and matching the product to the specific repair needed are essential for achieving success with this product.

Loctite Epoxy Five-Minute Instant Mix

  • Fills gaps and works well on a variety of materials
  • Doesn’t stick to fingers
  • Convenient dispenser
  • Bonds well and dries hard
  • Easy to clean up
  • Adheres well to certain materials
  • Syringe tubes can clog easily
  • Nozzles are one-time use only
  • Poor instructions
  • May take longer than 5 minutes to cure
  • Not effective in extreme temperatures
  • Single exit tip doesn’t ensure equal mixing
  • May not work well for certain materials
  • The tip may dry out quickly and the product may leak

This epoxy solution’s high-strength formula is why it is on this list. The high-strength formula suits wooden, metal, plastic, glass, and ceramic surfaces. One can sand it for proper finishing. Moreover, it is waterproof, and one can paint it as well. Thus, giving it a right look is not a problem.

This epoxy tube’s high adhesion power can fill gaps and bond surfaces. It doesn’t shrink when it comes in contact with most solvents.

The tube comes with a unique mixing nozzle. The advantage of this nozzle is that a uniform mixture of resin and hardener is extracted during application. That is why anyone can use this tube and apply the epoxy even without prior experience. The setting time of 5 minutes allows one to apply it right before using the toilet tank. The tough bond that it forms can last for years together. Apart from being resistant to water, it is also resistant to weather elements, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Overall, the Loctite epoxy five-minute instant mix has some positive aspects, but it’s important to be aware of the potential negatives before using it. Depending on the intended use, it may be helpful to test the glue on a small, inconspicuous area before attempting a larger repair project.

Henkel 908570 2.7 oz Tub Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

  • Creates a strong adhesion for a variety of projects
  • Works well in wet environments
  • Dries and cures relatively quickly
  • Cheaper than some other silicone sealants
  • Can be difficult to work with due to product flow from the tube
  • May not work as intended for some projects
  • The Dispenser nozzle may not securely attach and cause a mess
  • Must use the entire tube once opened
  • Some reviewers experienced issues with the tube or dispenser, or received a defective or incorrect product.

The problem with substandard epoxy tubes is that they peel or shrink after a while. In that case, the surfaces they hold together will separate, making them unreliable. However, with this epoxy tube, such problems won’t occur. It doesn’t peel, shrink, or crack months after application; it will retain its shape.

It works well with toilet tanks, door frames, windows, toys, and fireplace doors. Additionally, this epoxy works well with materials like fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and stainless steel. The reason is the silicone composition. Besides that, it dries clear, so there is no need to paint over it.

The waterproof design makes it aquarium safe. 45 minutes of setting time allow one to use that surface or object quickly. It can handle high temperatures and is impact-resistant. That is why commercial applications are possible. Besides being a sealant, it works as an adhesive medium, which makes it popular. Its application is simple without any learning curve.

Overall, if used correctly, the Henkel 908570 2.7 oz tub clear silicone waterproof sealant is a strong and effective adhesive that can save users money by avoiding the need to purchase new items or seek professional help. However, it may not be the best option for those with little experience using sealants or those who need to apply it in tight spaces.

J-B Weld 50172 25 ml. MarineWeld Syringe

  • Can be used on a variety of materials.
  • Can hold up to sheering capacity and withstand water pressure.
  • Can be sanded and painted after curing.
  • Easy to use and reasonably priced.
  • May not work well on certain materials or in certain applications.
  • May have a strong odor and be difficult to sand.
  • May not adhere well or may peel off.
  • May turn yellow or not match the color of the surface being repaired.

On searching for an epoxy tube, the options that crop up are usually versatile. However, only some of them are of marine-grade quality. This one, however, fulfills that requirement. It has a two-part adhesive and sealant, which is waterproof and UV resistant. It comes with a syringe to mix it in the required proportion of 1:1.

The waterproof nature makes it perfect for a toilet tank. Apart from that, it can handle a pressure of 2350 PSI. Consequently, it doesn’t crack after months of use. In terms of material, one can apply it to PVC, plastic, metal glass, wood, and even composite materials.

After 5 minutes of set time, the solution becomes UV resistant. It cures within 1 hour, after which one can sand it. The universal white color won’t pose a problem while applying it on any surface.

Overall, if you’re looking for a versatile product that can hold up to water pressure and shearing forces and can be sanded and painted after curing, J-B Weld 50172 25 ml. MarineWeld syringe may be a good choice. However, it’s important to consider the potential downsides as well, particularly if you’re working with a surface that needs to match a specific color or texture.

Gorilla 2 Part Epoxy

  • Bonds permanently and strongly when used according to instructions
  • Can be used on a variety of materials, including resin, plastic, wood, ceramics, glass, and metal
  • Can be reused if the syringe tube is kept capped between applications
  • Good for medium repairs or a lot of small ones in succession
  • Can be effective for joining figurine parts, repairing resin on a statue, and creating a plywood splint on a stone panel
  • Can produce a rock-hard result when instructions are carefully followed
  • Can be difficult to use and follow instructions properly
  • The syringe tube can dry out and cause leaks if not properly capped
  • Mixing tray and included stirring stick are not very useful for larger projects
  • Setting time can be longer than advertised, and may require outside support to keep parts joined while curing
  • Can be messy and difficult to control, and may not bond well to all types of plastic
  • Flash-freezes when mixing large amounts, making it difficult to work with
  • Can result in gummy residue and clouding when used to fill voids in certain materials, such as live edge slabs

The best part of this epoxy is its durability. The durable bond ensures that once the toilet tank is repaired, there is no need to apply it repeatedly. Solvent resistance is another advantage. Besides that, the gap-filling design ensures no leakage.

The clear-dry finish eliminates the need to paint over it. With the setting time of mere 6 minutes, the application is easy, and one can start using the toilet tank again.

The resin and hardener are packed in separate syringes for precise mixing. Regarding surface compatibility, the application is possible on automotive surfaces, aluminum, steel, plastic, and glass. The water-resistant design is another feature that makes it perfect for toilet tank repair. High bond strength means it can handle pressure of 3300 PSI.

Overall, we highly recommend Gorilla 2-part epoxy for any project that requires a strong, reliable bond. While the product may not be the easiest to use, it’s worth the extra effort to achieve the long-lasting hold that this adhesive provides. With Gorilla epoxy, you can trust that your repairs will last for years to come.

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