3 Best Speaker Wires for Under Carpet

by iupilon

There are times when cords and wires can’t be tucked away, at least for the time being. You’ve had enough of staring at it and struggling to figure out where and how to bury your speaker cable. There are several quick and low-cost choices available.

Most speaker wires are too thick to be used for under-carpet installation since they would be visible and felt beneath the carpet. One option is to use insulated copper ribbons to make a flat speaker cable.

Having a surround sound system in your home is a treat that most people look forward to. However, if your space is littered with speaker wire, it will look untidy. Additionally, these wires can present a tripping hazard to you and your household when cleaning.

Running speaker cable across a room comes in handy in many circumstances. With a home theater and surround speakers, this is commonplace. If you don’t hide the wires, you won’t focus on the system.

If you run these additional wires along the baseboards, your room will look a little weird. However, the other option will have you ripping your hair out, as punching walls to conceal wiring is nearly impossible in most situations.

Flat speaker cables may be needed for your center speakers, front speakers, or surround speakers. You can rest assured that the sound quality and connection won’t degrade and that your music will sound amazing no matter what.

Can You Hide Speaker Wire Under Carpet?

It’s not always easy to hide speaker cords in a way that doesn’t draw attention to them. This can be accomplished in various methods, some of which are better suited to your home’s layout than others.

  • The shortest path between the speakers will be installed, and the component wall should be chosen. Next, remove all furniture and other items from the carpet and place them well out of the way of the work area.
  • You’ll need a large plank of thick cardboard to hold the other end of your speaker cable. Remove long strips of carpet from the wall’s tack strip by slipping a flat pry bar into a slit in the cardboard that’s protecting it, and then pry it up off the wall.
  • Hammer all the tacks on a three-inched length of tack strip to avoid damaging the flat speaker wire by pulling back the carpet slightly. Afterward, proceed to the other end of the walkway and repeat the process.
  • Put the end of an under carpet fish tape against the bare floor in one of the carpet’s open edges beneath the rug and carpet padding. Then, slide the fish tape along the chosen trajectory to the entrance on the opposite wall. Tape back a few inches if the carpet padding begins to bunch up at any point along the trail.
  • The junction should be as unobtrusive as possible by overlapping six inches of flat speaker wire with the uncovered end of the fish tape and wrapping the connection with electrical tape.
  • Pull the flat wire under the carpet by gently pulling back on the fish tape. Slowly work the wire to prevent it from bulging or twisting. When you get to the end of the fish tape, you’ll see the flat wire sticking out from under the carpet as you continue tugging the fish tape.
  • The flat speaker wire should be untangled from the fish tape, and the fish tape should be left aside. Then, pull out enough speaker wire to attach the speakers in the back.
  • Stack the flat speaker wire over the tack strip’s bend. Concentrate on pressing down on the tack strip to secure the carpet. Repeat the process on the other side of the floor.
  • Reinstall the furniture in its original placements and reconnect the speaker wires to your electronics and rear speakers.

Monoprice Planate Series 16-Gauge AWG Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire

Audiophiles often have strong feelings about speaker cords. Some experimented with inexpensive and costly speaker wires, and they’re not convinced that spending a lot of money on speaker cables improves sound quality.

Monoprice Planate Series 16-Gauge AWG Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire is well-known for low-cost audio. However, the brand’s success can be attributed to the fact that they’re high-quality products that aren’t too pricey.

Additionally, this flat wire has cable markings under one of the wires. It is also possible to store the speaker wire in its flat jacket, making it more convenient.

In addition to the lifetime warranty, the Monoprice flat cables are a standout in the flat cable market. To make sure that everything is in phase, they incorporate cable markers.

The pure copper cables used to make these flat wires, rather than copper surfaced aluminum cables, ensure that they carry a strong signal and maintain their conductivity over time. Copper-clad aluminum conductors often used in affordable speaker wire are inferior to pure bare copper.

Instead of drilling holes or running wires through walls, flat speaker wire tape is your best bet if you’re looking for a permanent yet virtually undetectable solution. Unlike packaging tape, these wires look like ribbons and can be utilized similarly.

Monoprice 16 AWG Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire

The location of your speakers is critical if you want to get the most out of your entertainment system. A multi-room audio system will require a lot of wires to be run all over the place, so plan accordingly.

It’s easy to get hooked up in the discussion over the value of good cables among audiophiles and home theater communities. Undeniably, the Monoprice 16 AWG Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire can’t go wrong with home theater enthusiasts.

With the introduction of their groundbreaking flat speaker cable, Monoprice entered the hi-fi audio market. The Monoprice 16 AWG FEP extrusion, which changed both the aesthetic and performance of speaker cables, was pioneered by Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire.

This flat speaker wire is the ideal choice for high-performance amplifiers and bi-wired speakers in your audio and theater room systems. It is constructed similarly to Monoprice Planate Series but has twice as many conductors as the standard speaker wire.

Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire’s low impedance and resistance are partly due to the superior shape and materials, making installation beneath carpet seamless and straightforward. This Monoprice flat speaker wire may be put beneath the rug, under baseboards, and into walls without causing any sound degradation, and it can even be buried without any noticeable loss of good quality.

Throw rugs and carpet runners can conceal speaker wiring if they traverse an open floor area. In addition, rugs add character and interest to a room and reduce the risk of people stumbling over one.

FRANKEVER 16-Gauge Hidden Flat Speaker Wire

One of the most demanding components of setting up a home theater audio system is figuring out how to get the rear speakers on the other side of the room to work together. Finding a way to hide speaker wires beneath the floor is typical.

FRANKEVER 16-Gauge Hidden Flat Speaker Wire is the only speaker wire on our entirely flat list. This is not a standard round-wound cable like many of the others.

Using this flat speaker wire, you don’t have to drill holes in the walls or use fishing wire to create a clean speaker arrangement. The speaker wire is virtually undetectable thanks to this product’s ability to blend in with the wall.

Your stereo sound system’s surround sound features 16-gauge pure oxygen-free copper conductors. It is possible to utilize flat low voltage wire for electrical wiring up to 35V.

Although this product doesn’t call it “ghost wiring,” this is precisely what it is. Termination terminals are required for all FRANKEVER flat wires, including this one.

This product includes the adhesive to keep the speaker cable from dangling off the wall. However, because the adhesives are so strong, it won’t be easy to move them once it is in place.

The speaker’s cable already has glue on it. So once the tape is peeled back, stick it to the surface you like. Furthermore, the tape may be used with two- and four-conductor speaker cables, making it perfect for bi-amp speaker wires.

The main picture is from Amazon – Monoprice Store. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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