The Best Cooking Wine: Things You Must Know About Cooking Wines

by iupilon

What is the best cooking wine, ever? Should you use dry red wine for cooking? Let’s find out!

When Should I Use Red Cooking Wine?

Red cooking wine is your go-to for more savory recipes. If you need more body and a more intense wine flavor to go into your recipe, red cooking wine is a good call. Cooking wines allow you to save your more expensive wines at home if you want to drink them instead. Now, if you want to get specific with your red wine, take note:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon offers the fullest body of flavors. Use this red wine for braising different kinds of proteins, like ribs. Any leftover from the braising can be used as a glaze.
  • Pinot noir is lighter and is best used for stews.
  • The Merlot has a wonderful silkiness because it has reduced tannins.

When Should I Use White Cooking Wine?

White cooking wine is fine if you want to add some residual sweetness to your dishes unless you use a dry white wine, which wouldn’t have sugar content. Pinot grigio is one of the most common choices for white cooking wines and goes best with seafood dishes. Steamed mussels would be much richer, with bolder flavors, if you opt for pinot grigio.

Sauvignon blanc, on the other hand, is naturally crisp and has citrus and herb elements that work best with marinades and sautéed dishes. Risotto for dinner? That is not a problem with sauvignon blanc.

What Are the Best Dishes for Red or White Cooking Wines?

Red and white cooking wines are excellent for dishes that require braising and glazes. Barbecue sauces, meat stews, and other recipes that call for heavy proteins will also benefit from these wines.

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