The 3 Best Vacuums for Guinea Pig Cage

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A handheld vacuum or your hands are the only options available to clean up your pet’s guinea pig cage. Keeping a guinea pig’s cage clean is a snap when you have a cordless, handheld vacuum on hand.

One of the advantages of guinea pigs is that they don’t require much attention and can be cared for by anyone. However, guinea pigs’ poop often implies that cleaning their cages is a little more time-consuming.

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The use of a vacuum cleaner can significantly save the workload. Cleaning becomes easier and more efficient as a result. Handheld vacuum cleaners come in a wide variety of brands; some of the best vacuums for a pet’s enclosure include BLACK+DECKER BSV2020P, LG CordZero A907GMS, and Dyson V15 Detect.

Can I Use a Vacuum to Clean My Guinea Pig Cage?

A vacuum cleaner is a better option than using your hands to tidy up guinea pig poop from their cage. There are vacuums specifically designed for little pets.

You’ll need specific handheld/cordless vacuums to get into those hard-to-reach places around the guinea pig cage. Unfortunately, because they are designed more like vehicle detailing tools than pet hair removers, many common vacuums lack the power and design necessary to accomplish this.

If you’re going to get a vacuum cleaner, go with a handheld one. To reach the edges of their cage fast, guinea pigs need vacuums with a low profile. Bristles or brushes that don’t irritate guinea pig skin should be used for this purpose.

The way to clean a guinea pig’s cage is with a vacuum, but only if you do it correctly. You can use other methods to clean their cage by hand, like using a scoop to take the poop out. Some people wear gloves and do it with their hands.

As for the type of cage you have, however, some little pet vacuums are ideal for this, make sure there isn’t a lot of hay around before you start vacuuming, and make sure the vacuum is well charged.

Should I Clean My Guinea Pig Cage Every Day?

Your guinea pig’s health and well-being depend on regular guinea pig cage cleaning. Guinea pigs are susceptible to a wide range of illnesses. For example, infections of the respiratory and urinary tracts and the spread of bumblefoot can result from living in filthy cages.

In an unclean environment, your guinea pig will perish. Cleaning the cage regularly is made easier with the help of a dependable cleaning device. Most guinea pig owners use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean their pets’ cages.

Your piggies’ lives are in danger if their cages are filthy. As a result, you must stick to the cleaning schedule.

  • Your pet needs both daily and weekly cleaning. Keeping the hay rack and water bowls filled and changing any wet pee pads that become necessary are all part of the daily routine.
  • In contrast, a weekly exercise, performed primarily on the weekends, entails thoroughly cleaning all the bedding. In addition, new bedding must be purchased to replace the old.


The BLACK+DECKER BSV2020P is a cordless vacuum cleaner that receives a reasonable 65% of 5-star Amazon rating. Customers applaud the product with its good suction capacity an amazing, motorized beater bar suitable for picking pet hairs. However, several disappointed users provided a 6% 1-star Amazon rating complaining about the constant popping of the dust canister, the product’s flimsy appearance, and the faulty design of its canister.

The BLACK+DECKER is an excellent electronic cleaner to keep guinea pig cages clean. Using this product, most pet hair may be removed from hard surfaces and carpets. However, it’s built of low-quality plastic and will eventually require some parts to be replaced because of the high maintenance needed to keep it in good condition. On the other hand, the turbo brush is useful for cleaning furniture of dust and dirt.


Low-pile carpets are no match for this vacuum cleaner. Besides pet hair, it has trouble getting rid of bulky materials like sand. As a result, it isn’t a complete loss even if the particles are smaller and more difficult to remove with baking soda.


Because it’s cordless, the vacuum’s capacity is only limited by how much dirt it can store and how much battery life this cordless vacuum has left. It’s small and light enough to carry around the house.

Tools and Parts

This vacuum comes with a few accessories, including a set of tools and a set of brushes. A turbo brush can be used to clean fabric-covered furniture. Additionally, the extension wand and crevice tool are permanently attached and cannot be removed.


BLACK+DECKER BSV2020P has a decent-sized dirt bucket. You can see when this device needs to be cleaned because of its transparency. However, due to its size, it may necessitate additional cleaning.


Storage isn’t a problem with this vacuum cleaner. There is a built-in crevice tool and extension wand; however, the motorized brush is unavailable. Before replacing the pieces, thoroughly dry them with a towel.

LG CordZero A907GMS

If you’re looking for an alternative vacuum cleaner for your guinea pig’s cage, then the LG CordZero A907GMS is suggested. With a satisfying 74% of 5-star Amazon rating, this cordless vacuum cleaner is known as a cheaper alternative for high-dollar counterparts and has impressive battery life. However, disappointed customers provided a 7% of 1-star Amazon rating, complaining about its bulky appearance, lackluster suction power, and clogging capacity.

The LG CordZero A9 is ideal for guinea pig breeders and pet owners. You can detangle pet hair wrapping while vacuuming with the detachable brush roll. The device provides excellent mobility even under sofas or furniture where hair may gather. However, due to the cheap plastic nature of the construction, different sections require constant repair.


This tool performs admirably on bare floors, easily gathering up pet hair and other tiny and large garbage. This cordless vacuum is excellent at taking up pet hair, but it struggles to pick up little and large trash. Furthermore, performance suffers slightly when cleaning small debris when the dirt compartment is more than half-filled.


If you have good battery life and space in the dirt container, this gadget is a cordless vacuum cleaner with many potentials. This portable vacuum also has a carry handle so you can easily transfer it from room to room.

Tools and Parts

 This cordless vacuum comes with a few tools and brushes. Despite the lack of a turbo brush, the Power Punch Nozzle can remove pet hair from bedding and other surfaces. In addition, unlike the LG CordZero A9 A916BM, which lacks this feature, there is a Power Carpet Nozzle for those hard-to-reach areas.


The LG CordZero A9’s dirt compartment is quite large. Despite its small size, it necessitates a large amount of unoccupied space. The top-fill line in the case displays when the length on the plus side is full.


It’s quite fine to store this vacuum. LG CordZero A907GMS can be kept in the wall rack station when not in use. Depending on how much space you have, this rack station can be mounted on a wall, used as a stand, or descended to the ground.

Dyson V15 Detect

An optional vacuum cleaner that can work on your guinea pig’s cage is the Dyson V15 Detect. This product boasts a reasonable 79% of 5-star Amazon rating that highlights its capacity on being a suitable device for pet owners, amazing vacuum suction capacity, and time-saver. However, disappointed users left an 8% 1-star Amazon rating highlighting their concerns with the long delivery time, unavailable battery replacement, and poor customer service.


On hard surfaces, the Dyson V15 delivers excellent results. It effortlessly eliminates pet hair and small and heavy rubbish such as rice or cereal from the bottom. It is unaffected by pet hair, and fine trash such as baking soda does not cleanse it. The dirt container clears much larger particles, such as sand, with steady suction power as the dirt container fills up.


The mobility of the Dyson V15 is limited simply by the battery’s remaining capacity and the amount of dirt the vacuum can handle. However, this vacuum cleaner is substantially lighter than other cordless types, and it has a handle that makes the cordless vacuum easier to lift and move.

Tools and Parts

The Dyson V15 Detect comes with a variety of tools and accessories. For example, a separate firm bristle brush can remove sticky dirt and debris from various surfaces. Another alternative for cleaning delicate areas is a soft-bristled brush. Finally, clean up messes in tight spots using the crevice tool.


The Dyson V15’s dirt compartment works perfectly. In terms of size, it’s comparable to the Dyson V11 Animal. The translucent plastic structure allows you to examine the vacuum’s core elements and components, despite having a short surface and may necessitate emptying from time to time.


The Dyson V15 has a large storage capacity. In addition, it comes with an additional wand clip and a docking station that can accommodate two more tools, unlike other Dyson models.


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