The 3 Best Hand Blender 2022

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Blending soups, sauces, and solids are more efficient if you have a hand blender on your countertop. Hand blender provides the immerse power of a regular blender while giving you the most comfortable fit and grip while using the tool. A hand blender is a piece of kitchen equipment with stick and blender blades at one end. It can also be called a stick blender or immersion blender.

Having a hand blender helps turn large batches of solid foods into more refined, smoother consistency without transferring your food from pot-to-blender and vise-versa. Aside from pureeing solids into tasty soups, hand blenders can also function as a wire whisk for your eggs, juices, and oils.

Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 9-Speed Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

Mueller Austria’s hand blender can create lip-smacking treats like pesto, pancake, smoothies, cheese sauce, whipped cream, salsa, and soups for you and your family. The pulsing action of this device is enough to chop vegetables into smaller, workable chunks. Aside from a rotating blender, this package includes a detachable wire whisk that can be plugged into the shaft.

Measuring 15.43″ in height, 2.8″ in shaft’s diameter, and 4.76″ of blade’s diameter, this multi-purpose hand blender can be operated on 110-voltage with 500 watts of power. This device’s sophisticated design offers a non-slip ergonomic grip that perfectly fits the user’s hand without straining after prolonged use. The natural copper motor implanted on this device can withstand continuous use. This device is three times more durable than other competitor’s motors.

Made with S-shaped stainless steel blades, this equipment can quickly blend your food with ease. The whisk attachment can be plugged in and can be used to whisk food faster than using your hand. It can also be placed on cold milk to create froths best combined in coffee, tea, and chocolate mixtures.

Take a minimal space in your counter, drawer, or any small compartment—with the compact technology of the Ultra-Stick. Possess the power of stand mixers and regular blenders to your handheld device instantly. Create large batches of soups and other mixtures with ease through the unlimited working space provided by this boundless equipment. Whip heavy creams, beat eggs, puree your fruits, blend your vegetables, and fix your peanut butter with this device.

Engineered with the best European machinery, Mueller Austria offers a one-year warranty for this device and can provide replacements if needed. Clean your hand blender quickly since the parts of this mechanism can be detached quickly. The materials are recommended to be washed by hand. Proper care is advised in handling sharp blades.

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Redesigned to perfection, Breville’s Control Grip immersion blender recreated its blade system. Now made with a bell-shaped based and internal ribbing break suction, this kitchen equipment promises to provide better control and blending efficiency. Create your purees evenly with Breville’s control grip system. The internal control grip of this device gives turbulent mixing action. This creates a medium for the food to fall directly within the blades rather than turning on sides.

The Breville Control Grip also features it redesigned ergonomic handle optimized to fit the user’s hand comfortably. This device is operated with a 280-watt motor which generates enough power to do the blending tasks. Have precise control of your food’s texture with the 15 variable speeds provided by this handy equipment. The 8-inch height of this blender can be utilized in blending within tall pots or large batches with effortlessness.

Create velvet-like constancy to your soups, mayonnaise, whipped cream, pesto, dips, and salsa with this immersion blender. Use your blender in better mobility with its extra-long power cord measuring six feet. This is long enough to adapt to the mobility provided by leading cordless hand blenders—but with a greater mechanism of an immersion blender.

Prevent scratches and peels to your equipment with the non-scratch base located at the bell-shaped bottom of this equipment. This cushions the pots by preventing the blades from directly hitting the base. Included in this purchase is a blending jug that can prevent mixtures from splattering all over your counter.

Alternate your rotating blades with the handy whisk included in this package. This whisk attachment can be used to whip and mix cream, eggs, and batters without doing all the manual labor by hand. All the parts can be cleaned easily by handwashing. The whisk gearbox and chopper lid can be washed inside the dishwasher.

Braun MQ9007 MultiQuick 9 Immersion Hand Blender

With its sleek design and durable built, the Braun MultiQuick 9 is an immersion blender must-have. Adjust your speed comfortably with its pressure-sensitive speed trigger. Make your blending more proficient with Braun’s design to get the blades nearer to the food you’re blending.

Measuring 15.9″ in height, 2.6″ in width, and 3.2″ in-depth, the Braun MultiQuick9 can be stored inside the kitchen drawer or let stand on the countertop for easier use. This hand blender also has a detachable shaft which makes it easier to store in tight spaces. This long shaft is enough to be used on tall pots and pans.

This hand blender runs smoothly in hot temperatures. Regrettably, the blades cannot function well as in crushing ice cubes, churning almond butter, and turning leafy and fibrous vegetables into a smooth liquid. If you want to turn your butter squash into a hearty soup, you may use this immersion hand blender effectively.

Purely made of stainless steel, the shaft of this immersion hand blender is known to be rust-proof. The upper part of this device is made with durable plastic with a rubber grip for your hand. Although it doesn’t possess any ergonomic style, the rubber grip is enough to prevent the hand blender from slipping.

Clean your device with ease—noting that the components of this blender are dishwasher-safe. All the detachable materials (except the handle with the cord) can be placed inside the dishwasher. If you happen not to own a dishwasher, this device can still be hand washed.

This purchase also comes with a 20-ounce beaker made with BPA-free plastic. The main jar is also dishwasher-safe. This beaker can be used to blend single-served smoothies, shakes, and soup quickly without spilling. The only downturn of this additional beaker is that it doesn’t have a lid which means that you still need to be careful when using this device.

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