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It is undebatable to consider that the best coffee is served hot. That is why several brands and models of coffeemakers ensure the temperature during the brewing process and the vessel that will maintain the brewed coffee’s heat. After selecting your preferred coffee machine, you might choose to place your coffee on an insulated surface. Coffee urn and kettle are two of the most recommended coffee storages for considerable batch preparation.

Kettles are smaller coffee storage and brewer at the same time. The insulated wall surface promises to provide longer hotness for your brewed coffee. On the other hand, coffee urn receives its name due to its shape and large capacity. If you establish a coffee pantry of your own, investing in a large coffee urn is the recommended storage and brewer. In terms of efficiency, the value of your money, and reviews from the coffee community.

Are Hot Water Dispensers More Efficient Than Kettles?

Getting yourself a choice of hot coffee or chocolate can quickly boost your mood. Picking automated coffee machines will save you time to wait for a cup of liquid to boil since it prepares it in large batches. While coffee kettles are available, hot water dispensers defy the expectations. If you don’t have any appliances to prepare your instant coffee, it is suggested to purchase a heater.

For starters, kettles and dispensers work as a good heater for the drink of your choice. This heating equipment is compact, economical, and locally available in hardware stores, supermarkets, and thrift stores. Kettle and dispensers are two of the most selected option on the vast coffee machine choices. Which is more efficient between a kettle and a hot water dispenser? What is the difference between these two?

What is an electric kettle?

Electric kettle or electric tea kettle in some areas, is electrical equipment shaped from the classic tea kettle. Just like hot water dispensers, it can quickly boil water in just a few minutes. This makes the heating process more efficient since you have to pour clean water into your kettle, plug it into a socket, and let the electric kettle to the boiling.

The vast difference between these two electric heaters is the size. The electric kettle is compact, with a length of small ceramic tea kettle. This makes the said appliance more portable compared to hot water dispensers. Despite its small size, it can comparatively prepare servings good for 3 to 5 people. Hence, an electric kettle is suitable for personal use or a small family setting.

What is a hot water dispenser?

A hot water dispenser, called the hot water urn, provides multiple servings of hot drinks suitable for a large gathering or an office setting. If not brewed with coffee, hot water urn can also prepare other hot meals like tea, chocolate, and instant food packets like noodles. While electric kettle has reached its popularity, there is no wonder that hot water urn is now leading the marketplace.

Compared to an electric kettle, hot water dispensers are available in various sizes—providing versatility in size and price markup. While the smaller ones can fit your room, more huge hot water urns are suggested since it is more inexpensive than the smaller variant.

How Much Energy Does a Hot Water Urn Use?

Just like an electric heater, a hot water urn runs through electricity. In an average boiling per day, this appliance uses an average of 1200 watts for every 1.5 hours of usage. The energy consumption differs once you choose to keep the liquid hot for longer hours. For people who cross-cutting their butane, propane, and gas usage—electric heaters are the best choice.

Hot water urn uses the same electricity as what the electric kettle offers. However, letting the equipment be plugged to keep the liquid warm will continuously waste energy in your home. Since electric heaters can effectively heat water quickly, it is recommended to heat water according to your need.

  • You can use insulated containers made of durable plastic or insulated metal to reduce electric consumption for larger batches.

While electric heaters effectively heat food for a more extended period, proper caution must be done to prevent electrocution and other incidents. Here are the ways to avoid electric shocks at your home:

  • Do not use a worn-out or damaged extension cord.
  • Do not use a defective electrical device for your appliances.
  • When unplugging an electrical device, pull the pull and not the cable.
  • Before you dislodge your electric heater, please turn it off before unplugging it.
  • Do not touch the electric kettle using water.
  • Do not use your hot water urn near a water source (kitchen, backyard, pool, etc.)
  • Always prepare your hot beverages in a dry, leveled area.
  • In case of fire, never throw water on any electrical sockets and outlets.

Is a Smaller Kettle More Efficient?

The answers vary in each situation. If you are preparing for a single serving or 3 to 5 people group, using smaller heating appliances is recommended. Using the right amount of liquid will also speed up the boiler process since the heater is only working on a manageable amount of liquid.

For instance, boiling around 500 milliliters of water in a water urn will require the same energy used in using the electric kettle. However, suppose you decide to plug your kettle to maintain the hot temperature of your water. In that case, it will not be energy efficient. Instead, it will continuously repeat the boiling process until all the water content evaporated into thin air.

Using a smaller kettle in an office filled with 20 or more people will make it less energy-efficient. It will require around 5-10 batches of boiling for several cups of coffee to accomplish the task. This will also require more boiling time since you will restart the heating rather than accumulating it.

The best way to know what type of electric heater suitable for you is by knowing your average coffee consumers. For a small group of five people, using the average-size electric kettle is the recommended thing. Larger batches of people, on the other hand, require larger compartments offered by instant hot water dispensers is suitable.

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