How to Clean Your Home Quickly and Efficiently

by iupilon

Nobody likes to clean but everyone appreciates a clean house. If there was a way that it could just happen, then you would be living in a dream world. There is a certain knack for cleaning. It isn’t just the case that you can put the effort in, and it will be done. There is a system that you should follow to make your life easier. If you are struggling to know whether you should dust or vacuum first, then here is a little advice on where you can begin.

Cleaning The Floor

Knowing how to clean a floor is something that is essential to making sure your home stays cleaner for longer. If for example, you have vinyl planking, then you need to know how to clean vinyl plank flooring. For this kind of flooring then you should spend a lot of time dusting and vacuuming. However, if you need a more thorough clean then a mop and a bucket are your best bet. Make sure it is a microfiber one otherwise you may damage the floor you are trying to clean.

Clean The House, Not The Room

Many people like to feel the sense of achievement of doing the home one room at a time. This, however, will slow you down and not make it any easier. You will spend a lot of time repeating yourself. Not only does it take longer but it will feel like the task never ends. You should commit to doing one task throughout the home. You will get the same sense of achievement by completing each task, but you will see the home come together more fully.

Get Together All Of Your Tools

One way you can ensure you waste your time is to not have all of your tools ready to go in a handy box. You will spend more time looking for things than you will actually be cleaning. You should spend time before you start cleaning gathering everything you will need so that you can have easy access to it when you need it. It will also help you see what you need for your cleaning supplies. You won’t get halfway through a job only to find out you have run out of your essential tool.

Dust And Vacuuming

Before you start dusting everything down, make sure any ceiling fans are turned off and start dusting from the ceiling and make your way down. Concentrate on your furniture and the undersides of the shelves. This should make a helpful heap on the floor that you can hoover up after you have finished dusting. You don’t want to get all of your floor cleaned and then begin heaping dust on top of it again.

Cleaning Your Home

It is never fun, but it needs to be done. Once you get started, you will find that cleaning your home is not so bad. It can be quick as well if you come up with a regular system that suits your home and your style of cleaning.

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