Are Murphy Beds Dangerous?

by iupilon

You may have thought of investing in a Murphy bed sofa combo in the past, but you have some reservations about the design. The Murphy bed is one of the most ideal best for small rooms. But is it dangerous? Let’s find out.

Why Do They Call It a Murphy Bed?

What is a Murphy bed? A Murphy bed is a kind of pull-down bed that is popular in different parts of the world, including the United States. A Murphy bed is a space-saving bed because it folds up neatly to the wall, allowing the user to use the rest of the room’s space easily. The name of the bed hails from the inventor, William Lawrence Murphy. Folding beds were by no means new, but Murphy applied for patents that used a counterbalancing mechanism that differentiated his design from the earlier ones. He called his invention the Disappearing Bed. Later on, it became colloquially known as the Murphy bed.

The Murphy bed became more popular in the 2010s. The economy has influenced the rise in popularity of Murphy beds again. When children moved back to live with their parents, parents had to establish new spaces where their kids could sleep. Small-room living became the norm again, and it seems that things will remain like this for years to come, so expect to see Murphy beds more and more. The bed’s name had become so common that you can no longer use it as a trademark in the United States. Common usage is a factor in determining whether a name can be used as a protected brand.

Can A Murphy Bed Kill You?

A Murphy bed is a type of bed that folds into a wall. Sometimes, it can be a horizontal Murphy bed with a desk or come with lighting and other office components. But is it dangerous, or can it kill you, precisely because it folds up?

The answer is no; Murphy beds are not dangerous. For one, Murphy beds can’t just be purchased and used without proper installation. These beds may look simple, but there is plenty of hard engineering behind them. So they have to be properly installed at home before you can even use them. Pistons and rings are responsible for lifting and locking Murphy beds in place. So you have mechanics working in your favor when the pull of gravity is holding the bed in a downward position. The rest of the mechanism takes care of the bed when you want it stowed away properly. Additionally, other locks can be added to the bed’s legs to prevent it from springing out or descending when you don’t need it.

So no, it is not true that the bed might fall on you. The only time a Murphy bed might become dangerous is if you didn’t install it properly, and there are issues with the bed’s mechanical parts. The proper person can check these. Our main piece of advice for everyone is not to tempt fate, and if you don’t know what you are doing, have a specialist come over to install the bed properly.

Is it possible to DIY your way to a good installation of a Murphy bed? Yes, if you know a bit of carpentry and you have the right tools at home. If you are a handyman or have basic carpentry and building skills, and you know how to measure points and angles, we are sure you can install a Murphy bed properly. They’re not complicated at all. However, if you don’t know how to use a drill or if you don’t understand how to install things, period, then you are better off hiring a professional handyman so you don’t run into problems with your Murphy bed.

The only real objective here is to make sure that the bed is secured to the wall at all times because the wall will be responsible for holding up the bed when you are not using it.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable?

Murphy beds are comfortable – they’re beds. Your experience with a new Murphy bed will only vary depending on the stuff you put on top of the bed. You can change the foam, the mattress, the blankets, etc. Your comfort will depend on what you invest further on the bed.

No, the bed won’t rock unsteadily when you are sleeping, and it certainly won’t fold up when you least expect it to. It won’t fold up when you are sleeping because obviously, there is a weight on top that will be locking the bed in place and preventing the upward movement of the bed.

It takes more effort to push up the bed, and it doesn’t have a motor to begin with, so it won’t lift more than one hundred pounds of human weight to the wall, as many people imagine. You will need a strong motor for that kind of activity.

What Is the Difference Between a Wall Bed and A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a type of a wall bed, but with a different securing method to a wall. The classic or older design of the wall bed uses locking legs that secure the bed into place when you lift it to the wall.

On the other hand, the Murphy bed has a system of pistons, rings, and springs that prevent the bed from collapsing when you lift it to the wall. So the two are the same thing, but with different designs. Both designs are safe, and it is purely the buyer’s preference for what he wants to use. As long as your new wall bed or Murphy bed is installed properly, there should be no problems opening or closing improperly. Both are also comfortable to lay on, and you can customize your bed as much as you want.

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