3 The Best Carpet Cleaners for 2022

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Having a carpet cleaner spray or deep-cleaning carpet cleaner is necessary for any home, most especially if you have kids and pets around. Pets can be particularly problematic, as they can soil carpeting and leave brand new carpeting in an awful state.

Don’t worry – carpet cleaners have advanced to the point that they can be used for protein-laden stains that cannot easily be removed by soap or detergents. You can now use carpet cleaners that can deep-clean on the spot and provide the best possible clean on the first try.

Rug Doctor Triple Action Pet Deep Carpet Cleaner

Our Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner review begins because this carpet cleaner was designed specifically for removing stains from pet activity. We’re talking about urine and poop here – stains that leave odors that can last for days or even weeks. This will depend on the level of solids or liquids that are left on the carpet.

Take note that this is a permanent stain cleaner that takes care of stains and the odors left behind by animal urine and feces. What differentiates this carpet cleaner is that it has a pro-enzymatic formulation that takes care of stains with many proteins in them. Protein-laden stains often leave behind small quantities of residue deep in the carpet. These residues can continue to produce unwanted odors that can change the ambiance of the space.

Rug Doctor also features a triple-action formula that protects rugs from different kinds of pet stains. This cleaner uses SpotBlok technology to prevent fresh stains from ruining your carpet. Soft surfaces are protected from further staining for a time, and you can reapply the carpet cleaner shortly to recreate the same cleaning effect.

Customer reviews reveal that pet owners are using Rug Doctor in conjunction with other cleaning products such as rug shampoos and wet-vacuuming techniques. According to one user, cleaning the affected area and then applying the Rug Doctor enables her to remove 100% of stains and odors on her carpets when her puppy has accidents.

Blue Magic Carpet Cleaner

Blue Magic Carpet Cleaner is a spray carpet cleaner meant for general carpet stains and spot cleaning. This carpet cleaner is classified as a spot lifter, meaning it can immediately stop the stains’ drying up once they occur on carpets. If you don’t like vacuuming stains and need a carpet cleaner that works on water-based stains and oil-based stains and spots, this would be an ideal carpet cleaner.

According to the manufacturer, this spot cleaner is ideal for various common stains, including coffee, urine, wine, blood, tar, and grease. Bloodstains can be incredibly tough to remove owing to their protein-based nature. Like the previous carpet cleaner, Blue Magic is designed to remove stains with protein components in them.

The main benefits of Blue Magic are: it works instantly and does not need additional vacuuming to remove the stains.

Blue Magic also works directly on stains, making it more effective than other carpet cleaners that need more scrubbing and setting before they work. It removes stains by actively lifting grease, poop, urine, and beverages from the fabric before the stains ruin the carpet.

The immediacy of the action is vital for cleaning both small and large stains. If you have new carpeting at home and some pets and kids, it would be best to be ready with this cleaner type.

Customer reviews show that this spray-based carpet cleaner is excellent for various carpets, not just the old ones. High-end carpets that are made with sculpted Berber, for example, are cleaned immediately.

One user review stated that they bought this carpet cleaner because they were still training their puppy to use the proper area when defecating. This means they likely have some soiled carpets at home, and they sorely need an effective cleaner. Luckily, they stumbled upon Blue Magic, and they are quite happy with the results.

Carbona Carpet Cleaner Oxy-Powered 2-in-1

The Carbona Carpet Cleaner is unique in our rundown of carpet cleaners because it can safely clean upholstery. This carpet cleaner features a great formulation that works effectively and quickly. What’s more, is that the manufacturer has provided an efficient cleaning brush head with the bottle.

Carbona Carpet Cleaner specializes in removing heavy staining on carpeting. If you have used other carpet cleaners before and you see residual stains, no matter how hard you scrub, you may need a much more potent formulation that works more deeply in the fabric to remove residual stains. Carbona Carpet Cleaner works on pet stains, liquid spills, and other spot issues with carpets.

Does your carpet have unwanted odors from age and uncleaned areas? Use Carbona Carpet Cleaner to clear these odors. Older stains that have already dried up will likely produce unwanted odors weeks or even months after the accident. This is because most stains that are heavy with protein take longer to clean up, and once they have dried, they will reactive from time to time if there is any moisture in the carpeting.

Customer reviews indicate that this carpet cleaner brand has been effective in clearing stains from the most demanding of carpets and colors. For instance, one user applied Carbona on a light beige seat cover with fabric. The fabric was almost completely covered with a dark stain. After applying Carbona, the stain is removed completely, and the visual quality of the fabric is amazing after cleaning.

Another user shared her experience with using this carpet cleaner with Marmoleum. Her house had experienced some severe flooding as of late, and she used two bottles of Carbona to take control of the situation. Luckily, her liberal application of Carbona had saved her Marmoleum, and she was quite happy with the results. It appears that the more you apply Carbona, the better the results. Now that’s a good idea for homemakers.

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