3 Most Unique and Beautiful Carpets

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Until the late 1800s, the word “carpet” could refer to anything from a tablecloth to a wall hanging; however, with the advent of mass-produced carpets, the term has come to refer almost exclusively to a floor covering.

The rug is a common term for a partial floor covering in the United Kingdom and the United States, instead of carpet, which is typically tacked down to the base and covers it wall to wall. The words “rug” and “carpet” are interchangeable when referring to handmade carpets.

In addition to being helpful floor coverings, hand-knotted carpets are works of art. Because of their high level of artistic expression on display, many Oriental carpets have earned the same respect and admiration as Western masterpiece paintings in the East.

Today, we have three exotic and elegant carpets that you can use anywhere at home: the kitchen, living room, game room, and especially the bedroom. In addition, modern rugs are often beautiful and serve as great accents to the most important spaces at home.

Unique Loom Sofia Gray Area Rug

The Sofia gray area rug is a minimalistic but expressive area rug perfect for any modern or rustic space.

The minimalistic design won’t clash with a room’s motif, so you can experiment with using this gray area rug in different rooms. The level of the grayness of the area rug is also helpful in rooms with light paint.

If you have cream or magnolia walls, light gray accents like rugs will help open the space, making your rooms look spacious without losing the dimensions to the color. Darker grays are not recommended for homes with light paint.

The Sofia area rug measure 4′ x 6′ and has a pile of fiber height of 1/3″. It has a polypropylene backing, too, which means you won’t have to use any underlay (it’s not completely necessary) as the backing will support the pile nicely. And if you are wondering – can you still use a carpet underlay?

Yes, you can – but again, you don’t have to if you want to install the carpet immediately. However, an underlay would help prevent slippage, so it’s a safe option if you have small kids or elderly folks at home.

The rug is easy to wash and relatively lightweight, so you won’t have any issues carrying it outside to clean.

As with other rugs or carpets that are hand-loomed or mechanically loomed, the manufacturer recommends handwashing and just hanging the carpet to dry. We do not recommend using any harsh cleaners on this carpet as potent cleaning compounds can affect the backing of the rug and the adhesion of the fibers.

Artistic Weavers Odelia Vintage Bohemian Area Rug

Many people think about getting carpets for the intrinsic, artistic value of these coverings. However, the Odelia Vintage Bohemian area rug may not be the most complex of the area rugs you will see on Amazon. Still, it certainly has the beautiful charm of classic home carpets that everyone is familiar with. This rug measures 7’10” x 10’3″ and comes in many colors, including aqua, navy/orange, and black. Choose from seventeen different patterns and color combinations to find the most suitable design for your home. When selecting a new area rug, always look at two things first: the color of the walls, followed by the furniture.

The area rug should complement the home’s colors and not detract from it. Carpets are usually purchased as accents, and their main job is to enhance what is already there in the house. On the other hand, more extensive carpeting provides half of the space aesthetic if it covers enough ground.

This area rug is machine-woven and polypropylene-backed. This means you don’t have to use an underlay, but if you want to reduce any possible slippage, then pre-install one first. However, many countries don’t use an underlay anymore, but this will shorten the life of your area rug. The rug also has a low pile but remains functional in absorbing shock when you’re walking on it. Low-pile rugs are fine for weighing scales, too – another advantage.

The manufacturer emphasizes that you can put this rug in high-traffic areas in the home. This means that the polypropylene backing is tough enough to withstand lots of foot traffic, which is a plus since we want carpets to last longer.

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug

What we immediately loved about the nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug is how the design heightens the natural drama of the space. The gentle texture and lines will undoubtedly align with any space with a minimalistic aura. So if your room or home is minimalistic, and does away with any rich colors or loud patterns, then the nuLOOM area rug is a good pick. nuLOOM mats are made in India, and they have been around for some time, making good carpets and area rugs for a global consumer base.

The manufacturer states that the Blythe area rug is both kid-friendly and pet-friendly, so if you have small kids at home, they can certainly play on the carpet with minor issues. However, non-kid-friendly carpets may have compounds that are unsafe for kids, so avoid those unless they guarantee that the manufacturing standards are up to par. This carpet has a pile height of .37″, or just above one-third of an inch, which puts it in the low pile height category.

Carpets with just the right pile height are great as area rugs because they provide just the correct level of protection and shock absorption while walking. Lighter rugs and carpets are also easier to clean, and when they’re wet, they will not weigh you down too much. If this is your first time to have a carpet at home, know that the most recommended method of cleaning rugs is by hand-cleaning them, which takes a bit of effort. However, if you want your carpets allergen-free, you have to be willing to put up some energy and time to keep them clean.

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