The Best Way to Store Peaches: How to Keep Them Fresh?

by iupilon

Knowing the best way to store peaches will ensure that all the products you buy from the organic market will keep longer, and you will have more fruit in the coming weeks. Fragrant peaches are a mainstay in many homes, so you must know the best way to store them.

How to Store Peaches

Before storing your peaches, perform a basic check first: is the peach firm or somewhat soft to touch? If the peach is too firm, your peaches need to ripen for a few more days if you want to consume them.

The simplest way to ripen peaches is to put them in a large paper bag and roll the top to lock in the gas that allows the fruits to ripen faster. Room temperature is excellent for ripening peaches naturally. Please don’t wash them and keep them in the bag for a few days. Avoid layering the pears as well as this may result in some bruising.

When you want your pears to stay fresh for a couple of days after ripening, store them in a single level or layer. This will ensure that you have at least a week of freshness. However, we do not recommend extended storage as this may cause your fruits to become dehydrated. The cold environment of the refrigerator always does this to fruits.

For even longer periods of storage, your only recourse is to store your peaches in the freezer. Ripe peaches are best stored in the freezer. We recommend peeling all of your ripe peaches and placing them in airtight containers. The less air in the container, the more efficient the storage of your peaches will be.

When you are ready to consume your peaches, place them in the refrigerator.

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