The 6 Best Air Purifiers For Germs

by iupilon

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An air purifier can benefit your house’s air quality and health. The problem is that there is such a wide variety of models, features, and brands that it’s hard to know which air purifier brand to choose.

Instead, keep reading here at Iupilon to learn more about the six most effective air purifiers against bacteria and other airborne pathogens. You can also review our blogs on the 5 most effective air purifiers for viruses and the 5 best air purifiers with hospital grade for additional insights.

Today’s most effective air purifiers also neutralize lingering scents like those left behind by cooking or smoking. In addition, some models of air purifiers have separate cooling and heating modes, allowing the appliance to be used as a regular fan or heater.

The purifying process begins when air is drawn into the unit and passed through a filter, where contaminants like bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens are removed. Clean air is then recirculated back into your home by the air purifier.

The most effective air cleaners available today also work to neutralize lingering scents like those left behind by cooking or smoking. In addition, some models of air purifiers have separate cooling and heating modes, allowing the appliance to be used as a regular fan or heater.

During the coronavirus pandemic, air purifiers could be helpful since they can clean and recirculate the air in enclosed rooms with limited or no ventilation. In addition, data shows that ventilation, either natural (through cracked windows and doors) or artificial (by air purifiers), is crucial for lowering transmission rates by diluting the air.

The best air purifier germs are necessary to protect your family.

 A high-efficiency particulate air cleaner should take care of most of your needs. While you may be thinking of a smaller portable air cleaner, a full-sized one is best. Air cleaners must be fully equipped to work well. The best ones deliver a consistently high clean air delivery rate and can clean up to 99.97 percent of particles in the air, including mold spores and airborne bacteria. Air particles can carry so many problems, and the large particles are literally bad for the lungs. Outdoor air is usually of a higher quality than indoor air, did you know that? People not going out for fresh air most of the day is bad for their health. Airborn allergens abound indoors, in the home or in confined spaces. A HEPA-type filter is crucial, especially if you have kids at home. They protect you from fine dust and airborne allergens, too. These machines typically have a three-stage filtration system and do great at eliminating odors and contributing to a healthy home environment. They are also typically equipped with a particle sensor that works even with the lowest setting while removing harmful germs and other pollutants. They are basically your germ guardian at home. They even work in a small room to remove tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke is harmful to everyone, not just kids.

Will An Air Purifier Help Protect Me From COVID-19 In My Home?

Filters for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and vacuum cleaners work similarly by removing impurities from the air. In addition, filtration and purification systems can lessen viral particles and other airborne pollutants.

In a home or other enclosed environment, air purifiers can help reduce the number of airborne pollutants, such as viruses. However, a portable air purifier is not sufficient for COVID-19 protection on its alone.

Filtration can be employed as part of a strategy to limit the possibility of disease transmission of COVID-19 inside buildings, together with other best practices advised by the CDC and other health authorities, including social distance and mask-wearing.

An air purifier can remove allergens, bacteria, mold spores, and other contaminants from the air by sucking the air into its chamber and passing it through a filter. Finally, the purifier will release the filtered air back into the room.

The best air purifiers remove allergens, irritants, and other irritants from the air. So, in addition to making things more sanitary, you might also be able to eliminate strange scents and lessen the prospect of allergies and asthma attacks.

However, not every air purifier will achieve the same results. In this article, we’ll go over some of the criteria you should use to determine which air purifier is right for you.

What Can HEPA Air Cleaners Help To Prevent COVID-19?

The CDC suggests measures like physical separation, universal masking, and enhanced ventilation to lessen the spread of COVID-19 within buildings. In addition, high-efficiency particulate air cleaners that are easy to move about can be used as a supplement to ventilation systems to minimize the number of airborne pathogens further and increase the level of protection afforded against cross-contamination.

Large buildings often have HVAC systems that filter air before distributing it throughout the structure; if your building has such a system, you may want to upgrade your HVAC filters as necessary. When combined with source management and ventilation, air cleaning can be effective, but it shouldn’t be utilized alone.

In regions where it is challenging to achieve appropriate ventilation, portable air cleaners should be used as a supplement to improve HVAC system ventilation and filtration. Airflow deflected away from people rather than straight at them helps prevent the transmission of potentially infective droplets.

Having HEPA air filters installed in a meeting room significantly reduced the number of airborne particles generated by a simulated diseased participant, protecting everyone in the room and the speaker from potential infection. In addition, the location at the room’s geographic center, near the aerosol source, was optimal for air purifier performance.

HEPA air purifiers and universal masks worked together better than anyone. Infectious aerosols, mucous membrane deposition, and hand-to-mouth transmission can all be mitigated by using ventilation systems, which remove particles from the air.

The 6 Best Air Purifiers For Germs

Whereas they were formerly prohibitively expensive and hard to come by, HEPA filter air purifiers now are standard equipment in every setting imaginable, from private residences and automobiles to airplanes and hospitals. Here are some reasons people buy so many air purifiers: alleviate allergy problems, minimize pet dander, and combat smog.

During a pandemic, air purifiers can be helpful for cleaning and recirculating the air in enclosed locations where ventilation may be inadequate. In addition, dilution of airborne pathogens can be achieved through ventilation with open windows and doors or with the help of air purifiers, as has been established by studies.

You may look for a simple and efficient solution to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria. The experts at Iupilon have compiled a list of some of the top six commercially available HEPA air purifiers currently available online.

Coway Airmega 250 Smart Air Purifier

If you want to filter the air in your house seriously, the Coway Airmega 250 is a fantastic option. It has three filters and employs a certified HEPA filter and activated carbon to clean the air of allergens and odors.

In this article, we will discuss the Coway Airmega 250, a high-end air purifier, including its three filtration settings, the speed with which it absorbs particles, the design, and the ease with which it can be disassembled and cleaned. Make as many inquiries as possible before buying a Coway Airmega 250 for your home because it is one of the more expensive air purifiers (usually retailing between $300 and $400).

The Coway Airmega 250 can eliminate particles as thin as 0.01 microns and is meant to clean the air in interiors that are equivalent to 930 square feet in size. In addition, this air purifier can remove allergens, volatile compounds, germs, viruses, mildew, gases, scents from cooking or pets, and more, thanks to a certified HEPA filter.

A thin LED bar at the very top of the air purifier shows the room’s real-time air quality. The air quality is good when the bar glows blue; moderate when it glows green; dangerous when it glows yellow; and highly unhealthy when it glows red. In addition, the air purifier is integrated with a smart purifier feature that enables the device to customize to its surroundings and clean the air in the most energy-efficient possible manner.

While other air purifiers on the market are tall and thin, the Coway Airmega 250 is shorter and broader. It weighs around 20 pounds, has dimensions similar to a giant box fan, and has those same sorts of proportions. The air cleaner doesn’t need to be elevated and can instead be set on the floor in a far corner of the room. The Coway Airmega 250 excels in large, open areas because it is approved for zones as small as 930 square feet. However, this air purifier is not appropriate for a bedroom due to its modest size.

We put the Coway Airmega 250 through its paces on the lowest and highest settings while monitoring the air quality with a particle counter. We calculated the Coway Airmega 250’s particle absorption rate with this information. Further, we made sure there were enough airborne particles for the air purifier to absorb by lighting 10 matches and burning five incense sticks in separate experiments.

The air quality in our test subject’s residence was fine before we turned on the air purifier. However, the Coway Airmega 250’s low setting reduced the 0.3-micron particle count by 10% in 15 minutes, while the high setting simultaneously reduced it by 24%. In addition, the total quantity of particles across all three sizes increased significantly after the matches were ignited, as measured by the air quality meter. This lets us better understand how quickly and thoroughly the air purifier worked.

To turn on the Coway Airmega 250, you must change the fan setting or the mode to the Smart or Rapid preset. In addition, a “Sleep” setting allows you to turn the air purifier off while it’s not in use.

Our testing of the Coway Airmega 250 was not without its difficulties. The front panel’s corner proved difficult to open when we disassembled it to remove the plastic wrap wrapped around one of the filters. When it came time to reassemble the air cleaner, however, we had no trouble doing so. However, we had some trouble deciphering the air purifier’s buttons. The cleaner has a power icon in the upper left corner; however, that button isn’t a toggle. On the contrary, it indicates whether or not the air cleaner is actively cleaning the air.

One potential drawback is the price. Costing between $300 and $400, this device is a worthy investment in clean indoor air. Investing in an air purifier might be worthwhile if you have severe issues with pollen or dust allergies, for example, or if you’re worried about chemicals in the air. However, you can discover several air purifiers on the market that will satisfy your requirements for a considerably lesser cost if you are not very concerned with the purity of the air in your home.

Customers have given the Coway Airmega 250 4.5 stars on Amazon and 5 stars on the company’s site. Users are impressed not just by the air purifier’s high quality but also by its sleek design. However, in the few negative reviews posted, buyers have complained about the machine vibrating due to the fan’s wobbliness.

Blueair Blue Pure 121 Air Purifier

Do you want to find the best air purifier to eliminate germs? If you want the most excellent air purifier for a large room but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on it, trust the Blue Pure 121. It’s an excellent option for heating and cooling large rooms because of its CFM rate, simple one-button control, and total 360-degree airflow.

Your home’s air has been cleansed and revitalized by effective filters, and it is free of harmful particles previously floating around. If you’re seeking the best air purifier money can buy, you should keep reading our Blue Pure 121 Review to learn more about this model’s features and specifications.

More than 10,000 customers from more than 60 countries and territories have been handled by the Swedish company Blueair for over 20 years. The Blue line of air purifiers is known as the low-maintenance variants since they provide a simple solution for consistently clean indoor air.

The Blueair 121 is not a portable choice for indoor air quality improvement. However, even though it looks like a recycling bin, the air purifier can be customized however you like by just removing the cloth covering it.

You can use any color you choose. The adaptable nature of the piece makes it simple to match the decor of any given space. In addition, you may set the speed with just one button press.

Filters, sadly, need to be replaced every six months. This is how the maker prefers you to do things, at the very least. But we’re not just telling you to do it. Filters can only do their jobs properly if functioning at peak efficiency. So if the filter has a six-month lifespan, you should replace it every six months to optimize the air quality. Unfortunately, no sensors will alert you when it’s time to replace the filter, so you’ll have to keep track of the days yourself.

Unfortunately, the filters also come at a hefty price. As expected, given the air purifier’s size and the filters it utilizes, it is a relatively high cost for replacement filters. However, the carbon filter’s large surface area allows it to quickly and effectively remove odors after they have been introduced.

It won’t take long at all to switch out the filter. There is no need to help you in any way. It’s as straightforward as removing the old filter and putting in the new one. To use the customized filters, hit the button.

The True HEPA filters in the Blueair Classic series may be more helpful than the Blue Pure 121 in this case. Although this may be the case, the Blue Pure 121 is still a good air purifier that is well-liked by its target audience. Those who need access to clean air in a hurry and, more crucially, customers who need access to clean air at all times will gain the most from this service.

The Blue Pure 121 is the flagship of the Blue Pure series, but it is also the first model of its kind. The Blue Pure 121 appears to be nothing more than a slightly larger version of the Blue Pure 211. But other than that, the Blue Pure 121 is the same size as its younger sibling, with a width and depth of 13 inches each.

This Blue Pure 121 continues Blueair’s tradition of conservatively chosen shades within the Blue color family. You may customize your reverse-flow air purifier with a cloth pre-filter in your choice of Diva Blue, Buff Yellow, Dark Shadow, Crystal Pink, or Lunar Rock. A version of the model as the Dark Shadow edition, which is entirely black, will be used for the duration of the research project at hand.

Think of a big air intake grill that spins over the full 360 degrees hidden beneath that huge pre-filter made of spandex fabric. This layout is the most efficient and effective method to utilize the powerful fans in the Blue Pure 121. The air purifier’s airflow will direct the cleaned air to the unit’s highest chamber. The Levoit LV-H133, the company’s flagship product, uses a simple and effective airflow system that many other companies have duplicated. Additionally, this air purifier from Levoit is considered a major competitor to the Blue Pure 211.

Like the rest of the Blue series, the Blue Pure 121 does not use a True HEPA filter. Instead, the Particle Filter and HEPASilent technology included in the Blue Pure 121 eliminates allergens, pollen, mold and mildew, and other irritants in the air using a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtering. By doing so, it can remove unwanted impurities. The Blue Pure 121 is comparable to the Levoit LV-H133, which features a True HEPA filter in terms of its capacity to filter the air. However, simply installing an air purification system will do the trick.

ORANSI Max Air Purifier

ORANSI Max HEPA is an air purifier with a pre-filter and HEPA filter. Cleaner air eliminates allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and germs.

The main advantages are that it is simple to operate, has exceptional filter performance, and operates quietly for a HEPA air purifier. In addition, this air purifier contains a light-duty activated carbon filter for eliminating lingering odors and gasses.

Filters included in this purifier’s package are designed to work for a full calendar year under typical use. A friendly interface is provided. Timer functions and a reminder to change the filter are built in.

Despite all the praise we have given this ORANSI Max, its exterior does not make it seem like a particularly powerful or attractive air purifier. This ORANSI Max, which costs over $500, has very flimsy support, and we knocked it over several times. In addition, the air purifier is lopsided due to its wider front panel, and we wouldn’t exactly go so far as to call it lovely.

A sensor and display for ambient air quality are integrated into this model. Having this capability is a plus. Yet, the interface was not as user-friendly as we had hoped. In our opinion, this sensor’s performance was satisfactory, although it has room for development.

ORANSI, with over 15 years of expertise, is another market leader in the American air purifier sector. They’ve created and are funding a community initiative called AirLift Clean Air Solutions to raise awareness about the importance of improving air quality.

This is one of the most reliable makes of air purifiers on the market today. Our ORANSI Max review explains why this model is the one ORANSI has selected to help with the AirLift program.

The current pricing of an ORANSI Max is far less than that of competing products like the Rabbit Air MinusA2, the Medify MA-112, or the Alen BreatheSmart FIT50. The ORANSI Max is a fantastic air purifier in terms of its cost, the quality of the air it filters, and the strength of its fan. The Sharp KC-850U and the Alen BreatheSmart 45i can be found for the same price. There are gains and shortcomings to each of these alternatives to ORANSI Max, but if we’re talking about relieving severe allergies and asthma, we’ll choose ORANSI Max every time.

Due to inflation and the release of a new air purifier from the same company, the retail price of the ORANSI Max has dropped to $479, as seen on the company’s official website. As a result, this ORANSI air purifier sits in the middle of the company’s price range, and only the most expensive models sit. To sum up, ORANSI Max is an excellent entry point for newbies.

ORANSI has repositioned the top control panel from the preceding ORANSI OV200 to the front, and in our perspective, this alteration has many downsides. First, the ORANSI Max’s height requirement is a kneeling position for activation, and its short 22-inch size makes it awkward to use. Additionally, the buttons are stiff, and the electronic interface is challenging to read.

Incorporating a negative ion emitter inside the device is a nice touch. The ionizer aids the filters in their removal of airborne contaminants. It is also effective at canceling the negative ions produced by electronic devices like TVs, laptops, DVD players, etc. The ionizer can be used or not used as the user sees fit. There is no ozone depletion in this product… essential when looking for an air purifier, especially one with a built-in ionizer, whose effectiveness has been questioned.

Compared to other air purifiers, it’s very pricey, but that’s because it’s constructed from high-quality, long-lasting parts. The most expensive parts are the V HEPA filter, the smart air quality sensor, the ionizer, and the housing material. Replacement V HEPA filters cost around $50, and ABS isn’t the most inexpensive material for making a machine’s exterior.

The ORANSI Max v HEPA Air Purifier’s built-in dust sensor is a crucial component of its superior performance against dust and a critical factor in our decision to name it the best dust air purifier. It senses the ambient conditions and controls the fan speed accordingly. In addition, this apparatus is exceptionally competitive in capturing dust with the test-winning filters.

The greater price tag might probably be attributed to this one particular function. Since your lungs and nose can’t tell when the fan speed has to be adjusted, we think it’s money well spent. Those with respirational conditions like asthma or allergies will appreciate this feature extensively.

Overall, we are pleased with this unit’s many useful features and high rating. It may take the air filter up to 24 hours to clean the air in a big room to the point where the air quality indicator registers a healthy level. However, this system effectively removes the visible dust layers from your home and cleans the air. If you have a severe mite problem in a large room and can afford the somewhat higher price, we highly recommend this filter.

AirSoap Home Air Purifier

The market for air purifiers has become increasingly cutthroat in recent years. But the AirSoap Air Purifier is up for outsmarting its competitors. Extremely practical, it takes a novel approach to the problem of air pollution and cleans the air in a room in a single pass.

Seeking easy, effective methods to improve air quality within your home? Then you can choose from several possibilities. Air purifiers, ionizers, and ozone generators are all fantastic in their ways.

PhoneSoap’s AirSoap is the most satisfactory solution if you want to clean the air in a sizable space at home thoroughly. PhoneSoap, a tech startup that makes UV light sanitizers, has released a new product called AirSoap, which it says can filter out pollutants that HEPA filters miss.

Its dimensions are more significant than the others we suggest, being 21.1 inches in height, 12.25 inches in width, and 10.6 inches in depth. However, it is the best choice if you only want to use one air purifier in your house or require an air purifier for a huge room.

PhoneSoap claims their air purifier can clean a space as large as 400 square feet, which is enough for a large bedroom, living room, or studio apartment. However, particles larger than 14 nanometers, which can pass through a standard HEPA filter, are supposedly stopped by the system’s proprietary filtering mechanism.

The AirSoap eliminates germs with a proprietary technique called Electric WindTM, which generates a plasma field and collects the polarized particles with graphene plates. The AirSoap doesn’t work with ionizers due to its unique cleaning mechanism.

PhoneSoap claims that its method is effective and silent. Due to its slower fan speed, the business claims that its air purifier is more power-saving than others on the market. The AirSoap has excellent cleaning capabilities, but its compact size may be an issue for some.

The AirSoap is an economical and highly efficient alternative to the standard air purifiers that rely on HEPA filters. AirSoap uses a plasma field to polarize the air and surrounding particles, and then the polarized particles are collected in graphene collecting plates that may be reused. Unlike HEPA-based filtration systems, which have regular filter replacements, these plates may be cleaned and reused.

The high-energy plasma field is partly generated by the so-called “Electric Wind System,” one of its distinctive features. It effectively eliminates the bacterium it encounters. Furthermore, it cleans the air by reducing the number of microscopic contaminants such as pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

The Air Purifier is quite simple to install and run. Just press the button once to toggle between the four available settings. Indicating the air quality around you will determine how fast the fan spins. If the fan is set to “Auto,” it will speed up if the air quality is low and slow down if it’s good.

This strikes a good mix between productivity and resource conservation. In addition, there are a variety of fan speeds and settings available for those who prefer this method of operation (low, medium, high).

Using AirSoap is entirely risk-free. To enable the safety lock for children, press and hold the button for around 5 seconds. By doing so, an interested child won’t be able to trigger it accidentally.

Compared to other conventional ionizers, which are often responsible for producing hundreds of times as much ozone as this device, this one produces a mere ten parts per billion. Also, you can forget about spending a fortune on new filters. Instead, earth-friendly technology like AirSoap’s reusable, washable graphene plates efficiently cleans the air in your house without breaking the bank.

In terms of functionality, the AirSoap excels. But, to be fair, it won’t neutralize every foul smell. In contrast, it performs admirably in terms of actual threats to one’s health. In addition to eradicating bacteria and viruses, it eliminates airborne irritants like pollen, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds.

Like the usefulness of most other modern gadgets, it depends on the intended use. The Electric Wind Technology integrated into the AirSoap Air Purifier allows a sizable amount of filtered air to be pushed through the space. This device is excellent if you’re having trouble eliminating airborne viruses and bacteria.

It purifies an area as large as 400 square feet while being portable and simple to operate.

If you want a soothing background whir as you sleep, turn on the air purifier. Yes, everyone would benefit from being in such a soothing setting. A primary HEPA filter may be sufficient if you’re not worried about bacteria and viruses. Odors can also be absorbed by some HEPA filters, namely those made with activated carbon filters.

LEVOIT CORE 300 Air Purifier

The Levoit Core 300 has three fan speeds, a timer, and a sleep mode, and it is reasonably priced for an entry-level air purifier. Our in-house testing revealed that it performed admirably and could be used to treat rooms up to 215 square feet in size. In addition, the 300S is an upgrade over the previous model because it can connect to apps and has air quality sensors.

Levoit air purifiers are routinely recommended by customers and rated well on Amazon. We chose to look into and assess Levoit air purifiers because the Levoit Core 300 model has gotten more than 60,000 reviews. However, the problem we found throughout our research into the Levoit air purifier we are examining has given us cause for alarm.

Levoit is an organization widely recognized for pioneering several critical technological developments. They can produce a range of air purifiers, from the most basic to the most complex. The Levoit Core 300 is an air purifier that has passed our tests for being easy to use, efficient, and well-designed.

We want to start by saying that this air purifier doesn’t include fancy extras like a sensor that analyzes air quality or the ability to connect to your phone wirelessly. In any case, the Core 300 has a timer, a display lock, and a power-saving option, all of which are sufficient for regular use.

The Levoit Core 300 has an updated filtration mechanism, making it an efficient air purifier for rooms. A True HEPA filter is used, which can trap and eliminate airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency rate. Allergens such as pollen, dust, pet hair, and dander, as well as stale air, are quickly removed from the environment by this True HEPA air purifier.

Another perk is how quietly this air purifier works, which is a must for our bedroom. Due to a noise-reducing feature called QuietKEAP, the Core 300 is almost undetectable when it is in standby mode. Turn on the sleep mode, and you can watch TV without being awakened.

If you’re looking for an affordable air purifier with a good coverage area, the Levoit Core 300 is a great choice. This cleaner provides adequate coverage for its price, has decent performance, and is affordable.

When we tested the Levoit Core 300’s performance, we found that it significantly enhanced the indoor air quality by reducing the overall number of particles by 96% and improving the PM2.5 value by 87%. The Core 300S also performed brilliantly, with a 97.3% improvement in PM2.5 and a reduction of particle count of 93.7%.

The Levoit Core 300 doesn’t disappoint you because it wasn’t designed to be the most powerful device on the market. Reasonably clean air around your dwelling is of paramount importance. Knowing that you will be sleeping in a pristine environment can only increase the quality of your rest. The air purification system is quiet, efficient, and flexible in dealing with air pollution.

Air purifiers, unlike other industries, do not have a regulating body to guarantee that the CADR rating offered on products is correct. That’s why it’s crucial for any manufacturer of air purifiers to publish the results of any independent testing they’ve done on their products and to be open about the results of any internal testing they’ve done themselves. Unfortunately, Levoit still has not submitted a report to the public even after several reviewers informed them of our intention to write an article on their inability to share their CADR data.

The Core 300 air purifier draws in air from the bottom via ports and distributes it all over the unit. Levoit Core 300 air purifier’s ample entry space is one of the reasons for its excellent efficiency. In addition, power cords don’t need extensions because their cables are long enough.

The Levoit Core 300 doesn’t just look like a high-end product; it is one. Bearings that are both long-lasting and high-precision are only found in the AC capacitor, which is the only component beneath the hood. Also, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear before showing signs of wear and tear, which means it can be preserved for longer. Some examples of more trustworthy air purifiers are the InvisiClean Claro and the Medify Air.

The Core 300 hasn’t been upgraded to create additional power, but it may still significantly boost air quality in a room if placed strategically. The recommended room size is no more than 215 square feet, making it ideal for bedrooms or little offices. By doing so, its maximum efficiency can be guaranteed.

Medify MA-40 Air Purifier

In search of a premium air purifier, perhaps? The Medify MA-40 has been updated to version 2.0. This highly effective tool can significantly enhance the quality of the air you’re breathing at home.

The price is lovely considering the premium features included. For example, its three-stage filtration technology efficiently removes airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns, such as volatile organic compounds, smoke, allergens, animal dander, dust, pollution, and more.

This review will examine the MA-40 v2.0 in great detail, covering everything from its interface to its internal workings. We’ll also go over how it stacks up against some of the most widely used alternatives on the market. So, read on if you’re curious about the new features of the Medify MA-40 v2.0!

We were worried about the pollution of city living because our apartment was on a major thoroughfare. So we weren’t just looking for a way to get rid of car exhaust; we also wanted a way to swiftly get rid of the lingering smells left over from my passion for cooking, which would otherwise be released into the air if I opened the windows.

Medify Air, like Levoit before it, is a relatively new manufacturer of air purifiers, but it offers only the highest-quality options to its consumers. In addition, this is the second manufacturer of air purifiers to provide a lifetime guarantee, mirroring Alen’s distinctive selling proposition. For a long time, the Medify MA-40 has been the brand’s crown jewel since it offers top-tier performance typically reserved for expensive machinery.

It’s hard to think, taking a look at the Medify MA-40, that the firm behind it is less than four years old. Yet, this air purifier can compete favorably with high-end models made by businesses with much larger budgets for design and those with ten years or more of expertise in the field.

Medify Air has continually developed great air purifiers at sub-flagship pricing. Still, with this iteration, the American business has learned from its failures and built upon its triumphs to build an all-around fantastic air cleaner gadget.

The Medify MA-40 is more square than round, measuring 22 inches in height and 10 inches in breadth. Comparing the Levoit LV-H135 and the Winix AM90 reveals that this air purifier is more compact.

The quality look and feel of the Medify MA-40 are due in part to the air grill’s perforated design. From the first Medify MA-14 to the brand new Medify MA-15, the design philosophy of “less is more” has been at the heart of every Medify Air product. So although the Medify MA-40’s backward-to-forwards air flow system concept may seem out of place for a device in the middle price category, it complements the device’s design.

The critical news regarding performance is that Medify Air has significantly upgraded its Medify MA-40. It outperforms the more costly Medify MA-440 in terms of coverage, covering an area of 400 square feet in size. In addition, Medify MA-40’s ACH is between 2 and 4 times that of ordinary. Even with only two exchanges each hour, the Medify MA-40 can cover an area of 800 square feet. Also, a 1X ACH rating allows for 1300 square feet of coverage in a given room.

You can put the Medify MA-40 v.20 Air Purifier in any room of your house or office because it is small and stylish. It has a sleek, contemporary style that is both practical and attractive. In addition, being under 11 pounds in weight makes this machine portable. One of the quiet air purifiers available, the Medify MA-40, emits just 29 dB of noise while operating.

The Activated carbon filter, made of pellets, eliminates odors and filters gases. Activated carbon pellets fill the honeycomb-shaped filter, removing smoking, pet odors, and culinary aromas from the air.

You should swap out this filter every six months or after three thousand hours of operation. Filter Club is a service that Medify provides. By signing up, you’ll have new filters delivered to your home every six months at a discount of 10% off the retail price and free delivery both ways. This money-saving suggestion also guarantees you’ll never be without a replacement filter.

We at Iupilon would like to stress that the product is well-made and suitable for usage in spacious areas. The only real disadvantage is that you’ll have to use the app on your phone to operate the gadget. But aside from that, it’s a decent option for those who don’t want to pay a fortune but need a high-quality air purifier with a high CADR rating.

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