MSR Titan Kettle Vs Evernew

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Having the right camping gear can spell the difference between a successful trip and a terrible one. A kettle or pot is a non-negotiable essential if you plan to cook anything while hiking or camping. No, it’s not practical to bring an actual pot and other regular cookware and dinnerware from your kitchen unless there are many of you on the trip and you can spread the load.

Camping cookware is designed to sit perfectly still on those tiny gas stoves. There’s a reason why they are smaller and more compact while maximizing liquid capacity. If you are a first-timer or are thinking of upgrading your gear, you’re probably mulling over your options.

It is frankly confusing how you can finally settle on one brand. However, two brands stand out for many campers – the MSR Titan Kettle and the Japanese Evernew Past Pot. The name aside, the Evernew Pasta Pot is essentially a camping kettle because it has all the features of one. While it was probably designed for tiny homes in Japan, it certainly fits the bill of an ideal camping kettle.

MSR Titan Camping Kettle

A Titan Among Mortals

The MSR Titan Camping Kettle has already attained legendary status among backpackers and outdoors people in the US. People love it because it simply works – isn’t that something we all share?

The MSR Titan is fabricated from titanium, and many of its fans have ten-year-old pots to show. However, apart from the light scratches and the patina of the years gone by, the MSR Titan holds up pretty well, season after season.

It is ideal for cooking small servings of regular meals and rehydrating packed meals. Whichever is your preference, the MSR Titan can undoubtedly keep up.

The Verdicts:

  1. In the context of long-term use, you won’t have to fear anything when you buy the MSR Titan because these pots will probably outlive you. Of course, there’s the concern about corrosion and the general appearance of the pot after some years.
  2. Titanium does not corrode and if it’s just cooking meals, consider your MSR Titan impervious.
    The appearance of all metals is reduced by time. That’s simply patina, and you can probably get rid of the darkening on the surface using surface cleaners. So yes, the MSR Titan will be as durable as can be, take our word for it.
  3. You can boil up to three cups of water at a time with the Titan kettle. However, campers who stick to it often say that they do so because not all pots have a well-formed and well-fitted lid, and the spout is a deal-breaker to many people.
    If the pot doesn’t pour well, it will be challenging to drain it if you are cooking instant ramen or pasta.
    Fortunately, the MSR Titan is probably best known for having the best lid and mini-spout. But the company behind the MSR Titan wants the pot to live up to its name (hint: it’s a kettle, and kettles must be poured!)
  4. Still, other outdoors people point to the fact that the MSR Titan is compact enough to be pocketed. In addition, many use it directly as a mug because it’s slim and shiny. However, there is a caveat here.
    If you want to use an MSR Titan as a mug, make sure that you have gloves because those titanium handles can get very hot. Trust us, and you wouldn’t want to scald yourself when in the wilderness. That’s inviting a lot of pain and a potential infection along the way, too.

EVERNEW Titanium Pasta Pot

A Japanese Camping Pot Worth Your Money

And here we are with the Japanese contender for the best camping kettle. First of all, let us say that EVERNEW has truly outdone itself with the physical profile. This is a genuinely handsome-looking kettle, and it looks very balanced and sturdy.

We’re guessing this is a secondary benefit because if you want to cook pasta properly, you need to have space inside that pot, and your wrist will give way if the handles are not ergonomic.

We noticed this is another thing with the EVERNEW pasta pot – the compact handles will allow even small hands to carry the pot with confidence. That’s a firm grip for a camping spot, which makes us love this pot even more.

The Verdicts:

  1. EVERNEW’s design features a much broader base compared to the walls. This tweak in the design allows you to have a more balanced pot. It also allows the camper to fry food in his pot quickly.
    Sure, you can probably get deep fry a leg or two in a narrower pot, but it’s going to be a challenge to pull out the meat. Also, your fingers are inevitably going to make contact with the walls of the pot.
    That’s not going to be much of a problem with an EVERNEW pasta pot, but we recommend packing a small pair of tongs if you are serious about frying food in the outback.
  2. Use this pot with a snow peak bowl. Double-boiling is a tremendous timesaver, and it may be necessary to conserve your portable propane gas if you are staying out on the trail for more than a few days.
  3. This pot already has silicone coating on the handles, so if you are frying or baking, it will be easier to carry the pot. Silicone barely heats up, but don’t push it if the fire you have going is enormous. There’s going to be some heating, but not enough to be a significant cause of concern. If you are unsure, always use a heating pad.
  4. There is a nonstick version of the pot, which is more advisable for people who want to fry, apart from boiling stuff to cook their food. Explore the variations and see which works for you the best.

The main picture is from Amazon – MSR. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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