How to Clean White Converse

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How to clean Converse shoes? This is probably the biggest headache of real Converse lovers because it is easy to get it wrong the first time. Luckily, Converse has been around for years, and enthusiasts have developed great methods for keeping clean this shoe brand, especially the white Converse pairs.

How to Clean Converse Shoes

The best way to clean all kinds of Converse shoes, whether made of leather or canvas, is by hand. Begin the process by removing the laces from the shoes. Set the laces aside. Get a larger brush and use it to get rid of any built-up grime across the shoes.

Pay attention to the corners, crevices, and the different grooves around the shoe. There is also the leather or rubber trim, which must be cleaned conscientiously. This is the first phase of the cleaning: manually removing the dirt and inspecting the shoes for damage. Pay close attention to the tongue of the shoes because these tend to accumulate plenty of grime along the way.

As for the cleaning agent, you can purchase a specialized solution for cleaning and restoring shoes or use something simpler: dish soap. Dish soap is a great, all-around cleaner, and it works for even the most delicate fine jewelry, too. To clean your Converse shoes manually, combine a few drops of dish soap with a small basin of water. You will need to use an old brush or a cleaning cloth (or perhaps both) when performing the necessary cleaning.

After mixing the soap with the water, soak the cloth or the toothbrush and start cleaning. Wipe every corner and try to get in between those the connected parts of the material to make sure that you get most of the dirt out. You can perform the cleaning as often as you like until the shoes are restored to their former glory. You might be surprised how Converse shows clean up nicely after a short time.

Feel free to wipe down your Converse shoes with plain water again to rinse them out. Leftover soup can serve as a natural magnet for dirt when left on the shoes, so it’s best to make sure that the surface is as clean as can be, after brushing. Use a generous amount of paper towels to dry the canvas of your shoes. Drying the shoes this way will help prevent the deformation of the shoe. Wet shoes will almost always become deformed if they are not dried properly.

When drying your converse shoes, make sure that they are indoors or in a shaded part outside so they are not directly exposed to the sun. Room temperature is safer for shoes than direct sunlight, as too much heat can cause color fading and can even crack the surface of the canvas. As for the shoelaces, you can always squeeze the laces several times to remove the water before putting them back into the shoes.  

Can I Clean My Converse in The Washing Machine? How to wash Converse in a regular washing machine?

While the ideal method of washing shoes is still manual, sometimes we do not have the time to it this way. You have the option of machine-washing your shoes. Here are the steps to safely machine-washing Converse shoes:

  • Always remove the laces before washing your shoes, either manually or in the washing machines.
  • Use a sturdy mesh bag. Place the shoes inside the mesh bag and lock the drawstrings down tightly.
  • Use only low-temperature washing for Converse shoes and other kinds of shoes. Do not set the washing machine on the high wash cycle, either. Choose the lowest or gentlest wash.
  • Use only a gentle detergent for your shoes. There is no need to apply bleach and fabric softener. The material in Converse shoes is not designed to withstand these chemicals. Soap is all it needs. Additionally, bleaches can damage the color of the shoes’ canvas and can make your shoes look aged.
  • Add several towels to the washing machine. The towels will help cushion the shoes and reduce the impact of the machine. Many washing machines are designed to wash with a lot of force, and this force can tear apart older shoes and even new ones, in some cases.
  • Do not use spin-drying for your Converse shoes. Drain the washing machine and air-dry the shoes naturally. This will take some time to complete, but it is safer.

The worst thing that could happen when machine-washing shoes are the spinning force damages them. We can avoid this problem entirely by hand-washing your shoes if you are not too confident with your washing machine.

Why Did My White Converse Turn Yellow?

If you already know how to wash white Converse shoes and the shoes turned yellow suddenly, what could this mean?

The most common reason for yellowing Converse shoes is dust, grime, and, of course, sweat from the feet. Over time, the sweat from the feet can manifest outside the shoes as a yellowish stain.

Can You Clean Converse with Toothpaste?

Both toothpaste and baking soda can be safely used to scrub away heavy grime from shoes. Pick one and apply to your shoes to see which is the best. Toothpaste works because it is designed to lift away, grime, and dirt gently. A lot of toothpaste brands also make use of baking soda, which has fantastic cleaning powers. Unlike chemical cleaners, toothpaste and baking soda do not make pigments bleed, nor do they age canvas material. If you have aged Converse shoes that have seen better days, you may want to shift to gentler cleaning agents like toothpaste for the meantime.


Taking care of Converse shoes can be easy if you know how to clean them manually. The best thing about Converse pairs is you don’t have to buy expensive soap to wash them. Handwashing also gives you better control of the outcome because you can control the pressure applied to the shoes.

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