Does an Air Fryer Replace a Deep Fryer?

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Undeniably, consuming fried food is a guilty pleasure. No one can resist the delicate fried food combined with its crunchy exterior. What is not to love about fried foods? But, if there’s one thing, the potential excess fat coming can lead to issues like obesity, heart condition, and even arthritis.

Good thing, the creation of air fryers made way to replace the good old deep fryers. These modern-day widgets are known to provide a healthier route for frying foods. So you can have a deep-fried flavor without an unhealthy amount of cooking oil.

However, some are still not delighted with the frying capacities of an air fryer. For example, some air fryer users notice the lack of “deep-fried” flavor that is only possible once you’ve drenched your frozen meal in boiling oil. Another remark is the function of an air fryer similar to convection cooking, which instead “bake” the food instead of frying it.

With these concerns under consideration, you may take a quick break before throwing your deep fryer out of the kitchen to give way with your new air fryer. But, does an air fryer can completely replace your trusty deep-fryer?

The answers will be revealed after identifying the similarities and differences of these two kitchen appliances, possible ingredients, and frying time. Take time to read this article to know the matters behind this frying equipment.

What’s the Difference Between a Deep Fryer and Airfryer?

In general, both types of fryers share some feature similarities, especially for digital screens, adjustable temperatures, and user-friendly controls. However, in this case, the discussion regarding getting an air fryer versus a deep fryer can only lead to one or two must-have features.

The more priced the fryer, the more functions it will have. For example, a properly equipped fryer with adjustable temperature control and a temporary timer with a ready signal and automated shut-off can be found. Some fryers even come with presets to take away the cooking time.

Deep fryer

If the taste is your primary goal in fried dishes, you’d like to go for a deep fryer. Although air fryers can create a crispy appearance similar to a deep fryer, the proper deep-fried consistency cannot be replaced.

Deep-fried food smells good when you cook but can sometimes leave an unpleasant odor, especially overheated or burnt. If you prefer to prevent this unpleasant experience, seek a deep scent control fryer. You might also consider using a removable container with an oil spout to clean up the mess.

Air fryer

An air-fryer with a simple touch operation and a convenient on/off button can be considered if you enjoy the convenience. A fryer with a digital timer can be a terrific alternative if you forget about food when it’s cooking. Additional benefits include easy-to-clean materials or broths with a recipe book.

When it comes to health, this area is won by the air fryer. You don’t have to use any oil with an air fryer, or you can merely use a fraction of the oil to reduce the fat level of the meal.

Can You Air Fry Anything You Can Deep Fry?

Air fryers flood the world of kitchen appliances with their strong engines, which swiftly and effortlessly prepare meals. While most would like to boast the air fryers can make anything, that really isn’t true. Most deep-fried items can be converted, but some should be left out of the air frying field.

Consider checking these food items before placing them in your air fryer:

  • Food coated with batter. Wet batter made with cornmeal, whole wheat flour, and other grains will not cook well with an air fryer. The coating is dense and moist enough to drip along with the perforated basket before being thoroughly cooked. Deep-frying is recommended for food coated with batter.
  • Dense cake and doughnuts. Cake doughnuts do not cook properly with an air fryer because of the sugar, flour, sour cream, and milk mixture. However, the sweet delicacies are delightfully moist and fluffy so that an air fryer will dry it out.
  • While it can be done, the air fryer is not the ideal equipment for cooking bacon. The hot air circulates unbelievably fast in the air fryer, causing the bacon fat to spray across the inside of the machine. To prevent damaging your air fryer, cook your bacon with a skillet.
  • Large chicken. There is a good likelihood that breast meat is overcooked even before chicken thighs are safe to eat. This is because the large poultry makes it hard for the air fryer to distribute even heat. Instead of placing a whole large chicken, consider slicing them before air frying.
  • Too much cheese. When you make meals with lots of cheese, the cheese will probably leak away before you get a completely crisp exterior. This will leave you a basket full of dripping cheese.
  • Rice, oats, and other grains. Even using the special pan-insert, there is a big chance that your grain will be left undercooked. This is because grains are too small for the air fryer to distribute heat at the same pace. It will definitely go some areas of the grain raw and inedible.
  • Leafy greens. Kale, lettuce, and other leafy greens are basically lightweight. However, they have a high potential to float during the cooking process, which can damage your air fryer.

Is Air Frying as Fast as Deep Frying?

Due to the higher heat distribution and temperature, there is no wonder why deep-frying will be faster compared to air frying. This is because heat is efficiently distributed throughout the fried food, thanks to its hot oils.

For instance, potato wedges can cook in about 15 minutes through the use of an air fryer. This is comparatively slower than the full minute needed using deep-frying. The only benefit that air frying can give is the lesser oil penetrating the food.

If you want to cut down your oil consumption, air frying is the best track. However, deep-frying can still be done occasionally. You can also use other methods also to reduce the oil from deep-fried food. For example, straining the excess oils with paper towels or wire mesh can effectively relieve them from deep-frying while making it a lot crispier.

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