Can Cuisinart Skillet Go In Oven?

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If you want to improve your amateur cooking skills, you need to consider purchasing the right cookware and kitchen equipment for your cooking journey. Having your own good set of cookware is an essential material for your kitchen. This journey begins with purchasing a reliable cookware brand.

Cuisinart’s skillet pans offer functionality and versatility. Some of their pans are oven-safe, flameproof, and dishwasher-proof. They also have an up-to-date website which provides necessary information about your cookware’s capacity.

How Do You Know If Your Cuisinart Skillet Is Oven Safe?

Cuisinart can provide the right pots, pans, and skillets for your kitchen setup when it comes to cookware that professional chefs and home cooks can use. Cuisinart offers their professional-grade cookware in sets or as individual pieces. If you want to establish your first cookware, Cuisinart can provide primary utensils to supplement your collection.

This brand offers the standard 12-inch skillet. Made with stainless steel pan and handle, this skillet can endure high-temperature cooking from the oven and broiler. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Skillet comes along with a glass lid that is essential for braising and boiling.

In a general sense, stainless steel skillets can be placed inside the oven. Aside from frying, sauteing, simmering, and boiling, most stainless-steel cookware is oven-safe. However, several factors may change these circumstances: 

  • If your skillet’s handle is made with plastic, wood, and other heat-sensitive materials, it cannot be placed inside an oven.
  • Polymer and other plastic compounds used in creating heat-resistant handles can endure the heat for a certain limit—but not enough for oven use.
  • Suppose your pan has nonstick coatings that are not oven-safe. Once heated, several coatings may create harmful fumes that can affect one’s health.

The best way to identify if your Cuisinart skillet can safely be placed on the oven is by checking the packaging description. If you happen to forget to inspect it, you can check Cuisinart’s official website, which contains easy-to-understand descriptions about their product. 

How Long Can A Cast Iron Skillet Go In The Oven?

Cast iron skillet is the go-to cookware that also functions as bakeware. After sauteing your food on the stove, you can place a cast-iron skillet directly inside an oven. Placing your cast iron skillet under a broiler will produce this charred, smoky flavor. The best thing about this cookware, you can place this inside the broiler or oven for a sensible amount of time.

You can finish your cooking more efficiently by placing your iron skillet inside an oven. As a material, cast iron has a melting point of 2200°F (1204°C), making it ideal for high-temperature cooking. However, a cast-iron will show signs of metal fatigue once it reaches 700°F (371°C). This means that the cast iron skillet can endure two hours or more inside the oven without breaking.

To shorten things out, you can bake your food inside a cast-iron skillet until it doesn’t reach its metal fatigue, a term that determines a metal critical temperature point. You can attach a food thermometer to the cast iron’s skillet to check its internal temperature.

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