Top 1 Best Two Handle Kitchen Faucet 2022

by iupilon

Among the many models in the market, the best two handle kitchen faucets are the Pfister Hanover 2-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet, which comes in Tuscan bronze finish. The best two handle kitchen faucets always give much more than regular counterparts, and there’s a big reason why customers are praising this model so much.

This excellent pull-down faucet comes from Pfister’s Hanover Collection, which is known for bringing back “old world grace” to the faucet game. The Hanover Collection explores the more traditional themes in designing faucets. If you have ever wanted to have a faucet that is artisan-inspired, the Hanover Collection is a good pick.

The faucet features a step up from rubber valves by using ceramic disc valves that ensures that the seals will not break down after a few years. By replacing the rubber valves with ceramic valves, you will have a virtually unbreakable Old World faucet that can last for generations. This is indeed a worthy long-term investment.

The faucet also has an adequately-sized spray head with easy volume control for controlling the water’s pressure and volume. The control lever’s design is also quite special – pull back gently, and you are going to get a powerful stream of water immediately. Who would have thought that an elegant faucet with Old World charm would also be so modern and ergonomic?

We also love the fact that the manufacturer has designed this faucet system to be a quick install, and you are going to get all the special tools you need to get the job done. It also has a patented Pfast connect system that greatly reduces the time needed for new installations. The Pfast connect system is also more secure, ensuring that there are no leaks.

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