How Long Does Salmon Last in The Fridge: Tips to Tell If Salmon Is Gone Bad

by iupilon

How Long Does Salmon Last in the Fridge?

How long is salmon good in the fridge? Wild-caught salmon and store-bought salmon have the same lifespans in the refrigerator. Once the package is open, you can only refrigerate fresh salmon for three to four days. Salmon will keep well for up to two months when stored in a freezer, so if you bought several pounds of filleted salmon from the supermarket, freeze the rest and place only the packs that you will be consuming in the refrigerator.

How Do You Know if Salmon Has Gone Bad?

It’s no small wonder that there’s a huge demand for fresh and frozen salmon. But how do you know if your salmon is still safe for consumption? The most reliable indicator, right next to knowing when you refrigerated the salmon, is smelling the fish.

Fresh salmon doesn’t have much of an odor, apart from the natural ocean smell (which is mostly salt anyway, in the fish’s meat). If salmon has gone bad, you will notice that its odor will begin to shift from neutral to sour. That sourness in the smell indicates that the fish’s meat has started to go bad, and the muscles are disintegrating.

As the meat’s disintegration progresses, the smell will worsen as ammonia manifests as a byproduct of the meat’s disintegration. That’s where the strong “fish smell” comes from. Experts advise that when you smell anything off in fish, don’t risk it anymore –throw it out. You can get very sick from eating rotten fish or fish that isn’t going well in any case.

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