3 Awesome Accessories for Christmas Tree for 2022

by iupilon

Decorating for the holidays is always a splendid time. In addition to a Christmas tree, three other accessories would make awesome additions to your holiday shopping: a Christmas tree storage bag, a Christmas tree skirt, and the best Christmas tree stand.

ZOBER Large Christmas Tree Bag

ZOBER offers probably the best Christmas tree storage we have seen in a while. Let us explain. You are storing a Christmas tree after the holidays can be more than challenging. Compression takes a toll on the tips and stems. Sure, you can use just any old box, but you need to consider that many boxes lack the length needed to accommodate the Christmas tree’s major segments. This is where ZOBER’s Christmas tree storage bag comes into the picture. The bag’s form factor takes into consideration the average length of Christmas tree segments. You can lay down the segments and, with a little compression, get all of the trees into one location where it’s not crushed or compressed. Remember, your tree is going to stay here until the next holiday season. We must get it right the first time.

The bag is made with durable and reinforced material to handle the weight and the metal frame of most artificial trees – not to mention the bars. It has a dual zipper design as well, so you can close the bag from either side. This large bag protects your Christmas tree from insect infestations, moisture, and dust. Dust is particularly problematic for artificial trees because of how they’re formed. With enough dust, you can have an allergen trap in your hands the next time you pull out and assemble your tree. If you want an easier time assembling a clean tree next year, it’s best to grab this awesome tree storage bag the soonest before they run out of stocks.

Yuboo Christmas Tree & Halloween Christmas Tree Skirt

A Christmas tree skirt is bound to make your holiday setup look brighter and smarter. Place as many gifts as you want under the tree, and they’re going to be dust-free and comfortable to open. Your kids can easily sit under the tree and open their gifts because there is a cushion wide enough to accommodate both the gifts and the kids. The skirt measures 48” and has a thickness of 122 cm. The manufacturer used a thick and comfortable polar fleece material for the skirt. This material is naturally soft and stays warm when it’s cold. Your kids won’t be getting nippy any time soon, no matter how long they stay under the tree, waiting for Santa’s arrival.

The Christmas tree skirt can be machine-washed or hand-washed, depending on your needs. It won’t falter if you put it in the washing machine, and it lends well to hand-washing methods of your choice. A highly reusable Christmas tree skirt has a warm and funny appearance that speaks of Christmas and the holidays in general.

Customers who bought the skirt are generally happy with their purchase. One user said she was pleasantly surprised that the material was nice to touch, and the fabric was sewed durably. Another user said that the black and white colors are not dreary at all.

The two colors provided a great contrast to the overwhelming colors of holiday decorations, so it was nice punctuation that made the festivities more balanced. A third user said that the skirt was a good choice for seasonal Christmas trees (not just artificial Christmas trees). Others say that the skirt perfectly complements their idea of warm holiday decorations because of the rustic, farmhouse feel of the polar fleece plus how the colors interact with the surroundings. A good investment if you are feeling experimental with colors this season.

Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

Nothing could be more frustrating than an unreliable foundation for your Christmas tree. The Krinner Tree Genie XXL Christmas Stand solves this problem ASAP by providing a simple mechanism for locking onto a Christmas tree and keeping it vertical until the holiday season is over.

Place the tree’s center at the base of the stand and pump the locking mechanism until the tree is finally secure. The best thing about this mechanical stand is it doesn’t require any assembly at all. You won’t be messing around with screws or anything like that anymore. It comes assembled and ready for us.

The base measures 52 cm and can support up to 8 kg. That is a full 16 lbs. of weight, which is more than enough for your average six-foot artificial Christmas tree. According to the manufacturer, you can load a tall tree as tall as 12 ft. easily and natural trunks measuring 7 in. in diameter. So whether you are using an artificial tree or a natural one, there are no issues; use the base all the same.

If you want to secure a natural tree, the base can also accommodate up to 11 liters of water to keep the tree alive during the festivities. There is also an automatic water level indicator to ensure that your tree doesn’t dry out. This great base is designed and manufactured in Germany. German engineering is one of the best in the world.

Customers who have purchased the base recommend putting a sturdier bolt for the locking mechanism. The locking mechanism should stay down so the machine doesn’t accidentally release the tree it is holding. It takes a little additional pressure to attain the ideal locking level, but once the pressure is applied perfectly, the trees are held in place. The base can also handle more than 100 lbs. (according to one user review); we recommend sticking to lighter trees just in case.

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