11 Things To Make With Ground Beef

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Always trust that when you have lots of ground beef at home that simple ground beef recipes can save your meat from spoilage or from being wasted. We like super easy ground beef recipes like Mexican ground beef recipes because the whole family likes them.

Today we are going to share with you our ground beef dishes list that you can use any time to take care of your extra ground beef at home.

These ground beef ideas are easy to execute, and they can usually be done with ingredients you already have at home. We’re going to keep them simple so you can decide on the actual recipe and create something that is going to be truly special for the entire family.

Mexican beef

Ground beef is the foundation of many Mexican entrees, snacks, and side dishes. Think burritos, tacos, nachos, the list goes on. People love savory Mexican dishes that they can eat at all times of the day. Onions, spices, and Mexican seasonings bring up the flavor profile to full blast. You can even use cooked burger patties that you weren’t able to consume last time. Simply crumble your burger patties, and you can make a quick Mexican filling for a taco or burrito in a few minutes.

Vegetable filling  

There are so many stuffed vegetable recipes out there that you are bound to find one that suits your taste. Beef is often used to fill large eggplants. The meat is then combined with peppers, Greek grape leaves, and other satisfying vegetables. Add onions for that natural sweetness, and eat the stuffed vegetables with some white rice or brown rice. Bake stuffed vegetables with additional flavor kickers like parmesan cheese, and you can’t go wrong with this balanced and flavorful dish.

Ground beef in the soup

Instead of using cubed beef, use your leftover ground beef for soups. Whether you’re preparing something Mediterranean, Asian, or European, ground beef is a more flavorful base for your soap, and the texture is amazing. Look for any recipe that uses beef cubes as an ingredient and substitute ground beef instead. Thank you later!

Chili and sloppy joe

Who doesn’t love a nice, hot pot of chili? One stunning pot of chili is enough for one or two meals already. If chili doesn’t cut it, you can also prepare an impromptu batch of sloppy joe for the whole family. On the other hand, chili is also an easy go-to for casual snacks with friends. Preparing for game day with your best buddies? No sweat! Just grab a pound of ground beef and make some chili. Paired with soda or cold beer, and you can’t go wrong with this ground beef go-to.

Ground beef casseroles

Casseroles blossom with the addition of unused burger patties. The reason for this is that burger patties are already seasoned to the core, and they have the firmness and texture that are just right for many casserole recipes. Just make sure that you crumble the burger patties so the meat can soak up the goodness of the sauce and additional seasonings. Can’t find the time to cook properly during the weekend? Go for ground beef casseroles. Potlucks are also a breeze because casseroles take an hour or less to prepare.

Meatballs bonanza

Who doesn’t love a good batch of juicy and tasty meatballs? Ground beef is the best ingredient for meatballs, especially if you are thinking of combining it with some nice pasta. Meatballs can also be loaded onto submarine sandwiches/subs, or try soaking them in creamy Italian-style wedding soup. Don’t like any of these? Whip up a simple tomato sauce for your meatballs, and you are set for your meat. And while you are at it, why not grate some sharp cheddar or parmesan cheese on top of your saucy meatballs?

Juicy meat pies

Ground beef is amazing in meat pies. Since pies are easily scalable, you can make a small one for yourself or a large pie for the entire family. Or if your family has a huge appetite for nice pie, make two. Meat pies are also a plus when you have a party as they are easy to prepare, and you can produce multiple pies at a time with little effort.

Lasagna and other pastas

Lasagna, with lots of well-seasoned ground beef, is unbeatable. Garlicky, savory, and cheesy – what else can you ask for? Ground beef beats ground pork any time with kinds of pasta, especially if you know how to season the beef well, and you have nubs of batter galore. Get your baking pans ready, because it’s time to prepare some savory lasagna at home. You can also explore other pasta dishes from Italy – especially the filled pasta recipes that double as enormous pasta pies for every member of the family.

Burgers, burgers for everyone!

This is, of course, a top choice for anyone who wants a fast and heavy meal. Create multi-patty and multi-tier burgers easily with your ground beef. Pan-fry the patties or grill them, whichever you prefer, and add slices of sumptuous cheese to the mix. Why settle for less when you can create a phenomenal cheeseburger at home easily? Or better yet, have a beef party at home and make spaghetti with meatballs and cheeseburgers. Who wouldn’t want to go to your party?


Meatloaf is easy to prepare and is also a versatile mode of using spare ground beef. Craving for some Asian flavors in your meatloaf? Add some gochujang or Korean fermented chili paste to add a whole new dimension to your meatloaf. Some people find traditional meatloaves bland, so it makes sense to change the recipe just a little to incorporate a new flavor profile to the traditional recipe. Don’t worry – the meat is going to taste phenomenal after.

Pita bread pizzas

Brick ovens are luxurious, but did you know that you can get good results with flatbreads at home? Add the ground beef as a topping, as well as cheese, ham, and other stuff you want in your flatbread pizza. A recipe that you can do with your eyes closed.

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