The Healthiest Tea for a Cold

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Is there a best tea for a cold? Using tea for colds and other conditions has been done for centuries. What does science say about drinking tea? Do you believe that the best tea for colds is just right around the corner?

What Is the Best Tea for Your Immune System?

In the world of complementary medicine, the most organic and least processed ingredients are usually the best. According to Penn Medicine, white tea is a top contender for the best tea that benefits the immune system.

White tea is still from the Camellia silences species of tea. This species is cultivated and harvested in India and China. It is the kind of tea that is least processed. Less processing means you will have more of the nutrients and antioxidants that occur naturally in the tea leaves.

White tea is also known for boosting the immunity of people and for fighting different kinds of cancer. Again, this benefit comes from the antioxidant levels in green tea. White tea also provides high levels of naturally occurring tannins, fluoride, and catechins.

What is amazing about these nutrients is they also promote oral healthy by protecting the teeth. Oral health affects not just the mouth but also the other organs of the body. White tea also contains the least amount of caffeine. If you suffer from palpitations when consuming caffeine, we recommend going for white tea.

White tea is made from the Camella Sinensis plant’s leaves and buds before reaching maturation and blood. Before the buds open fully, there are often white hairs around them.

This is where the white tea derives its name. Other kinds of tea like oolong tea, green tea, and black tea are processed using specific methods, and that’s why their colors are so unique, too.

Is Green Tea Good for A Cold?

What tea is good for a cold? Two kinds of tea are recommended for colds and flu, specifically: black tea and green tea. However, it pays to remember that both these teas come from the same plant. They differ only in processing. Flavonoids are hailed as the reason why tea, in general, is good for fighting off respiratory ailments. The higher the purity and quantity of the antioxidants, the better off you will be when trying to recover from colds or the seasonal flu. While doctors won’t prescribe tea, doctors acknowledge that hot beverages like chicken soup and hot tea make people feel better when they are battling infections. Also, let’s not forget that when you drink tea, you are essentially hydrating yourself, and hydration is a number one need when you are sick. Hydration thins mucus and makes colds more manageable, too.

Does Tea Help a Cold?

There is mounting evidence that different kinds of tea can contribute to faster recovery from colds. Green tea, as we’ve mentioned, is highly recommended for its various health benefits. The naturally-occurring polyphenols act on the body’s various tissues and cells, and the high antioxidant activity of green tea can help the body recover from disease faster. Doctors agree that more studies are required to ascertain how green tea helps people recover from different conditions.

Other kinds of tea also show promise in cutting down the recovery time for the common cold. Echinacea tea, for one, has been studied for its ability to control upper respiratory infections. One study that involved two thousand human subjects showed that Echinacea herbal tea could reduce the sick time of people afflicted with the common cold.

Elderberry tea, on the other hand, is created from a berry of European origins. For centuries, elderberry has been used to help heal people suffering from both viral and bacterial infections. Ongoing research is showing promise. So if you want to consume more than just green tea while recovering from the common cold, you can try elderberry tea. Black elder, which is the number one variety of elderberry, has been shown to have good antibacterial and antiviral components. Elderberry has even been shown to have a capacity to cut down the healing time needed for those suffering from flu.

Why Is Hot Tea Good for A Cold?

Drinking teas for colds is a good idea, as different kinds of tea have been shown to have a beneficial and positive healing effect on the body. In addition to white tea, green tea, oolong tea, and black tea, you can also try effective herbal teas to improve your recovery rate and reduce colds symptoms. Hot lemon tea is a super start formula that you should try. Take any tea of your choice, like green tea, and squeeze half a lemon into it. Hot lemon tea is extremely popular for reducing sick days and addressing the symptoms of colds and flu. If you are a true believer in natural or organic healing, try raw honey or organic honey, too. Since we sweeten our tea, why not use a substance known for having antibacterial and antiviral properties, too? Honey makes tea taste better, and it is, no doubt, medicine.

Hot lemon tea may be effective for controlling the common cold symptoms because it contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the immune system and the respiratory system. And again, doctors will remind people that are simply drinking water will help relieve the symptoms of colds.

Check out more tips to make sure that the common cold goes away the soonest:

  • Drink more H20 to keep your throat hydrated and to reduce the viscosity of mucus
  • Take zinc supplements or a regular multivitamin supplement with zinc. Zinc is effective in reducing the sick time of people with flu and colds. Zinc supplements work best if you can take at least one within the day that you begin experiencing the symptoms of colds.
  • OTC NSAIDs can be used to reduce other symptoms of colds like mild fevers and joint pains.

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