Avocado Toast Alternatives: What Can I Use Instead of Avocado

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Avocado toast is a modern classic. It is simple and tasty and preparing it is a breeze. It contains healthful, unsaturated fats are high in fiber and is a simple breakfast or snack. An avocado toast may also be enjoyed for lunch or supper as an accompaniment to a protein-packed salad or a substantial bowl of soup. Of course, the topping options are limitless as well!

Avocado toast is a sort of open-faced sandwich made with mashed avocado, salt, and black pepper spread on bread. You can have it as-is or with your preferred toppings.

Constructing an Avocado Toast

  • The ideal bread for avocado toast is rich, moist, wholegrain bread. In addition, you will need bread that can handle the heat when toasted and is thickly sliced.
  • When purchasing an avocado, select one with slightly firm, dark green skin. Then, when you get the fruit home, allow it to mature on the counter.
  • A quality flaky salt is required for avocado toast.
  • When it comes to toasting toppings, the options are virtually limitless. You may keep it basic or add your topping.

What Can I Use Instead of Avocado on Toast?

We never imagined saying this, but consuming too much avocado toast is possible. However, a toast may be the ideal vehicle for a nutritious meal, as it contains complete grains, protein, fruit or vegetables, and frequently a healthy fat.

Acai and Yogurt

Think of this as a redesigned acai bowl. Acai powder and yogurt are combined and spread on bread, then topped with fresh fruit, granola, and almonds. Try substituting plain Greek yogurt for fruit yogurt for more protein and less sugar.

Hummus and Kale

Gluten-free individuals, this is for you. A couple of tablespoons of hummus are spread over gluten-free bread, then stacked with sautéed garlic kale. To add flavor to the toast, sprinkle it with lemon zest and chile flakes.


Instead of bread, the foundation of this dish is baked eggplant. Tomatoes, olives, and paleo “mozzarella” contribute to the dish’s Italian taste.

Cucumber, Egg, and Lard

This variation on a bagel and lox substitutes Greek yogurt for cream cheese and adds additional protein with smoked salmon. Yogurt is flavored with chives, but capers might also be a delicious addition.

Lemon Ricotta

This straightforward toast recipe offers a nutritious beginning to hectic mornings. This recipe is wholesome and tangy due to the use of whole-grain bread, organic ricotta, and organic lemons. In addition, honey has a naturally sweet taste.

Spring Vegetables and Mashed Peas

This nutritious toast dish substitutes mashed, seasoned peas for avocado. The dish is topped with roasted mushrooms, carrots, and more veggies.


Stay here with us: This toast recipe calls for ground broccoli, eggs, and almond meal for the “bread.” Of course, you may top the toast with anything you choose.

Sweet Potato and Cottage Cheese

Do you recall sweet potato toast? The alternative to avocado toast, which utilizes a toasted, sliced sweet potato foundation, had its time of glory last year. This variant blends sweet and salty elements to create a delicious dish.

What Is the Healthiest Bread to Eat for Avocado Toast?

Though some are healthier than others, dozens of varieties of bread line store shelves and fill cookbooks; certain types are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, while others are made from refined grains and offer little nutrition. So naturally, you may wonder what kind of bread is the healthiest.

Sprouted whole grain

Sprouted bread is created from whole grains that have sprouted after exposure to heat and moisture. It has been demonstrated that sprouting increases the quantity and availability of specific nutrients. For example, one research discovered that pita bread produced with 50% sprouted wheat flour contained nearly three times as much folate, an essential nutrient for turning food into energy, as pita bread made without sprouted wheat flour.


The fermentation process to produce sourdough relies on naturally existing yeast and bacteria to cause the bread to rise. In addition, fermentation decreases the number of phytates, also known as phytic acid, that binds to specific minerals and inhibits their absorption.

100% whole wheat

Whole grains maintain the integrity of the complete kernel, including the germ, endosperm, and bran. The fiber content of the bran, the hard outer layer, is high. The bran and germ are naturally protein-rich, fat, vitamins, minerals, and other essential plant elements, whereas the endosperm is predominantly composed of carbohydrates. Whole grains, especially whole wheat, are therefore richer in fiber and more nutritious than refined grains.

Oat loaf

Salt, yeast, water, and whole-wheat flour are the ingredients in oat bread. Since oats are very nutritious and have some health advantages, oat bread can be a healthful option. Oats are rich in essential elements, such as magnesium, vitamin B1 (thiamine), iron, and zinc. In addition, the beta-glucan fiber in oats may help reduce cholesterol levels, manage blood sugar, and reduce high blood pressure.

Rye bread with sprouts

Rye resembles wheat but is often darker and thicker. Traditional rye bread has rye flour and no wheat flour solely; however, the majority of current rye pieces of bread have a blend of the two. Traditionally, caraway seeds are baked into rye bread. Compared to wheat, rye is frequently seen as more nutritious. Research indicates that rye bread may promote more satiety and have less influence on blood sugar levels than wheat bread.

In research involving 12 healthy people, those who had wholegrain rye bread produced much less insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar, than those who consumed white-wheat bread. A high insulin level is connected with obesity and may raise the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The soluble fiber component of rye likely contributes to its propensity to reduce insulin sensitivity.

Soluble fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance in the digestive tract. Consuming meals rich in soluble fiber slows carbohydrate digestion, minimizes insulin secretion, and increases blood sugar.

Is Avocado Toast a Healthy Option?

This well-liked meal or snack can be prepared at home or bought from a restaurant. Standard avocado toast consists of crusty or toasted bread topped with mashed, ripe avocado seasoned with salt and pepper.

This popular breakfast may be prepared in various ways; some people want it drizzled with balsamic sauce, while others prefer it topped with sliced strawberries. Some will insist that his dish be topped with an overcooked egg. Regardless of your choice, the fundamentals remain the same: bread, avocado, and salt.

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