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Multiple Size Inflatable Swimming Pool


Nothing beats family fun in the Sun! Enjoy an adult inflatable swimming pool from the comfort of your home with zero hassles and worries. Immerse in the divine with a summer waves pool that is easy to assemble, inflate, and enjoy. Our adult inflatable swimming pool is perfect for kids and adults alike and has a soft, cushioned flooring to protect your skin from what’s underneath.

Our summer wave quick set pool is also a spacious and durable place for playtime and enjoyment. The high-quality material is 50% stronger and more resistant to puncturing, making our inflatable pool a cut above the rest. You need less than five minutes to inflate for days of fun!

This product is only available in the US!



  • Soft and Easy on the Skin – The pool is manufactured from high-quality naphthalene and BPA-free and lead-free material. The material is certified by the CPSIA, CPC, and ASTM for health and safety.
    The floor of the pool is soft and inflatable, making it twice as cushiony and safe for the feet and other parts of the body. Let your kids enjoy pool playtime without worrying that they will hurt their feet while walking.
  • Durable Easy Set Pool with Long Lifespan – With our adult inflatable swimming pool, quality and durability is everything. Its manufacturer’s material is 50% thicker and more durable than other similar pools in the market. This means you get more value and more strength per square inch than any other summer waves pool.
  • Easy and Convenient – Lay the pool down on your lawn and inflate entirely within three to four minutes (electric pump not included). The pool comes with curved valves that speed up draining for faster disassembly.
  • Sturdy Support Perfect for Endless Water Fun – The pool is designed with three large, reinforced air chambers with double intake. A free-flow exhaust valve also facilitates the distribution of weight when the pool is occupied. The protective design prevents water or air leakage, so the pool stays sturdy and perfect for you and the kids every time.

Size Table:

External Size (Inflated) in cm External Size (Inflated) in inch Internal Size (Inflated) in cm Internal Size (Inflated) in inch Weight (kg) Bottom Standard Number of Layers
130x90x50cm 51x35x20in 90x50x50cm 35x20x20in 2.32 Bubble 3
150x105x50cm 59x41x20in 105x70x50cm 41x28x20in 3.12 Bubble 3
150x105x72cm 59x41x28in 110x70x72cm 43x28x28in 4 Extra Thick 4
180x142x60cm 71x56x24in 135x87x60cm 53x34x24in 4.36 Extra Thick 3
180x150x72cm 71x59x28in 135x87x72cm 53x34x28in 4.5 Extra Thick 4
210x160x60cm 83x63x24in 165x100x60cm 65x39x24in 5.1 Extra Thick 3
210x160x72cm 83x63x28in 165x100x72cm 65x39x28in 5.3 Extra Thick 4
262x160x60cm 103x63x24in 200x100x60cm 79x39x24in 6.7 Extra Thick 3
262x160x72cm 103x63x28in 200x100x72cm 79x39x28in 7.75 Extra Thick 4
305x185x60cm 120x73x24in 260x140x60cm 102x55x24in 7.6 Extra Thick 3
305x185x72cm 120x73x28in 260x140x72cm 102x55x28in 8.95 Extra Thick 4
388x196x60cm 153x77x24in 320x145x60cm 126x57x24in 12.57 Extra Thick 3
428x210x60cm 169x83x24in 370x140x60cm 146x55x24in 14.57 Extra Thick 3

Additional Information:

Have all the fun you want without breaking the bank! Building a full-sized pool is expensive, so it makes full sense that people are scouting for a reliable adult inflatable swimming pool that will hold just the right amount of water for great family fun.

Choosing the Right Summer Wave Quick Set Pool
  • Choose Durable – The inflatable pool must be made of thicker material to ensure a long product lifetime and years of service. Pool material must also be resistant to punctures, to ensure that the pool will withstand wear and tear even at full capacity.
  • Choose Convenience – Quick set pools shouldn’t be complicated as they need only air to reach the full form. Therefore, a quick set pool that requires additional steps other than just setting the electric pump in the right valve is a no-go.
  • Choose Safety – An adult inflatable pool must be designed with safety in mind. Children are likely to be clumsier in the water, and they may lose balance. Therefore, an inflatable pool flooring is essential for water splashing fun without the worries.
  • Choose the Best – It should be easy to enter and leave an inflatable pool, and the pool should be designed with maximum user comfort in mind.
The Inflatable Pool That Puts the “F” in Fun
  • Strong PVC That’s Built To Last – Certified for safety, our inflatable adult pool stands among the rest by providing 50% more thickness and protection from unforeseen damage like sudden rips, tears, and punctures.
  • Versatility – Fill the pool with plastic balls or teach your kids how to fish with their toys – all in one place. The inflatable summer wave pool is spacious and hast the perfect depth for adults and children to enjoy.
  • Keeps the Sun Away – The white top of the adult pool helps reflect the light and the heat of the Sun, so it’s never uncomfortable to get into the pool and leave it.
    This thoughtful design also lowers the temperature surrounding the pool, making the water cooler and better on the skin. Never feel like you’re touching a hot pot when you have the right inflatable pool at home.
  • Expert Design – Our adult pool has three large air chambers designed to counterbalance the weight inside, including the water’s weight and any people swimming or playing. The extra-large air chambers are built to take a lot of weight so that you can have worry-free playtime.
  • Skin-Friendly, All Day Long – Advanced manufacturing technology ensures that the thick PVC material repels heat, keeping everyone in the pool nice and comfortable. The beautiful marine design is also geared toward giving you the best aesthetics while taking a swim.
  • Efficiency in Mind – The adult pool has curved drains for faster removal of water and an efficient air intake system to ensure the faster and uninterrupted airflow during inflation.
    This is where the extra-large chambers come into play – the uninterrupted airflow ensures that everything will fill up quickly, within just three to four minutes. Use a larger and more powerful electric pump to cut down the inflation time even more – the pool’s special air chambers can take it.


  • Use only the right type of electric pump to inflate the pool. We do not recommend using any high-pressure type of hose or inflation mechanism to fill the pool.
  • The optimal intake is 90% of the pool’s capacity. The water level should be kept within the 80% range to maintain the pool’s integrity and weight distribution.
  • Avoid overinflating the adult inflatable pool (see above recommendation for air capacity).
  • The pool can handle up to 1180 liters of water, or 312 gallons.
  • The 120 inches long pool can handle an entire family easily – two parents and several children.
  • The pool is made from non-toxic materials and has been rigorously tested during the manufacturing process for safety and durability.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Size of Inflatable Swimming Pool

51" x 35" x 20", 59" x 41" x 20", 59" x 41" x 28", 71" x 56" x 24", 71" x 59" x 28", 83" x 63" x 24", 83" x 63" x 28", 103" x 63" x 24", 103" x 63" x 28", 120" x 73" x 24", 120" x 73" x 28", 153" x 77" x 24", 169" x 83" x 24"


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